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Belarus Executioner: Lukashenko Knew

The former director of a Belarussian prison has accused President Lukashenko of sanctioning and covering up the murder of opposition figures.

Report: Blacklist Because Of Putin

Newsweek reported that Putin's past landed Russia on the money-laundering blacklist.

Bullfights Belong in Portugal

While we are wary of state-sponsored morality, Luzhkov was right to say ""no thanks"" to bullfighting.

Bankrupt President

Lukashenko has betrayed the people which had believed him and entrusted him to be the first president.

Mosenergo Boss: Thief Or Traitor?

At UES, Alexander Remezov's guilt is explained succinctly: he was caught 'with his hands in the till'.

Iraq Tops Putin's Talks With Abdullah

King Abdullah of Jordan and President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday called for an end to the international isolation of Iraq, saying it would help stabilize the Middle East.

Belarus Videotape Tells of 2 Murders

A recently released video adds weight to allegations regarding a Lukashenko sponsored death squad.

Berezovsky Offers $1M to Soldiers

A fund set up by Boris Berezovsky is to donate $1 million a year to a legal aid program for soldiers.

Kursk Work Approaches Next Stage

Divers working on the sunken Kursk submarine pierced the last of holes in the vessel's hull Tuesday.

Closure of Plutonium Plants Delayed

Funding shortages have stalled a U.S.-Russian program to stop production of weapons-grade plutonium.

News in Brief

Sentence ‘Too Light’ MOSCOW (AP) — Military prosecutors have filed an appeal in the case of former diplomat Valentin Moiseyev, saying the 4 1/2-year sentence given to him for spying for South Korea was too light, a spokesman said Tuesday. Moiseyev was convicted Aug. 14. He was previously convicted in 1999, but the Supreme Court overturned that verdict and ordered a retrial. In the second conviction, Judge Marina Komarova reduced the sentence below the minimum 12 years set by the Criminal Code, taking into account Moiseyev’s good behavior, his confinement since July 1998 and other mitigating factors. But the Chief Military Prosecutor’s Office filed an appeal to the Supreme Court on Aug. 20 contending that the shorter sentence does not correspond to the seriousness of the crime, a spokesman for the office said Tuesday. Moiseyev’s lawyers also plan to appeal the verdict, saying the conviction relied on a law that was passed after the time when Moiseyev allegedly engaged in his spying activities.

Snafu Halts Precious Metals Exports

Precious metals exporters are scratching their heads over a snafu that has banned exports out of Russia.

Police Want To Help Investors Avoid Fraud

Police want to offer foreign investors credit-risk assessment on prospective local partners.

Luzhkov Wants UES Bankrupted Over Debts

Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov has scolded UES for trying to prolong paying its $120 million tax bill suggesting City Hall may sue to have the national power grid bankrupted.

MinFin Predicts Inflation at 17%

The Finance Ministry expects consumer price inflation to fall to around 17 percent at the end of 2001.

Business in Brief

Debt Tender Possible MOSCOW (Reuters) — The government may announce an open tender to buy out part of its foreign debt at the end of 2002 to ease a peak in repayments in 2003, a Finance Ministry source said late Monday. ""Carrying out such a tender cannot be ruled out. Debt buyout will be done with a discount,"" the source told reporters. He said the Cabinet would take a decision on a tender depending on the size of its coffers and market trends. ""In any case, it will be a solid proposal. It will not be $50 million, it will be much more."" He said Russia could not perform a buyout now. ""So far, our revenues are not high enough to enter the market with a valuable proposal,"" he said. Russia is gearing up for 2003 debt payments that rise to between $18 billion and $19 billion from $14 billion this year and next. Nauru Laundering WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Reuters) — The tiny Pacific-island nation of Nauru said Tuesday it passed a law to combat money laundering, ahead of an OECD sanctions deadline.

CSKA Keeper Dies From Head Injury

CSKA Moscow goalkeeper Serhiy Perkhun died Tuesday, 10 days after slumping into a coma after an accidental clash of heads with an opposing player at a Premier League match.

New Race to Find Amelia Earhart's Plane

Not another harebrained theory on the search for Amelia Earhart's plane, California Institute of Technology professor Fred Culick groaned. But the phone message was from a producer for ""Nova,"" the respected PBS science series, so he returned the call. Four years later, Culick has confirmed an intriguing theory about what happened to Earhart's Lockheed Electra twin-engine plane. According to his calculations, the plane crashed in the icy depths of the central Pacific Ocean just short of Howland Island, roughly between Hawaii and Australia. The theory hints at a tantalizing possibility: 5,100 meters underwater, in a cold storage of sorts, the Electra's aluminum fuselage could be found intact, along with notebooks, maps and charts (human remains, though, corrode in saltwater). Culick, with the help of graduate student Grant Swenson, provided the analysis at no charge.

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press
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