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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press

Noviye Izvestia
Novaya Gazeta
Obshchaya Gazeta
Komomolskaya Pravda
Moskovsky Komsomolets


The Gazprom Board of Directors Wednesday appointed Deputy Energy Minister Alexei Miller, Putin's loyalist, head of the company.

"Alfa-Group" is buying the blocking package of stock of "Vympelcom" for $246.9 million and from 25 percent up to 42 percent of shares of "Vympelcom-Region." The story comments on the deal.

Will "Interros" quit its oil business? Five experts share their viewpoints on the issue.

The government has approved a two-stage plan to overhaul the aviation sector, which it failed to do at the previous session on May 11. The story examines its major points, saying that the idea of "Rosaviakosmos " to create two big avia holdings was officially approved.

The story features a new organization of five CIS countries to comprising the Customs Union, with Russia playing the leading role.

The government has no intention to promise foreign investors equal access with domestic companies to the Russian market. The Cabinet has called on the State Duma not to ratify the agreement on encouraging and protecting capital investment signed with foreign states.

The New York Court Monday decided not to consider suits against German companies that used slave labor during the war. The story explains why.

The story highlights Rustame Tariko, the owner of the "Rust" companies group, and his flourishing business in Moscow.

In an interview deputy head of the Kremlin administration Dmitry Medvedev, who heads the Gazprom Board of Directors, comments on the appointment of Alexei Miller to the post of Gazprom head.

Vedomosti. Companies and Markets

The "Siberian Aluminum" Group is completing the formation of its bus business. Thus, its holding "RusPromAvto" is trying to barter from "SIBUL"| the controlling stake of the Kurgan Bus Plant. Also, the holding in a couple of days may buy out the property of the Golitsyno Bus Plant.

MDM-Bank that decided to take up the realty business has selected the northwest for this purpose. The bank yesterday officially admitted that it had bought the controlling stake of St. Petersburg Petrovsky People's Bank. Along with this, MDM Bank has obtained one more retail bank in the region — Komisotsbank in Syktyvkar.

The investment into the construction of an auto-motor-sport complex "Pulkovo Ring" in St. Petersburg will amount to $1 billion. This was stated by St. Petersburg governor Vladimir Yakovlev.

The Moscow Arbitration Court ruled that "Sibnefteprovod" give back 29, 200 tons oil (costing 92.07 million rubles) taken from "Rosneft-Purneftegaz." The story describes the conflicting situation.

The Khanty-Mansiisk administration has received almost full control over "Tyumenaviatrans," a leading domestic carrier. Now the administration's plan is to absorb the airlines of the neighboring regions, which are opposing the plan.

"Fosforit" creditors are persistently trying to keep control over the combine with the help of a loyal external manager. The story describes a fierce struggle for this enterprise between the federal authorities and private creditors.

The Kazan plant making synthetic rubber and the Dutch "AKZO NOBEL" company have agreed to launch a joint venture to make polysulphides.

The story gives preliminary results of the first tender to deliver battle aircraft to the armies of the East-European countries that joined NATO in 1999. The official final results will be reported in a couple of days.

"General Electric" and "Pratt & Whitney" have won a tender to deliver aviation engines for airbuses-giants A380-800 to the tune of $900 million. Engines will be mounted on 10 planes that were ordered from Airbus by the French Air France company.

How much is "Rosgosstrakh"? The Russian Federal Property Fund Wednesday signed a contract with the "Rosekspertiza" company, which before June 26 should evaluate the cost of the insurance company.

The appointment of Alexei Miller head of the Gazprom Board of Directors has positively affected the market, on which the cost of Gazprom shares increased by 2.2 percent. The story offers their new prices.

ARKO has sold at the auction 75.16 percent of stock of AvtoVAZbank to the "Komecotsentr" company for 120 million rubles.

Vneshtorgbank does not have any plans to issue bonds this year. This was stated by its head Yury Ponomaryov.


The Cabinet Wednesday discussed the program of social and economic development and the housing-utility reform submitted by the Economic Development Minister Gherman Gref . The story focuses on several provisions that caused heated disputes.

In an interview Prof. Mikhail Gorshkov , Director-General of the Independent Institute of Social and National Problems that prepared materials for yesterday's session of the State Council, comments on the state of the social sphere.

In an interview (the first one as Interior Minister) Boris Gryzlov describing the situation in his agency, says that in the next 10 days the president will sign a decree on reforming the ministry. The minister also says what ordinary citizens will gain from all the upcoming changes.

Will the newly- elected "Gazprom" head Alexei Miller be able to make the company transparent? The story comments on the changeover in the company's leadership.

A 2-day CIS summit is expected to open today in Minsk , where 11 presidents will get together to discuss urgent issues of finances, customs problems, free trade and collective security. The story examines them in detail.

The story reports on how a new youth movement loyal to President Putin is being formed, focusing on some of its negative trends.

Prof. Mansur Garayev, head of the biotechnological laboratory of the Virusology Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, speaks about incessant efforts to create anti-AIDS preparations.

Today is International Non-Smoking Day. The story describes the State Duma's futile attempts to pass a non-smoking draft bill.

The story examines a special report prepared within the framework of the Davos Forum with a basic idea saying that boosting the principles of corporate management in companies can double the capitalization of the whole Russian stock market.

Alfa's wish to become a SIDANKO shareholder as quickly as possible will most probably result in a revision of the almost achieved agreements. The story examines Alfa's actions.

Head of the Inter-State Aviation Committee Tatyana Anodina Wednesday handed over a certificate to Airport "Domodedovo" for making international flights according to ICAO 1st and 2nd categories. The story comments on the event.

In an interview Vladimir Belogub, Director-General of the Samara "Aviakor-Aviation Plant" strategic enterprise in the domestic aviation sector, speaks about the situation at the plant and about the future fate of the sector.

The Russian "ALROSA" diamond company has opened its office in Israel. Georgy Arinson, a financial expert in the diamond market, comments on the event.

A new off-road vehicle "UAZ -3160" of the Ulyanovsk Auto Plant (UAZ) will be soon assembled in Ukraine at the Lutsk Auto Plant (LuAZ). The story examines UAZ-LuAZ cooperation.

Tatarstan on June 1 is expected to liberalize prices of bread and dairy products and also to abolish ration cards for these food products. The story comments on the decision.

During their meeting in Budapest Wednesday Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov and US Secretary of State Colin Powell agreed on several details of the upcoming Russian-American summit scheduled for June 16. The story examines results of their negotiations.

The US Administration in 2000 allocated $1.5 billion for the defense of national information resources, while the Pentagon spent $1.1 billion on the defense of military information systems. The story examines what this money was concretely spent on.

"Intel" in July intends to make its new processors "Pentium III" on the basis of the 0.13-mkm technology, which will allow the company to lower prices of its existing models. The story examines the company's plans.


President Vladimir Putin today is to meet with oligarchs from the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs to find out whether they are pleased at the way his government is keeping its promises. They will also discuss judicial and pension reforms. The story describes what may be expected from the meeting.

The Prosecutor-General's Office Wednesday said that it would work for the extradition by France of MIKOM head Mikhail Zhivilo. In an interview his lawyer Ariel Gaskon-Retore details his client's case, saying that the French Court will never consider the extradition issue.

The Russian national Committee "For Cessation of War and Establishment of Peace in the Chechen Republic" (its members are listed) stated Wednesday that it intends to exert pressure on the Russian authorities in order to persuade them to launch negotiations with Chechen leader Aslan Maskhadov. The story offers the text of Maskhadov's Open Appeal to the Committee.

The story focuses on two mistakes Russia's Ambassador to Ukraine Viktor Chernomyrdin made before he went to Kiev.

In an interview (before leaving for Kiev) Russia's Ambassador to Ukraine Viktor Chernomyrdin reveals his plans and duties at the new high post.

Nizhny Novgorod Mayor Yury Lebedev Wednesday was not registered as a candidate for the gubernatorial elections in the region — he was accused of using the administrative resource in collecting signatures. The story describes the conflict.

The Moscow City Court on May 30 postponed the consideration of the case on making 19 percent of stock of NTV and 25 percent in all other daughters of "Media Most" the property of "Gazprom-Media" , which has allowed media-magnate Vladimir Gusinsky to show that the struggle is continuing. He stated his willingness yesterday to come back to Russian business.

The spy satellite "Kobalt" that was launched into space from Cosmodrome Plesetsk in the early hours of Tuesday has started to fulfill its program. The story details the project.

The government Wednesday adopted a program of restructuring and boosting the aviation sector. The story examines its major provisions.

President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree concerning the Industrial Company Concern Antei. The story comments on the document.

The Ural Mining Metal Company's parent enterprise — "Uralelektromed" (Sverdlovsk region) — has bought the controlling stake of the Karabashsky Copper-Melting Combine . The story comments on the deal.

The "Moskvich " company has raised retail prices of its several models of autos. The brief gives several models and their new prices.

The American "Williams International Company (WIC)" concern may refuse to pay $75 million for the stakes of the Lithuanian "Mazeikiu Nafta" oil company. The brief says why.

Vneshtorgbank head Yury Ponomaryov Wednesday stated that his bank had signed an agreement on buying shares of "Donau Bank" (Vienna) that up to now belonged to the Central Bank.Thus, the latter has at last started to sell out its banks abroad. The story comments on the deal.

Document. The Draft of the Medium-Term Program of the Social and Economic Development of Russia up to the Year 2004. Full text.

Crime. Unidentified assailants in Vladivostok yesterday killed Tatyana Safronova, chief of the Transport Department of City Hall. The story describes how it happened.

Noviye Izvestia

A story describes a tragic situation (slow degradation) in the Grand Soviet (now Russian) Encyclopaedia Publishing House. The Grand Russian Encyclopaedia has not been updated for the past 25 years.

The story features the future fate of the TV-Tsentr Channel (No. 3) that may be closed soon. Seven influential State Duma deputies have applied to Press Minister Mikhail Lesin and Interior Minister Boris Gryzlov asking them about the channel's fate.

An unusual event will take place in Moscow on June 2 — numerous foreign activists from the most authoritative human rights organization — The International Amnesty — will march along Novy Arbat Street protesting against the use of tortures in Russian prisons. This act will be devoted to the 40th anniversary of this organization. The story describes the event.

Novaya Gazeta

Sociologist Boris Kagarlitsky, speaking about a dragging on war in Chechnya, stresses that Russia in any case is unable to win it, since it lacks either forces, or resources or the psychological possibility. The author also notes that this war has made Putin president and the same war, in the final count, may lead the Putin regime to collapse.

Several organizations (their names are given) have created a public movement — The Third Force — aimed at establishing peace in Chechnya. In an interview its leader Akhmad Shabazov speaks about his movement, its aims, about its members and supporters at home and abroad.

In an interview, highly -regarded television journalist Viktor Shenderovich, author and host of the former NTV "Kukly" program, speaks about his response to what has happened in the NTV channel and about his new job in TV-6 and about his future plans.

Another story is devoted to the First International Charity Festival in memory of great bard and poet Bulat Okudzhava that will take place in Moscow on June 9. The event will be sponsored by the Bulat Okudzhava International Fund and the REN TV company. The story examines the program of the event.

Obshchaya Gazeta

A story describes a work collective's meeting at the Baltiisky ship-building and repairing plant in St. Petersburg, which over the past several years has become a profit-making enterprise. Its Deputy Director-General Yury Rybalchenko spoke about the current overhaul at the plant and about its production plan.

Olga Kitova, deputy of the Belgorod Regional Duma, and journalist of the newspaper "Belgorodskaya Pravda", who was arrested on May 22, has been released on the condition that she not leave her city. The story describes her case, saying that she may be arrested again.

A story presents an extensive program and participants in the 12th Open Russian Film Festival "Kinotavr" that begins in Sochi on June 1. Its jury this year is headed by "Lenkom" Theater artistic director Mark Zakharov.

The main ingredient in childhood is love, says Yelena Bruskova, head of the Russian Committee "Children's Villages," which are marking their fifth anniversary. In an interview (on this occasion) Bruskova describes these villages, their aim, tasks, small residents and their loving mothers.

The Glasnost Fund on June 6 will mark its 6th birthday. In an interview, its head Alexei Simonov speaks about the origin of his fund, about its finances, tasks, contributors and activities.

Komomolskaya Pravda

According to upcoming housing and utility reform, upper-income households will pay their utility costs in full. How much must a person earn to feel well off? Thirteen policy-makers and public figures share their views on the issue.

Another story examines in detail the plan for raising the sunken "Kursk" submarine. Three answers to the questions about the upcoming operation.

In an interview, film star Oleg Menshikov speaks about his new role in the Mexican many-part film.

Moskovsky Komsomolets

Mayor Yury Luzhkov has signed a decree on removing old rusty cars from city streets and yards. The document will take effect on June 1. The story reveals the aim of the measure.

A story offers sensational details of the recent questioning in the Prosecutor General's Office of former First Deputy Finance Minister Andrei Vavilov, who immediately afterwards was "hospitalized".

Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov described long-term plans (up to the year 2010) of overhauling the Armed Forces. The story gives details.

Experts share their views on the new SPS party, focusing on its differences from "Yabloko."

The story features former President Boris Yeltsin's current visit to China, focusing on his medical treatment there.