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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press



Moskovskiye Novosti

Argumenty i Fakty

Komomolskaya Pravda

Moskovsky Komsomolets



An unidentified assailant Tuesday shot and killed Igor Belyakov, Deputy Chief of the Novosibirsk City Hall's Consumer Market and Land Relations Department. Several hours after the murder, Interior Minister Boris Gryzlov took the investigation under his personal control. The story talks about the notion "personal control," focusing on who gains from it.

A year has passed since the terrorist blast in the underground passageway on Pushkinskaya Ploshad, but no culprit has been detained, however, there are three possible variants. The story examines them in detail, starting with the Chechen one.

The single tariff body will not be created. According to the presidential decree that will be issued on Aug. 17-18, all duties regulating the tariffs of the natural and probably state-owned monopolies will be handed over to the Federal Energy Commission.

The Health Ministry's Collegium on Tuesday discussed a government report concerning the state of health of the population in the Russian Federation in the year 2000. It's the 10th report compiled by specialists for the president and the government Two experts share their views on the disquieting situation in the health care service today.

The Supreme Court Tuesday rejected the Moscow City Obligatory Insurance Fund's complaint against the court ruling that made it issue insurance policies to people without Moscow registration. The story comments on the Supreme Court's decision.

Vice-Premier of the Moscow government Boris Nikolsky announced on Tuesday the beginning of the construction of the Lefortovo stretch of the 3rd Ring Road, which, according to preliminary estimates, will cost the city budget $900 million. Several specialists offer a cheaper variant. The story examines the project.

A group of bailiffs Tuesday arrived at the Paninsky District in the Voronezh Region to expropriate grain for the region's debts. Thus, 1,200 tons of wheat of the new harvest has been expropriated from the local agro-industrial Sodruzhestvo Corporation.

Famous Brazilian writer Georgy Amadu, one of the most prominent men of letters of the 20th century, died on Monday. The story features his literary career.

President Vladimir Putin through his decree has appointed Colonel-General Alexander Baranov Commander of the united Volga-Ural Military District. Brief.

The KamAZ press service stated Tuesday that the auto plant had scored good results in foreign markets — the share of its exports has reached 16 percent. Several countries, including China, Vietnam and Cuba would like to be its partners. Brief.

The Air Force on Aug. 12 will mark its 89th anniversary. In an interview Air Force Chief Commander Anatoly Kornukhov speaks about air accidents this year, about solutions to financial problems and about the project of creating new planes.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il returned to Moscow from St. Petersburg on Tuesday where, as on the day before, all elektrichkas were canceled for 3.5 hours. Tens of thousands of residents in the Leningrad region working in St. Petersburg were unable to get to work on time.

Two groups of scientists Tuesday announced in the U.S. National Academy of Sciences that they intend to begin their human cloning programs. The second group representing the Raelin sect, plans to clone Hitler. The story describes the groups and their plans.

The number of Kaliningrad residents, who are working for the region's secession from the Russian Federation is growing. This conclusion was made by experts from the VGTRK Information and Foreign Relations Department, who used results of public opinion polls. The story comments on the conclusion, saying that regional sociologists oppose it.

Presidential representative in the Privolzhsky Federal District Sergei Kiriyenko on Tuesday named the chief federal inspector and the federal inspector in the Kirov Region, who have won a special qualification competition to get the job. In an interview Nikolai Martyanov, former Federal Inspector in the Kirov Region, who went through the procedure, examines its advantages.

Head of the Federal Tax Police Service Mikhail Fradkov comes out for using Kazakhstan's experience of amnestying so-called shadow capitals. He revealed his stand on the issue.

The story gives figures to illustrate a tense situation with coal supplies to Primorye and the Khabarovsk region.

European Union officials Tuesday filed another suit in the New York Court against world leading tobacco producers — Philip Morris and RJReynolds. The story details the case.

Krasnodar governor Alexander Tkachov on Tuesday held a session of district heads to demand a return of 4-year-old debts to the Regional Food Fund. He set the deadline Aug. 13.

Russia today not only fully meets its needs in paper but exports it to 96 countries , effectively competing with leading world paper producers. In an interview Georgy Osipov, head of the Solikamskbumprom company, speaks about the Solikamsk Pulp and Paper Combine and its profit-making business. The enterprise will mark soon its 60th anniversary.

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President Vladimir Putin signed Monday a bill concerning counteracting the legalization (laundering) of illegal incomes, which will take effect on Feb. 1, 2002. The story examines the mechanism envisaged by the signed document.

The Russian Aluminum, or RUSAL, has been again attacked by structures that have suffered from its activities, from its shareholders and partners. The story examines the victims and their actions.

Iran stated Tuesday that it will do everything in its power to defend its Caspian sector. The story comments on its statement, saying that Tehran is seeking Moscow's understanding.

The Moscow City Prosecutor's Office has completed its investigation of TV journalist Sergei Dorenko's case. The story gives details.

President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday put his signature on a new wording of the law concerning joint-stock companies, which provides radically new conditions of the companies' activities. The story examines the document's major provisions.

President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday signed the bill concerning auditing activities, which the auditors had been awaiting for 10 years. The story comments on the document.

The government , which on Aug. 2 approved the program of the privatization of the state-controlled Slavneft company, may postpone the project due to a scandalous situation at the company.

The domestic postal service will undergo radical reforming soon. Three ministries are now drafting a concept to be submitted to the government in December. The story describes several aspects of the concept.

The KamAZ leadership has signed an agreement with Poland's Euromet on launching an assembly line in Poland.

The domestic ALROSA diamond monopoly in 2002 intends to release eurobonds to the tune of $250million-$300 million. This was stated by a company spokesman. Brief.

A government commission formed Tuesday to monitor structural reform of the railway transport will be headed by Deputy Prime Minister Ilya Klebanov. The brief explains this appointment.

The imposition of tariff quotas on imported poultry will limit the growth of imports and will allow domestic producers to considerably increase their output. In an interview Rosptitsecoyuz head Nikolai Averyanov speaks about these problems.

The Moscow government Tuesday adopted a resolution concerning measures on gathering potato and vegetable harvests this year in the Moscow region and storing them in city vegetable storehouses. The story examines several measures.

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Moskovskiye Novosti

Australian and American researchers stated that its not impossible that human reproduction may be possible without male participation. They revealed the results of their successful laboratory experiments, all of them however were on mice only. Includes details and commentaries.

Russian Aluminum head Oleg Deripaska has visited the Irkutsk region, which has recently suffered greatly from flooding, and decided to allocate more than 20 million rubles to the region for relief. The story describes the relief effort.

Historian Roy Medvedev devotes his essay to the 10th anniversary of the 1991 coup in Russia, elaborating on the incident from an historical and political viewpoint.

In an interview Deputy Prime Minister Ilya Klebanov examines concrete steps that have been mapped out for reforming the Russian military-industrial complex.

The London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra led by David Arnold will give a concert soon in Moscow's Rossiya Concert Hall. Its program includes music by the English group the Beatles, rewritten for a symphony orchestra. In an interview David Arnold speaks about upcoming guest performances in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Tallinn, explaining why they have selected music my the Beatles.

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Argumenty i Fakty

Former foreign minister Vyacheslav Kostikov explains why, in his opinion, the treatment of South Korean leader Kim Jong-il by Russian officials was "disgraceful."

What will Russia gain if the north-south railway on the Korean peninsula is restored and linked to the Russian Trans-Siberian Railroad? The story examines the issue from different viewpoints.

In an interview highly-regarded policy-maker Yevgeny Primakov, leader of the Fatherland All-Russia faction in the State Duma, speaks about his former job in the Foreign Intelligence Service and in the government, about his attitude toward corruption, about his view on rumors about a possible dissolution of the State Duma, about his income, and about his relations with Yury Luzhkov.

The story is about Sergiyev Posad 15, a military town on the border between the Moscow and Vladimir regions. There the troops were formerly occupied with maintaining nuclear weapons, but now operate modified equipment for use in space, which on order from the General Staff may be put on alert at any moment. The 2,500 residents of Sergiyev Pasad-15 are certain that the high military command has forgotten about their existence — no one issues them passports, no one calculates their pensions, and no one registers marriages or births in the town.

In a night interview on Aug. 4-5 at the Ekho Moskvy radio station TV-6 general director Yevgeny Kiselyov revealed several secrets about his television channel, its staff relations, its programs and future plans.

In an interview first deputy prosecutor of Moscow Yury Sinelshchikov shares his view on several significant points of judiciary reform. Moskva Supplement

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Komomolskaya Pravda

President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday signed the federal law concerning the ratification of the Agreement on the Status of the Collective Security Forces that had been previously passed the State Duma and approved by the Federation Council. The brief reveals the thrust of the document.

Energy Minister Igor Yusufov expressed serious concern about an acute problem of energy supplies to the Northern and Far-Eastern regions. The Cabinet on Aug. 9 is expected to address the problem.

Russia today is losing a fierce struggle for commercial markets. Why is this happening? Who is struggling with Russia and how? When will the West give the green light to Russian commodities? What should the government do to help speed up the process? In an interview deputy economic development and trade minister Maxim Medvedkov answers these and other questions.

The story describes a shelter in Veshnyaki in the Moscow region for 300 stray and abandoned dogs and 70 cats, which are provided with good food. However the animals still display sad faces. The shelter survives on public donations. Moskva Supplement.

Moscow DSK-1, a residential construction company, which builds annually more than one million square meters of housing, speaks about new and different types of housing construction, focusing on modern designs currently being worked upon in Moscow. Moskva Supplement.

The Festival of Arts "Southern Nights" will open in Gelendzhik on Aug. 26. The story presents its extensive program. Moskva Supplement.

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Moskovskiye Novosti

The Moscow government in the next three years plans to allocate about one billion rubles to fund the city's HIV and AIDS program for 2001-2003. According to reports from the City Health Committee, the number of HIV-infected patients in Moscow as of July 2001 was 11,866 people, 90 percent of whom are under 30.

The story describes the situation on the black market for black caviar, and the domestic program to suspend sturgeon catches.

In an interview Vladimir Resin , first deputy premier of the Moscow government responsible for construction, talks about the wide scale of housing construction going on in Moscow, focusing on the fate of many old five-story houses called khrushchovkas.

The first ever museum of victims of political repressions in Russia, the State Museum of the History of the GULAG, will open in Moscow in the building of the Regional Public Organization of Victims of Political Repression on Ulitsa Petrovka.

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Businessman in exile Mikhail Zhivilo and his new backers have filed a suit in the New York, in which they are demanding from Oleg Deripaska, Mikhail Chernoi, Iskander Makhmudov and companies affiliated with them $3 billion rather than $2.7 billion. In the same suit they accuse two Russian governors, Aman Tuleyev and Eduard Rossel, of corruption. The story examines the suit and its demands.

The court has banned the Nature Ministry to revise the results of the scandalous competition for the right to develop the Val Gamburtseva oil deposit. The story examines the case and the court ruling.

The Finance Ministry instructed several expert institutes to find out how effectively taxpayers money is spent. The story examines their shocking results.

The revenues of the federal budget in July this year amounted to 134.1 billion rubles; expenditures are 100.7 billion. This was reported by the Finance Ministry. The surplus of the federal budget over the first seven months of this year amounted to 91.9 billion rubles. Brief.

In what way will the government be able to decrease the use of phony insurance wage schemes? Six experts share their viewpoints on the issue.

Taimyr governor Alexander Khloponin has cancelled his recent instruction, according to which Norilsk Nickel's payments for the debt on using the mineral resources were re-distributed for the benefit of his district and to the detriment of the Krasnoyarsk region.

It will not be difficult to evade the new money laundering law which was signed by President Vladimir Putin on Monday. Criminals will simply be able to exchange money in increments less than the $20,000 official limit.

Companies have just begun to submit applications for the last and final restructuring of their debts to the federal budget, and the Tax Ministry is drafting a document on individual postponement of debts of significant enterprises. The story examines the expediency of the document.

Several European countries intend to give up annual army conscription. Now that the Cold War is over, they can afford professional armies. The story examines the situation in different countries.

The overhaul of Domodedovo Airport was completed late last year, and this year it may allow itself to increase passenger service by 50-60 percent. In an interview Airport general director Sergei Rudakov speaks about the airport and about its ambitious plans. He hopes to soon win the highest ICAO category 3.

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Vedomosti. Companies and Markets

A conflict has begun out between Inkombank external manager Vladimir Alexeyev and Rosbank . The story describes what each side is doing.

A Frankfurt court ruled to freeze Slavneft's $2.6 million in accordance with a suit filed by the German bank Ost-West Handelsbank. But even under the threat of its property being frozen , Slavneft has no intention to pay.

The High Court of Justice in London has ruled out that Dalmoreprodukt Holding and its daughter company Dalmoreprodukt-Troulers should immediately return 14 super-trawlers to Bergen Industries and Fishing Corp. Brief.

LUKoil-Ukraina company general director Nikolai Kardenyuk stated that his company proposed to the Ukrainian Property Fund to regulate out of court on non-fulfillment by LUKoil of the investment obligations on oil deliveries to the Odessa oil refinery. The brief describes the dispute.

Zapsibgazprom is willing to sell to Gazprom up to 47 percent of its stock. This was announced Tuesday by Zapsibgazprom general director Vladimir Nikiforov, who spoke about his company's decision.

The ceremony of opening an oil pipeline of the Caspian pipeline consortium is expected to take place in Novorossiisk on Sept. 2 this year, which is a professional holiday of the oil workers in Russia and Kazakhstan.

Itera's subsidiary Tuesday won the Russian Federal Property Fund's auction to sell 15 percent of stock of the Vladimir Chemical Plant. The story examines Itera's plans after the victory.

Aeroflot's board of directors on Tuesday adopted a list of candidates to the new Council who will be re-elected at the shareholders' extraordinary meeting scheduled for Sept. 6. The main question remaining about the result of the meeting is how many candidates the new shareholders close to Sibneft will be able to uphold.

The Dutch aviation company KLM on Monday announced that it will lay off 500 workers. The story gives reasons for the layoffs.

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