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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


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The King Is Alive in Emigre Rock Band

The three Russians who will play in Moscow Friday have a cross-dressing Elvis to thank for their careers.

Deputies Update Judicial Practices

The State Duma gave preliminary approval to a set of bills aimed at reforming the judiciary system.

LaRouche Predicts Russian Greatness

Lyndon LaRouche is back in Moscow with a new prophecy — Russia is the only hope for global civilization.

History Is a Teacher, Not A Therapist

Recently, a new textbook on the social history of Russia has appeared in bookstores.

Can Russia, U.S. Be Political, Military Allies?

Many of us here in the States have been waiting for the changes in Russia to bring them into the modern world … not just technologically, but socially and politically.

Moscow to Raise Monument to People's Sins

Muscovites will soon have to adjust to another monumental sculpture, a bronze ensemble created by emigre artist Mikhail Shemyakin, this time depicting people's sins.

Eased Visa Regulations Approved

The Cabinet gave the go-ahead to moves that may allow many tourists to visit Russia without visas.

30 Greenpeace Protesters Held

Thirty Greenpeace activists were detained for protesting against legislation that would allow Russia to import spent nuclear fuel for processing and indefinite storage.

Spy Blake Emerges From Shadows

Secret agent George Blake, a hero in Russia and traitor in Britain, emerged from the shadows on Thursday to extol departed colleagues and lament lost passions.

News in Brief

Gunship Attack MOSCOW (AP) -— Military officials said Thursday that their helicopter gunships carried out rocket attacks against a band of rebels encircled by troops in Chechnya’s southern Argun gorge. The rebels said by telephone that were not surrounded, and were successfully fighting back against the Russians. Mi-24 combat helicopters on Wednesday launched strikes at the rebels near Sharo-Argun, 50 kilometers south of Grozny, a spokesman for the federal army group in the Northern Caucasus told Itar-Tass. The rugged region is a key refuge for the rebels. It leads to the border with Georgia, which Russia accuses of sheltering rebels. The spokesman said 25 rebels were killed, and a camp and radio transmitter had been destroyed. Rebels from the band of leading rebel warlord Khattab, who uses only one name, denied in telephone conversations the Russian statements that the rebel forces were surrounded, and put guerrilla losses at five dead and one wounded.

$75Bln Highway Overhaul Approved

Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov on Thursday approved program to overhaul Russia's highway network.

LUKoil Will Float Stake Of 6 Percent In London

Russia will list a 6 percent stake in LUKoil in London to sidestep a political dispute with the U.S.

Anheuser-Busch Wins Rights to Bud Brand

Anheuser-Busch announced Thursday that Rospatent had issued it a registration for the name Bud.

OMZ Sets Minority Shareholder Precedent

Machine builder OMZ's shareholder meeting Thursday marked a bold step for corporate governance.

Russian Debt Called A Great and Safe Bet

Standard & Poor’s on Thursday raised its long-term foreign and local currency ratings for Russia.

Investors Await Gazprom Vote

Gazprom's annual shareholders will decide the gas monopoly's future course, which previously has leaned toward the detriment of shareholders for the benefit of management.

Business in Brief

Precious Metal Exports MOSCOW (Reuters) — President Vladimir Putin has signed a long-expected decree allowing gold and silver producers to make direct exports of these metals, a senior government official said Thursday. ""The decree on the rules for imports and exports of precious metals and gems was signed on June 21,"" said Sergei Gorny, deputy head of Almazyuvelirexport, the state precious metals and gems trading agency. ""The decree, which also abolishes export quotas on gold and silver, will become effective two months after its official publication,"" he added. But he was unable to say when the publication would take place. Currently, producers can sell gold and silver only to the Gokhran state repository or to banks. Gold industry analysts said the decree would have no significant market impact. ""I shouldn’t think it will have a huge impact on the market because all the major exporters would already have sorted out their exports [via Gokhran],"" one analyst said.

NTV Tamer but Remains No Puppet

The channel looks the same. The graphics, program names and theme music remain unchanged. Even the famous puppets are still around, but careful viewers can tell that NTV television is different. Take the puppets. For years, they were the symbol of NTV's irreverence, skewering the powerful every week with the wickedly funny satire show called ""Kukly."" Many believe President Vladimir Putin's pique at the puppet representing him on Sunday nights helped lead to the decision to take over NTV. More than two months after the country's only major independent network fell into the hands of state-controlled Gazprom, the puppets still poke fun at Moscow's mighty, but Putin escapes the barbs. Putin insists he had nothing to do with the seizure of NTV by Gazprom, but he can be happy with the results. NTV has become a tamer, less in-your-face broadcast that rarely airs much direct criticism of Putin. NTV hasn't acted as a tool of the government either.
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