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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016 Seeks to Teach Next Generation

Amid all the drudgery and sleaze of the Russian Internet, there is a site whose cause and morals stand head and shoulders above the rest — fighting for a better, cleaner web. claims to be not only a "unique chance to overcome the backlog in the field of information," but also hopes to take the country forward into a new century of global information — strengthening its position and influence in an ever-changing world.

Primarily an educational site geared toward high-schoolers, was created in 2000 to provide more than a quarter million teachers with the opportunity to master advanced Internet-based educational technologies, which in turn may be passed on to 10 million schoolchildren.

The aim is to make the Russian educational system more effective via the Internet — on a par with other world powers.

It's an ambitious plan., however, makes a genuine attempt to act as a mother site for Russia's young thinkers, writers and philosophers — not to mention teachers and parents — and is intent on making the Internet a powerful educational tool.

Although slightly wordy and without an English translation, the home page opens with poignant questions that hopes to answer: "What does the Internet mean for Russia?" "Why is the Internet so important to education?" and, of course, "What is the project?"

To the left of the page are the contents of the site — forums, news, educational programs and a search engine for both the site and the whole Runet.

There is also a page on the Federation of Internet Education, or FIO, which lists the addresses and directors of Russia's regional Internet education centers.

To the left on the home page are links to associated sites — including for teachers, writers, parents, teenagers and Internet news.

These sites, still under the banner of the FIO, are much like the mother site, with programs, scripts, projects and their own recommendations on music, theater, cinema and much more., for example, gives advice on children's books and films and also a word on pet care.

Admittedly aimed at a younger catchment, nonetheless breathes fresh air into Runet and reassures us that not all the Internet is evil.