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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press

Novaya Gazeta
Komomolskaya Pravda
Moskovsky Komsomolets


President Vladimir Putin in Sevastopol on Sunday announced that he had signed a Marine Doctrine, which signifies a new stage in boosting the domestic Navy. The story examines the major provisions of the document, focusing on its expediency. (Also featured in Kommersant Daily, Vremya Novostei)

Head of the Interior Ministry's Criminal Police, Nikolai Bobrovsky, is expected soon to submit to the Finance Ministry his proposal on forming an authorized agency with the aim of cracking down on legalizing illegal incomes. The agency is supposed to be created on the basis of the existing Inter-Departmental Center attached to the Interior Ministry. In an interview, its head Militia Major-General Alexander Mikhailenko shares his negative view on the plan to create the agency.

A dispute has erupted in the foreign diplomatic corps in Sofia: Employees in the Belgian Embassy in Bulgaria are accused of illegal trade in visas. Criminal investigators stated that diplomats arranged fictitious inquiries on working visas for criminal authoritative elements from Central and Eastern European countries, Russia included. The story offers several details of the investigation.

The story reports on how the FSB over the weekend staved off an attempt upon the life of Chechen administration head Akhmad Kadyrov — a warehouse with 4 tons of saltpeter located near the government buildings in Grozny was found and destroyed.

The Gazprom Board of Directors on July 31 will finally solve the issue on the gas monopoly's participation in the capital of the Zavod TBD company, which is being created on the basis of the Nizhny Tagil Metal Combine. ( NTMK ). The story describes Gazprom's ambitious plans in relation to the new company.

The number of mentally-sick patients in Russia increased by 1.5 times over the last 10 years. These and other figures on the spread of such diseases were cited by Professor Tatyana Dmitriyeva, director of the Forensic Psychiatry Research Center.

Animal supporters, including many young people from the Walking Together youth organization, staged a rally on Saturday near the Olympiisky sports complex protesting against holding the first bull fight (corrida) in Russia scheduled for Sept. 8-9. The story describes the rally, its participants and their demands.

Numerous violations that caused scandals were registered during the second round of the gubernatorial elections in Nizhny Novgorod on Sunday. The story features some of them and the voting.

Former Acting Chief of the General Staff Valery Manilov may become Senator — today Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov is expected to meet with Primorye Governor Sergei Darkin to decide the further fate of Manilov.

KPRF leader Gennady Zyuganov was frank to state that the presidential administration is actively preparing for earlier parliamentary elections and that the Unity-Fatherland alliance has been specially formed for the elections. The story comments on his pronouncements, focusing on several parties' plans to hold conferences and party meetings soon to discuss urgent issues.

The Severalmaz shareholders today are reported to hold an extraordinary meeting. The brief examines its agenda.

The State Customs Committee has launched strict control over enterprises that give false information about their commodities crossing the border. The story examines several factors that have urged such a measure, focusing on recent gross violations by the Smolensk customs offices.

Norilsk Nickel intends to launch its first foreign project — the development of the Naketi nickel deposit in the Pacific Ocean in New Caledonia. The story describes the project and the company's partners that will develop the new territory.

Oleg Petrov, Director of the All-Russia Research Geological Institute, examines new principles underlying the State Geological Service, which is being restored today. The author describes the history of this service that existed in tsarist Russia since 1882.

The Festival of Latin American Music and Dance Viva Fiesta Latina opened on Saturday in Hermitage Gardens in Moscow. The story features this event, its program and participants.

The story describes a new method of cleaning Moscow city ponds, which has been developed by specialists at the Institute of Water Problems and which was effectively used recently in cleaning Patriarshy Pond.

The story features a unique place in Moscow — the Main Botanical Gardens of the Russian Academy of Sciences — its origin, history and present life.

The Izvestia MEDIA Supplement examines with a critical eye former Deputy Prime Minister Boris Fyodorov's mini-investigation into allegations that mass media may be easily sold.

Another story in the Supplement is devoted to freedom of speech, focusing on the recent first showing of the documentary "The Heavy Burden"

of Freedom by journalist Maria Slonim. Vedomosti Editor-in-Chief Leonid Bershidsky shares his view on journalists' public organizations and the freedom of speech.


The Baltic ship-repairing plant Yantar decided to quit its membership in the founders' group of the KIA-Baltika company that is assembling German BMW cars in Kaliningrad. The story examines the reason behind the decision and its consequences.

The story cites figures on the economic development of the USA in the second quarter, saying what they mean for Russia.

The Primorye Prosecutor's Office has opened criminal cases on several top officials in the local administration, accusing them of abuse of power. The story gives details.

The story describes the gubernatorial elections in the Irkutsk region on Sunday and their preliminary results.

In an interview, TV-6 general director Yevgeny Kiselyov speaks about drawn-out lawsuits against the new NTV leadership and about the upcoming sensational changes in his channel. Kiselyov in part speaks about his possible collaboration with television journalist Sergei Dorenko, whom he calls a "star of the first magnitude".

Turkmenia has interfered into a conflict that has erupted between Azerbaijan and Iran around Caspian oil. The Turkmen Foreign Ministry has sent a note of protest to Baku, saying that it's impermissible to develop disputable oil deposits in the Caspian by Azeri and foreign oil and gas companies. The story comments on the issue.

The newspaper has obtained documents that show that the St. Petersburg administration has created a security department. The story examines its major aims and duties.

MDM-Bank has bought Moscow Expobank, an authoritative player on the plastic card market. Thus, the MDM-Bank Group already has five banks in different regions, and before the end of this year their number may treble.

Domestic share issuers , whose shares are quoted at the open market, promised to pay out dividends , on the basis of last year's results, to the tune of more than 41 billion rubles, which is 2.5 times more than the figure for 1999. The story reports on what companies could keep these promises and how.

The tourist season is not over yet, but it's already clear that this year the number of Russians holiday-making abroad will break all the previous records. The story gives Goskomstat's figures to illustrate the point.

A record high figure of road accident victims — 71 people, including 2 children — was registered in Moscow on Friday.

An exhibition featuring a collection of artifacts of grand prince Nikolai Yusupov will open today in the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. The story describes the collection and its owner.


Mobile TeleSistema (MTS) has voluntarily returned to the Communications Ministry part of its radio frequencies. The ministry had already handed over one-third of the frequencies to Sonic Duo after the company tried forcibly to take them away from MTS and Vimpelcom.

The Prosecutor General's Office has condemned a new method for paying customs dues through microprocessor cards. It seems the customs card project, launched at the beginning of the year by former SCC head Anatoly Kruglov and Rosbank, may never be implemented.

Moldova on Friday officially joined the World Trade Organization, becoming the 142nd full-fledged member of this influential world forum. Moldova automatically joined the WTO 30 days after its parliament ratified the a resolution for entry into the organization.

The Economic Crime Department in the Nizhny Novgorod region seized financial documents Friday from the local administration property department. The seizure is part of an investigation of the activities of Nizhny Novgorod Mayor Yury Lebedev, who allegedly used his office for personal gain.

The article features entrepreneur Timur Goryaev, president and part owner of the Kalina corporation. Goryaev turned a small cosmetic factory into a flourishing profit-making company after he made money by purchasing stock in ten Urals enterprises during the early stages of privatization.

Several days ago LUKoil was prevented from exporting oil due to a lawsuit filed by minority shareholder Irina Yegorova, whose petition managed to convince the court to order Transneft not to allow LUKoil to use its pipelines for export. Yegorova's lawsuit referred to documents signed by the company's head Vagit Alekperov and by other top managers. What measures could be taken to prevent another halt in LUKoil's exports? Three experts share their viewpoints on the issue.

Igor Lisinenko, head of the parliamentary association Business Russia, examines several approaches to restructuring the banking system, offering several interesting conclusions.

What has Chukotka Governor Roman Abramovich managed to accomplish in his region to change citizens' lives? The article focuses on real changes he has made and on what the people think about him.

Eduard Uspensky, the author of numerous fairy tales, speaks about how he has defended his intellectual property.

Vedomosti. Companies and Markets

The Constitutional Court on Thursday confirmed its June decision, according to which the Anti-Monopoly Ministry's order expanding the list of monopolists in the communications sphere was illegal.

The Neftyanoi oil company has become a shareholder of the second largest macaroni factory in Russia — Moscow Extra M. Neftyanoi's new president said that oil companies intend to make investments to boost the nation's macaroni business.

The Economic Development and Trade Ministry has submitted to Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov a plan outlining the first steps of reforms in the energy sector.

The Commission on Protective Measures in Foreign Trade on Aug. 1 will consider lowering the export oil tariff down to approximately 23 euros per ton from the present 30.5 euros, according to commission secretary Andrei Kushnirenko.

The interests of the state and the shareholders of the motor-building center Permskiye Motory will be coordinated in the next few weeks, according to Deputy Prime Minister Ilya Klebanov.

The Novosibirskenergo shareholders will convene for a special meeting Aug. 30, when they will elect a new president and board of directors.

The Ulyanovsk auto plant failed to assemble more than 1,500 cars because of a 5-day break in service by electricity provider Ulyanovskenerg, the automobile plant's press service said.

The SIBUR chemical company has purchased the only domestic producer of ABC plastic. SIBUR hopes to become a large supplier of plastic and rubber parts to auto plants. The article reveals SIBUR's ambitious plans.

The Lithuanian government has approved YUKOS's purchase of stock in the Lithuanian Mazeikiu Nafta oil company. The article comments on the deal.

Novaya Gazeta

The story comments on President Vladimir Putin's recent statement on possible personnel changes in the government. Novaya Gazeta sources in the Kremlin and in the FSB assert that the president intends this fall to appoint a new prime minister and replace his current team, and is willing to offer to the country a well thought-out economic course. Novgorod regional governor Mikhail Prusak is proposed as a possible candidate to become the new head of the government.

Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, the secretary on cooperation between the Moscow Patriarch and the public, gives an interview on a broad range of topics, including issues concerning the relationships between the Church, the authorities, society, and individuals.

The recent G-8 summit in Genoa has shown once again that public opinion in Western countries often differs from the opinion of their democratically elected leaders. The story examines public opinion on the Chechen war in several Western countries, focusing on an indignant letter by journalist Andrei Babitsky, who appealed to the G-8 leaders. The letter was printed in several Western newspapers on the eve of the summit.

Alexander Turbanov, general director of the Agency for Restructuring Credit Organizations (ARKO) on July 24 revealed his views on upcoming reform in the banking sphere. The story comments on his viewpoint, focusing on the issue of guaranteeing the security of the population's bank deposits.

The story examines several witnesses' testimonies in the case of military journalist Grigory Pasko, who is accused of high treason.

Authorities have at last interfered in the war for Karabashmed. Deputy to the presidential representative in the Ural Federal District, Viktor Basargin, has proposed to make the company a state -owned property. The story gives details about the conflict and its participants , focusing on Basargin's initiative.

Press Minister Mikhail Lesin has invented one more method of exerting pressure on undesirable mass media. The story harshly criticizes Lesin's message to Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov on May 31.

Russia allowed media -magnate Vladimir Gusinsky leave the country a year ago, and in January arrested another so called "political criminal" — Media-MOST holding financier Anton Titov — who has been in jail ever since for unknown reasons. Authorities have been unaware of how to resolve the case. The story gives details.

August 5 will mark the 10th anniversary of the State Emergency Situation Committee (GKCHP) , which planned to change the state system in Russia. The feature story describes that team of coup participants, their plans overthrow the state and their crushing defeat.

In an interview SIBUR vice president Anatoly Lukashov speaks about an urgent need to revive the petrochemical sector , which was a leading industry in the former Soviet Union but has seriously declined in the 1990's.

Despite numerous illusions about the safety and inviolability of Internet users' private life, special secret services in different countries, including Russia, have for a long time been using several systems allowing them to oversee the behavior of millions of Internet users. The story offers facts showing how the American and Russian

security services manage to accomplish this.

Komomolskaya Pravda

Interior Minister Boris Gryzlov on Thursday harshly criticized the Moscow city police for ineffective measures to crack down on economic crimes and cases of disorders in public places, especially in stadiums. The story offers excerpts from the minister's speech.

The story discusses the scandal surrounding the changeover of the Mosenergo leadership , which for two weeks has been the focus of attention of city mass media.

The newspaper offers a detailed program and a map of the construction and reconstruction of the third transportation ring around Moscow.

Moscow Vice-Premier Valery Shantsev stated over the weekend that, due to economic reasons , the production of the Ivan Kalita and Svyatogor cars may be suspended in the near future. The Moskvich factory intends to concentrate on the production of Knyaz Vladimir cars.

The story reports on how Moscow doctors have decided to step up the fight against high-blood pressure in the city's population. One in every three residents suffers from this ailment.

Is the West conducting a well-planned campaign to discredit Russian leading businessmen with the aim of restricting Russia's economic influence on the international market? In an interview Mikhail Chernoi, representing Russian businesses in the Israeli diaspora, answers this and other questions.

Moskovsky Komsomolets

Specialists from the Republican Reproduction Center for Men attached to the Health Ministry have developed several methods of cleansing human blood, which will help radically reduce the number of heart attacks in Moscow. The story describes several methods.

The Moscow government plans to introduce a minimum wage in monthly, daily and hourly work increments. The story describes the measure.

The story forecasts a quiet situation on the financial market in August, citing possible figures on the dollar-ruble exchange rate.

A sharp conflict has erupted between Economic Development Minister Gherman Gref and Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin, who has come up with an idea to lay off large numbers of civil servants, while Gref opposed his initiative. The story gives details.

Army deserter Viktor Borovik, from a village near Komsomolsk-on Amur, recounts how he had lived in the forest for six years among wolves and bears, evading the army after being hazed for two years.

The story highlights the poor state of Lefortovo Park, which for many years had been a favorable place of rest and recreation for Muscovites, but has fallen into disrepair.