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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press

Komomolskaya Pravda
Novaya Gazeta
Moskovsky Komsomolets


The newspaper has obtained a copy of a list of very expensive equipment that the Kremlin property directorate plans to buy for the "Vatutinki" vacation resort in the Moscow region. The story looks at the list with a critical eye.

Court bailiffs late last week visited Rosbank to check the fulfillment of the court's ruling on freezing 12.88 percent of stock of the "RUSIA Petroleum" company, which is developing the Kovykta gas deposit. The story describes results of the visit.

With the unstable developing markets due to the crises in Turkey and Argentina, the Russian eurobonds have become one of the most attractive instruments for investors. Over the past two months the price of these securities considerably increased and they are viewed as one of the most liquid ones.

The government Friday ordered the Pension Fund, the Economic Development Ministry and the Labour Ministry that they put finishing touches to the drafts of federal bills concerning pension reform. The final documents should be submitted to the government before May 21.

The Prosecutor General's Office has dropped the criminal cases of it former leaders Yury Skuratov and Alexei Ilyushenko. The brief reveals their cases.

After his meeting with heads of the economic block late last week, President Vladimir Putin ordered to the government and the Central Bank that they work out measures simplifying the export of capital from Russia. The story notes that what surprises most is the fact that it was decided to begin with the CIS.

How will oligarch Roman Abramovich's purchase of Aeroflot shares affect investors' attitude to the company? Six experts share their views on the issue.

A story cites an extract from Viktor Chernomyrdin's speaking incomprehensibly, saying that wherever this person appears, "stability" is guaranteed. Several examples are given to illustrate the point.

The Finance Ministry Collegium today is expected to discuss the draft budget-2002, particularly the size of its revenues and the status of its stabilization fund. The story reports on what may cause serious debate.

Chemical industrial enterprises on the list of 32 joint-stock companies, the shares of which should be sold this year, are the most attractive, and, therefore, a fierce struggle has erupted around them. The story describes several such chemical enterprises.

The government tomorrow will most probably approve the concept of railway reform that has been agreed upon with almost all departments. The story examines the concept.

President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree removing the unpleasant tax consequences of the 1998 default. The story reveals the essence of the document.

Vedomosti. Companies and Markets

The rating of the world leading "Advertising Age" publication, for the first time after the 1998 crisis, has shown the profit growth of large advertising agencies in Russia. The story gives the names of several such agencies and the figures on their increased profits.

Deputy Prime Minister Ilya Klebanov reported on how the government intends to reform the aircraft sector in the next 10 years. The story examines the program.

After studying the plan for the British Telecommunications (BT) company's restructuring, the "Moody's Investors Service" agency on Friday decreased its rating. This decision may lead to the BT's debt amounting to 30 million pounds sterling ($42.7 million). The story describes the situation in the BT company.

The Economic Development Ministry on Friday submitted to the government a draft of the Guidelines of Reforming the Electrical Energy System in Russia. This was stated by the ministry's press service.

The Court Bailiffs Service of the Krasnoyarsk region on May 11 appealed to the local prosecutor asking him to file a criminal case against Mikhail Kuzichev, Director-General of "Krasnoyarskenergo", and its other high officials for abusing power.

"ALROSA" and "De Beers" are considering the possibility of signing a trade agreement for the next 5 years. This was stated by an "ALROSA" spokesman.

The "Norilsk Nickel" board of directors has recommended to the shareholders' meeting scheduled for May 21 to endorse a decision on paying out dividends for 2000 in the size of 1.55 rubles per ordinary and privileged shares.

At the shareholders' meeting scheduled for May 26, AvtoVAZ minority shareholders intend to push their representative to a new board of directors and to work for converting privileged AvtoVAZ shares into the ordinary ones. The story says why their second initiative will not work.

Big oil companies are stepping up their business on the retail oil products market in St. Petersburg, the trade turnover of which topples $300 million a year. The story features the situation on the oil products retail market in St. Petersburg.


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May 14 marks the 15th anniversary of the 5th Congress of the Soviet Filmmakers' Union, that was a significant step in the country's democratization process. The story examines its results and a strong impact on shaping a democratic way of life in Russia.

The Moscow region governor's hand-to-hand fighting tournament ended yesterday in Podolsk. The story cites it to show how small sport is becoming big politics and how such types of sports as hand-to-hand fighting, football or karate help authorities govern the nation, saving it from chaos and moral degradation. A Kremlin administration high official has called it damage control.

The George W. Bush Administration intends to give up the former plans to punish the states dubbed as "tax havens." The story features the origin of such plans , explaining the reason behind the new administration's decision.

The Finance Ministry this week is expected to submit to the government a draft of the federal budget-2002, which for the first time will consist of two parts — the main one and the stabilization fund. In an interview Alexander Zhukov, head of the State Duma Budget and Tax Committee, examines its basic parameters, noting that the existing Budget Code contains mechanisms that allow to exclude bargaining around the distribution of additional revenues.

The Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexy II does not exclude the possibility of Pope John Paul II's visit to Russia, Interfax reported on Sunday. The visit, however, may become possible only when the existing barriers between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church have been removed, the patriarch noted. Brief.

Aeroflot's Aviation Technical Center employees May 13 conducted a one-hour warning strike demanding higher wages, which are also demanded by the company's 500 flight attendants who are on sick leaves now in protest of a new employment system that has been imposed by the company's management.

The Irkutsk Regional Anti-Flood Commission May 13 imposed a state of emergency in 7 districts of the region. The brief describes the alarming situation there.

The TV-6 shareholders today are expected to hold a meeting, which will endorse the new leadership of the channel and the latter's new concept. The story notes in part that if everything goes well, then already tomorrow the channel's policy will gradually begin to turn into opposition, since the channel's owner Boris Berezovsky is one of the first to understand that politics through mass media is much more effective than parliamentary democracy or the presidential republic.

The story attempts to explain a markedly increased demand for "Singer" sewing-machines in Mordovia where several cases of killing their old-age owners have been registered lately.

The Russian Black Sea Fleet on Sunday celebrated its 218th birthday. It has been an object of incessant debate between Russia and Ukraine. In an interview Rear- Admiral Yury Nichik, chief of the fleet's commanding post, speaks about the holiday and about Ukrainians' reaction to it.

The story describes new crimes that were committed in Grozny on Sunday against Russian residents.

The story explains why politicized public opinion experienced 4 disappointments over the May holidays and over the latest weekend. The point is that there were no expected resignations and appointments in the government and in the Kremlin administration.

The International Aviation Cargo Association on May 14-16 will hold a conference in Kiev to decide the fate of the Il-76 plane.

Boeing's new leadership has announced that, starting Sept. 3, its new headquarters will be in Chicago rather than in Seattle that over 85 years has been closely linked to Boeing's fate. The story describes the sad feelings of the city.

The Chamber of Appeal over the weekend refused to annul the right of the Moscow "Rot Front" company for the trade sign of "Charodeika" sweets, which was the demand of the Samara breweries. The story examines the origin of the conflict and the commission's decision.

Georgia's head of state Eduard Shevardnadze has made a sensational statement on his decision to reform the republic's state structure. The story reveals its essence.

The Moscow government has signed a decree on building a golf-course in the north of the city (behind the Moscow Ring Road) in place of the Burtsevo village , the people of which do not want to move anywhere. The story comments on the government decision

Crime. Moscow police officers over the weekend arrested 4 Gypsy women in the east of the city, who robbed Muscovites' apartments. The story gives details, citing several districts in the Moscow region with a high Gypsy crime rate.

In an interview Press Minister Mikhail Lesin analyses the situation on the media market with a big portion of media assets in the hands of state bureaucrats and with a considerable administrative resource. The minister comments on the official stand on several aspects of the media market and on television conflicts. Izvestia Media Supplement.

In an interview Timothy MacDonald, Director-General of TV-3 Rossiya television stations group, speaks about television markets and about prospects of the development of the world television industry . Izvestia Media Supplement.

In an interview Dmitry Ostalsky, Press Secretary of Media-Most Holding, speaks about the current situation in NTV, focusing on its future fate. Izvestia Media Supplement.

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A big scandal erupted yesterday in the Novo-Nakhichevan and Russian branch of the Armenian Apostolic Church. The story says what has caused it.

The State Commission investigating the tragedy on the sunken Kursk submarine today will held a session presided by Deputy Prime Minister Ilya Klebanov . The session will consider and endorse a technical project and timetable of conducting an operation to raise the submarine. The story examines the proposed draft project.

The "Vesti" information program of RTR on Sunday celebrated its 10th anniversary. In an interview its first director Oleg Dobrodeyev, now chairman of the All-Russian State TV and Radio Company, speaks about the program's origin and about its image today.

The Kachkanar GOK's shareholders held a meeting on Saturday to elect a new director-general and the board of directors. The story examines the meeting's decisions, saying that the conflict between the enterprise's co-owners is far from completion.

"Svyazinform," a cellular communications operator in the Kaliningrad region, has found itself in a complicated situation: its working frequencies will be soon used by a Polish digital television operator, and to prevent an inter-state conflict, the "Svyazinform" leadership has applied to the Communication Ministry with a request to allow the company to occupy new frequencies. The story describes the situation.

The Economic Development Ministry believes that the auction system on selling fish quotas has not exhausted all its possibilities and, in view of this, such auctions will continue. In an interview First Economic Development Minister Ivan Materov, speaks about the need for the auctions, about their results and about their future fate.

Imposing the fish auctions has become the government's first step in reforming the fishing sector. This step has had political rather than economic results. The story examines some of them.

In an interview State Fishery Committee head Yevgeny Nazdratenko assesses the main results of the past auctions, focusing on the effective ways of distributing quotas.

The All-Russian Association of Public Organizations "Union of Youth Organizations of the Russian Federation" held its founding conference over the weekend, when the Moscow festival "Youth for the Culture of the World " opened simultaneously with the conference. The story features the events, their aims and sponsors.

A Congress of Orthodox youth, i.e., students of Orthodox schools and institutes, opened in Moscow's Church of Christ the Savior on Sunday. In the opinion of its participants, the Congress should become the first step to the creation of a public association of Orthodox youth. The story features the event.

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Komomolskaya Pravda

The Moscow government plans to open the "Gorbushka" audio-video-CD market on May 20 in the premises of the "Rubin" plant. The story describes its design and a parking lot for 2,000 cars.

Moscow's northeastern District has become the 6th city district that has its own official symbols — the coat of arms and the flag. The story describes what the meaning of those symbols.

At a news conference in Hotel Metropol on May 10 Bernie Ecclestone, head of the "Formula 1" Association; Tom Walkingshow, head of the "TWR" company (assembling racing cars and having its own team "Formula 1"), and Vice-President of the Russian Auto Federation Grigory Antyufeyev, head of the Tourism Committee under the Moscow government, answer questions about the project of building a race-track for "Formula 1" in southern Moscow.

The newspaper offers a list of water reservoirs recommended for swimming and also rest and recreation zones in Moscow open for rest. KP also gives a list of ponds and small rivers that are banned for swimming.

In an interview, Konstantin Raikin, chief artistic director of the Moscow "Satirikon" Theater speaks about his new production, about his family and favorite daughter Paulina.

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Novaya Gazeta

State Secretary of the Russia-Belarus union state Pavel Borodin is voluntarily to arrive in Switzerland for questioning on May 17. This means a new wave of increased interest in the "Mabetex" case and in certain foreign bank accounts of influential Russian high-level state officials. In an interview "Mabetex" Chief Executive Behgjet Pacolli, makes a sensational statement on the so-called "Mabetex" case involving Mayor Yury Luzhkov and former Prosecutor-General Yury Skuratov, who comment on Pacolli's pronouncements.

The story examines in detail grave consequences of the blaze at the station of rocket attack warning on May 10, when the military lost contacts with four military satellites. The fate of the presidential nuclear button is also described.

A play by writer Sergei Dovlatov has been found in the archives of the Pskov regional Puppet Theater. The story features this rare find.

Political observer Julia Latynina examines major reasons behind former Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin's appointment to the post of Russia's Ambassador to Ukraine.

In an interview, former NTV "Kukly" program host Viktor Shenderovich, who has moved to the TV-6 channel, speaks about his new job, about his good health and about former wages in NTV.

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Moskovsky Komsomolets

The story describes the 15-meter-long and 3-meter high "Wall of Wailing" that will be opened in a couple of days near the Moscow Choral Synagogue.

Moscow authorities decided to register all foreigners working in city bazaars, fairs and trading complexes. The story describes a new procedure of registering all who come to Moscow to earn money.

The story describes considerable achievements made by the domestic "BeeLine" cellular operator last year.

The TV-6 television company's Board of Directors is expected to hold a session today to appoint its director-general, who will determine the channel's policy. The story features its several changes and a split over the fate of the channel between media-tycoon TV-6 owner Boris Berezovsky and media-magnate Vladimir Gusinsky.

The Congress of the Union of Orthodox Youth that began its job on May 13 will discuss an acute issue — how to limit the teenagers' access to the Internet's pornosites.

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