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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

News in Brief

Titov Denied Bail

MOSCOW (AP) Ч A court has refused to release on bail a financial chief of Media-MOST who has been charged with fraud and other offenses in what supporters call political persecution.

Anton Titov was arrested in January on fraud charges and has been held in Lefortovo Prison. Over the weekend, prosecutors brought additional charges against Titov, said Media-MOST spokeswoman Yelena Visens. She could not provide details.

Prosecutor GeneralТs Office spokesman Leonid Troshin said Titov was charged with money laundering and fraud, Interfax reported. TitovТs lawyers have urged his release pending trial, and Visens said he is suffering from high blood pressure and heart trouble.

"ItТs natural when a person is under a lot of stress all the time," she said.

A Moscow district court rejected the petition in February, and the Moscow city court upheld the decision Wednesday, Visens said.

BushТs Uranium Order

WASHINGTON (AP) Ч President George W. Bush extended a U.S. government order ensuring that money paid to Russia for uranium is not seized by creditors.

Until former President Bill Clinton signed the executive order in June 2000, Russia had feared creditors would seize the payments to settle unrelated debts. ClintonТs order freed Russia to resume shipping low enriched uranium that has been "downblended" after being taken from nuclear weapons stockpiles, so it can be used in U.S. commercial reactors.

The deal is a key part of American attempts to get Russia to dispose of nuclear weapons material so that it doesnТt fall into the hands of terrorists or other rogue groups.

In his continuation order, Bush said Wednesday it is a "major national security goal" to guarantee that material removed from Russian nuclear weapons is used "for peaceful commercial uses, subject to transparency measures, and protected from diversion to activities of proliferation concern."

Anti-Corruption Bill

MOSCOW (AP) Ч The State Duma has rejected on first reading a Communist-proposed anti-corruption bill that opponents said was too restrictive.

The vote on the bill Wednesday was 220-29, six votes short of the simple majority that a bill needs to pass in the 450-member State Duma.

The bill called for all state employees and high-ranking officials to submit to full government oversight of their finances and property.

Belarus Hopefuls

MINSK, Belarus (Reuters) Ч Six opponents of Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko have applied to run against him in an election later this year, including a dissident politician who lives in exile, electoral officials said.

Lukashenko has said he is sure he will win the election Sept. 9.

"Six candidates have submitted their applications to register their campaign groups, thus declaring that they plan to participate in the elections," Lidiya Yermoshina, head of the Central Elections Commission, said Wednesday.

Yermoshina said Zenon Poznyak, a fierce opponent of Lukashenko who lives in Poland, had applied by mail to have his campaign group registered Ч the first step toward getting his name on ballot papers.

Yermoshina said two candidates Ч Viktor Tereshchenko, 51, a businessman, and Sergei Gaidukevich, 47, leader of Liberal Democratic Party Ч had already been cleared to run for the poll.

Three other candidates who have yet to be approved are Sergei Kalyakin, 49, leader of the Communist Party, Pavel Kozlovsky, 59, a former defense minister, and Semyon Domash, 50, a former regional governor.

Lukashenko said Thursday he would run for re-election in SeptemberТs presidential poll and pledged to fight fair.