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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Doorstep Deliveries Dish Out Pizza and More

It's lunchtime, your stomach started to complain an hour ago. You can't face another greasy chebureki from the kiosk around the corner. It looks like it could be a long afternoon.

There's no reason to go hungry any longer. Throughout the city, various restaurants and cafes will bring tasty, well-prepared meals and snacks to your desk.

The original trendsetter, Jack's started in 1992 as a sandwich outlet but survived the 1998 financial crisis only to expand its menu into exotic territory. Now its standard sandwich ($5.45) is served on a choice of breads with fillings ranging from chicken salad to eggplant zucchini to spicy pork sirloin. An array of large salads (starting at $7.95) caters to equally diverse tastes. Jack's also provides combination meal boxes, soups, empanadas, roll-ups and desserts; it will also bring you three chilled bottles of Baltika for $2.

While certainly on the pricier side of deliveries, Jack's is a professional operation, with bilingual receptionists and easy online ordering. The drivers work between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. daily and orders of $15 and over are delivered free of charge within a 5-kilometer radius of the Kremlin. For other areas, particular arrangements can be made. Payments can only be made in rubles.

But there's plenty out there besides Jack's.

A cheaper alternative, Subway is keen to break into the market. While it doesn't have as extensive a menu, Subway's foot-long or 15-centimeter sandwiches come with a large selection of fresh fillings and salad combinations. Prices start at 55 rubles ($1.90) for a vegetarian sandwich but double for foot-long specialties such as the Italian Classic at 110 rubles.

Subway delivers between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m., and for no extra charge anywhere within the Garden Ring for 500- ruble ($17.20) minimum orders. Less than that, there's an additional 50-ruble charge.

At the heart of any food delivery is pizza. A main part of the Jack's entourage is its large, thin or thick crust pizzas, with endless toppings starting at just under $20 — the menu warns that the pizzas are 40 centimeters in diameter and weigh up to 2 kilograms.

In addition, Sbarros offers the full range of your classic 31-centimeter, 36-centimeter and 44-centimeter pizzas, starting at 138 rubles ($4.70) for a 31-centimeter Margarita and going up to 283 rubles ($9.70) for a 44-centimeter chicken pizza. It also delivers Nevskoye beer for 13 rubles a bottle, Tuburg Gold Label for 48 rubles a bottle, or a bottle of Arbatskoye wine for 99 rubles.

Sbarros is open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., will deliver for free and claim to have your pizza at your door within 30 minutes of ordering.

Another pizza option, especially for the late-night munchies, is Johnny the Fat Boy, whose traditional, 40-centimeter American pizzas are priced between 343 rubles ($11.80) and 556 rubles ($19.11).

Johnny will also bring you salads, pasta, soft drinks and beer 24 hours a day and offers free delivery anywhere in Moscow.

Delivery Services

Baan Thai: 240-0597
Darbar: 930-2925/930-2365
Five Spices: 203-1283
Jack's: 956-6196,
Johnny the Fat Boy: 921-8948/924-9237
Sbarro: 785-1575/65,
Subway: 720-8596,
Urban Kultura: 937-5166,
Vabi: 255-6982
Yakitoria: 234-2424/937-5166,

Its 95 ruble ($3.25) business lunch runs between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.

But delivery choices do not stop with pizzas and sandwiches.

Both Yakitoria and Vabi deliver Japanese cuisine, for a minimum order of 1,000 rubles, anywhere within the Moscow Ring Road free of charge. Until 11 p.m., Yakitoria delivers assorted sushi, starting at 416 rubles ($14.30), hot dishes such as fried beef for 180 rubles and 720 milliliters of Saki for 1,200 rubles.

Vabi takes orders until 10:30 p.m. for sushi and drinks, with two pieces of sushi starting at 120 rubles ($4.12).

For a further taste of the exotic, three Indian-run restaurants all provide free delivery in and around Moscow, however large or small your order, from their reasonably priced menus.

Five Spices offers mainly traditional Chinese cuisine, with seafood dishes, noodles and the odd tandoori kebab thrown in for good measure.

Darbar offers mouthwatering curries, tandooris and southern Indian specialties.

Thirdly, Baan Thai serves Thai stir-fries, soups and curries, with a vital code on the menu indicating each dish's spiciness.

All three restaurants are open from noon to midnight and accept credit-card payments if you give your numbers when you place your order.

And finally, for the truly lazy among us, a new company called Urban Kultura will take your order to any of the restaurants on their extensive list and deliver it anywhere in central Moscow free of charge.

Differing minimum charges apply to each restaurant, but Urban Kultura delivers food from Yakitoria (600 ruble minimum charge), Mexican food from Pancho Villa (600 rubles), bar fare from Vremya Yest (1,000 rubles), Uzbek cuisine from Kishmish (400) or even good old McDonald's. Delivery hours are 9 a.m. and 11 p.m. and the process takes about an hour and half. Payment can only be made in cash.