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U.S. Pledges to Bring Russia Into Fold

Top U.S officials praised RussiaТs economic reform effort and said they would try to act on the reforms.

U.S. Firm Fights Factory Takeover

US company Sawyer Research now finds itself forced out of the glass plant it bailed out four years ago.

Web Sites to Show Ministries Are Working

By year's end all Russian federal government agencies will have their own Internet sites.

Would Putin Move His Capital City?

Undesirable or not, it should make no difference to the Kremlin who regions elect as their officials.

Out With the Old?

It seems that the aim of the Bush foreign policy team is to shift the way our nation protects itself.

Chubais Lamp Is Not a Good Guiding Light

You don't have to be in the Far East's to experience blackouts, they are spreading across the country.

Reader's Comment Prompts Security Debate

The United States and Russia are leading candidates for extremists who would like to cause terror.

String of NGO Workers Denied Visas

Several foreigners connected with NGOs Ч some active in Chechnya, others concerned with protecting the environment or promoting democracy Ч are being denied Russian visas.

Rushailo, Rice Refuse To Budge On NMD

Despite their mutual goodwill, both Russia and the U.S. refuse to give up their respective positions.

Kim Kicks Off Trans-Siberian Tour

North Korea's reclusive leader Kim Jong-Il has mysteriously rattled across the border into Russia by train on his first official visit to any country apart from China.

Race Heats Up in Nizhny Novgorod

Election fever was heating up Thursday in the Nizhny Novgorod region as candidates prepare to do battle.

News in Brief

Reporter Crackdown MOSCOW (Reuters) Ч The army clamped down on reporters in Chechnya on Thursday for reporting too much bad news from the region and said it was setting up an alternative military broadcasting studio, NTV television said. The army decision to impose restrictions on the media came after Armed Forces Chief Anatoly Kvashnin criticized reporters Wednesday night in the town of Shali, 12 kilometers southeast of Grozny, for focusing purely on bad news. ""You are not doing a very good job and therefore we have decided to set up two [media outlets] of our own. Е We will have a military television studio broadcasting here,"" Kvashnin said. ""Why are you always so eager to report on military operations?Е You are working for the sake of war and we are working for the sake of peace,"" he said, urging reporters to talk more about the return of civilian life to Chechnya.

Oil Majors Gushing Over Gas Pipeline Reform

As a long monopoly over the gas pipeline network slowly slips from Gazprom's hands, oil companies are gleefully eyeing the sector with a view to expanding gas production.

LUKoil Blasts Courts After Ban on Exports

Oil giant LUKoil thundered against RussiaТs judicial system for allowing a two-day ban on its exports.

Poultry Industry Sprouting Wings

Domestic poultry production should grow 10 percent this year to 893,000 tons Ч but it still won't meet demand, says the chairman of the Russian Poultry Union.

Opening of CPC Line Postponed

The opening of the first major oil pipeline built in the Caspian Sea region has been postponed.

Gunboat Highlights Caspian Oil Tension

Iran has sent a clear message to Azerbaijan that it will protect what it sees as its part of the Caspian.

Business in Brief

Russia СAfricaТs HopeТ MOSCOW (AP) Ч Guinean President Lansana Conte arrived in Moscow on Thursday for talks with Russian leaders on military technical cooperation and attracting investment to his West African country. The three-day visit, at President Vladimir PutinТs invitation, comes after Russia joined the worldТs richest democracies at a summit in Genoa, Italy, last weekend in announcing a program for accelerating development in Africa and increasing trade with the continent. Details of ConteТs itinerary were unclear. Itar-Tass said Russian businesses are increasing activity in Guinea, including a recent deal giving metals giant Russian Aluminum control the right to administer a Guinean state-owned bauxite company for 25 years. Bauxite ore is used in aluminum production. Moscow has continued to maintain GuineaТs Soviet-built aircraft despite economic troubles after the 1991 Soviet breakup, Itar-Tass said.

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press
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