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Jubilant Ukraine Parades Its Might

Rows of tanks rolled and columns of soldiers marched to a central Kiev square on Friday celebrating 10 years of independence made possible by the demise of the Soviet Union.

Even Stalin Couldn't Scare Off This Expat

Joseph Leon Glazer, prisoner No. 3566, is not Russian. He is British and a native of South Africa, the son of a communist who sought a better life in the Soviet Union.

Bottoms Up for Visiting U.S. General

Lieutenant General Thomas Keck is the first NATO serviceman to fly a Tu-22M3 strategic bomber.

Attention Turns to the CIS

Despite various alliances, CIS states have distanced themselves not only from Russia but from each other.

Avoiding the Inconvenience of Elections

It has been 10 years since the end of the USSR but it seems the type of people in power hasn't changed.

Measuring the Merits Of Sensible Censorship

""Although I consider myself a democrat, I too support censorship,"" my young colleague began.

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