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The Place Where St. Pete Bares It All

Situated 30 kilometers northwest of Petersburg, the Dunes nude beach attracts Russian naturists who come to relax in the sun wearing nothing more than a confident smile.

Stavropol Police Step Up Security

Stavropol police stepped up security in the southern Russian region Wednesday, a day after a Chechen gunman held a busload of passengers hostage for 13 hours.

Stunting the Growth of Civil Society

Until the Russian government moves beyond its Soviet mindset civil society will remain underdeveloped.

Toxic Zones Are All Around Us

RadiationЧ itТs in their bread, in their bones, and in the graves of their dead and dying children.

Defending the Kursk

For the past year Russia's navy has been preoccupied with guarding the Kursk and her secrets.

Kim Takes In Tanks, Pigs, Books

North Korea's reclusive leader Kim Jong Il made a rare full-day stopoverWednesday in western Siberia.

Jitters Grow About Belarus Poll

Belarusian opposition has expressed its fear that Lukashenko will use force to maintain a hold on power.

News in Brief

Kursk Delay MOSCOW (AP) Ч Preparing the sunken Kursk submarine to be lifted is taking longer than organizers had hoped because divers must do much of the work by hand instead of using robots, the operationТs commander said. Divers continued work Wednesday on cutting holes in the KurskТs thick steel hull, to which huge cables will be attached to raise the sub to the surface of the Barents Sea in mid-September. ""In the beginning of the operation we thought everything would be considerably quicker and smoother,"" Vice Admiral Mikhail Motsak was quoted as saying on the web site late Tuesday. He said planners had hoped to cut the holes mostly using remote-controlled robotic equipment. But clearing out the space between the inner and outer hulls Ч which is filled with pipes, air pressure canisters and supports Ч has proven too difficult, and divers instead have been operating equipment by hand.

Gazprom, Shell to Ink China Pact

Gazprom and Royal Dutch Shell will pool their resources in an effort to win a pipeline contract in China.

Court Upholds Takeover of U.S. Firm

Sawyer Research Products has lost an appeal of the takeover of its facilities in the Vladimir region.

PMI Hits 54.8, Best This Year

The Russian manufacturing sector is experiencing the fastest growth it has seen in the past 10 months.

Gref Says Deflation Possible In August

Economic Development and Trade Minister German Gref said that inflation in July would meet government forecasts of 0.7 percent and predicted low inflation or deflation.

TNK Rated Better Bet Than Russia

Tyumen Oil Company became the first Russian company to pierce the so-called ""sovereign ceiling.""

Pepsi, Coke Cups Go Up in Flames

The warehouse of the country's sole manufacturer of paper cups went up in smoke last week.

Business in Brief

$10Bln From Customs MOSCOW (MT) Ч The State Customs Committee transferred 289 billion rubles ($9.86 billion) to the federal budget in the first seven months of the year, 11 percent more than expected, Prime-Tass quoted the committeeТs press service as saying Wednesday. Banks Import $900M MOSCOW (MT) Ч Authorized Russian banks brought $900 million worth of foreign currency cash into the country in June, 49 percent more than in May, the Central Bank said Wednesday, Interfax reported. The Central Bank said there was a seasonal increase in public demand for foreign cash in June of about $2.6 billion. Overall turnover in operations with foreign cash on forex accounts grew 15 percent in June to $2.9 billion, and overall turnover on direct conversion operations at currency exchange outlets was up 3 percent to $1.4 billion. The latter grew due only to operations by Russian individuals, the news agency said. Overall demand from individuals for foreign currency rose 15 percent to $2.57 billion in June, including $1.

Kournikova Falls Flat on Return

Anna Kournikova lost her first singles match since February after being knocked out of the Acura Classic.

MTV Rocks the World 20 Years On

LOS ANGELES Ч When the Backstreet Boys needed to tell the world last month that one of their members was grappling with depression and alcohol excesses that could derail their concert tour, the group did not issue a news release, call a news conference or dial up Rolling Stone magazine. Instead, the teen pop icons flew to the New York studios of MTV to present their earnest faces to the music world. It was a telling choice and, according to their manager, an obvious one. ""MTV works with the music community; it's that simple,"" said Jeff Kwatinetz, whose company, the Firm, also represents Limp Bizkit and Staind. ""Their needs are ratings and the bands' needs are being presented in a great way."" That sums up MTV's unique position as a taste maker of youth music, culture and celebrity. The channel, which celebrated its 20th anniversary Wednesday, has become as big as Ч or bigger than Ч any of the music acts that cross its screens in 78 million U.S. households.

The MTV Story in a Nutshell

NEW YORK Ч MTV changed the world. Yeah, it started out essentially as a placeholder, a network created in 1981 to fill a slot on cable systems for then-Warner AMEX Cable, while providing the cheapest programming possible Ч free videos and a cast of unknown video jockeys. Somehow, though, it caught on. Today, MTV is a franchise valued at around $20 billion with offices in 35 countries and a potential viewership of 1 billion people in 140 countries. How did this happen? Well, no one is really sure. They say it has something to do with marrying the power of music to the power of youth. Throw in some groundbreaking marketing and savvy programming moves and a healthy dose of controversy. And somehow, a cultural phenomenon was born, changing nearly everything in its path. ""Our strong suit at MTV is not reflection,'' says Van Toffler, MTV's president. ""We're always looking at what's ahead Е and we feel like we're almost an hour old every day. I'm surprised we're still around, to tell you the truth.

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press
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