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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press

Noviye Izvestia
Rossiiskaya Gazeta
Komomolskaya Pravda
Moskovsky Komsomolets
Literaturnaya Gazeta


The Gazprom Board of Directors today will decide the fate of the company's head Rem Vyakhirev, who, in the opinion of many analysts, may retain his post but bot for long. (A1)

The Service of Appeal of the Moscow Arbitration Court ruled that the Media-Most company be liquidated. The story examines factors that have made the service make such a decision.

Semyonovsky Inter-Municipal Court judge Yelena Titarova has forbidden Gazprom to include the candidacies of Rem Vyakhirev and five other highly regarded oil executives in the voting lists for the next elections to the company's board of directors.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) asked the Finance Minister to put off a visit by the IMF mission until July. Such a proposal to Minister Alexei Kudrin was made by the head of the IMF Moscow office, Paul Tomsen.

The Ukrainian parliament on Tuesday unanimously voted for Anatoly Kinakh as the republic's prime minister. On the same day, President Leonid Kuchma signed a decree that considerably limits the powers of the Cabinet head.

Political analyst Vitaly Portnikov comments on an expected decision by today's meeting of Gazprom's Board of Directors on the company's head Rem Vyakhirev's resignation, concluding that Russia without Vyakhirev will be quite a different state.

Will the filing of criminal cases against Sibneft affect its business? Eight experts share their viewpoints on the issue.

Chukotka regional governor Roman Abramovich was summoned to the Prosecutor General's Office for questioning on the Sibneft case. What issues interested prosecutors?

The story tries to answer the following question: Why do Western investors like China, this politically backward country?

President Vladimir Putin yesterday instructed the Cabinet to submit him the final variant of the program of overhauling the housing and utility sector by July 1. Why is such reform expedient and how will the government gain from it?

Entrepreneur Sergei Darkin, leader of the first round of the gubernatorial elections in Chechnya on Sunday, arrived in Moscow yesterday for consultations in the Kremlin . The story gives details.

Vedomosti. Companies and Markets

SIDANKO has obtained a new co-owner — the Tyumen Oil Company (TNK). Structures close to TNK have bought the Cypriot offshore Kantupan owning 40.3 percent of stock of SIDANKO.

The Moscow Criminal Investigation Department filed a criminal case a couple of days ago against swindlers who planned to deceive the Military Insurance Company and RESO-Garantia.

Big oil companies that are displeased with results of the competition for the right to develop the Gamburtseva oil deposit in the Nenets Autonomous Area have a chance now to take their revenge on Severnaya Neft, since the court has declared the competition illegal and ordered the Natural Resources Ministry to conduct the competition anew.

Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov has signed a decree concerning a new rate of natural gas customs duty that will amount to 10 percent of the customs cost.

Gazprom and UES board of directors member Boris Fyodorov and executive director of the Protection of Investors Rights Association, Alexander Ikonnikov, have sent written applications to the LUKoil Board of Directors with a request to exclude them from the voting list for the election of company's board.

Wholesale gas prices will be raised in the near future. SIBUR head Yakov Goldovsky stated that the Economic Development and Trade Ministry has regulated the corresponding protocol with the Finance and Energy ministries.

The Central Bank's subsidiary Moscow Narodny Bank Ltd. in the next few days will begin to offer its euro loan to the tune of $250 million.

The official bulletin of the Budapest stock exchange on May 29 carried the MOL oil company's proposal to buy out all ordinary stock of the Hungarian chemical plant TVK. The story comments on the proposal.

The American oil and gas Conoco company has reached agreement on the purchase of the Canadian Gulf Canada Resources for 6.7 billion Canadian dollars ($4.35 billion). The story comments on the deal.

Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Khristenko yesterday adopted new beneficial conditions of oil exports for small oil companies.


"Penal Reform International" regional spokesman Valery Sergeyev stated Tuesday that the Justice Ministry's Board for Execution of Punishment and the London-based organization "Penal Reform International" intend to change the punitive system in Russia . With this aim in view, an experiment will be conducted in several regions. The story reveals its essence.

A new institution in the labor-corrective system — a colony-settlement — has opened in the Arkhangelsk region , where the number of prisoners today approximates 7, 000. The story reports on how it differs from the existing labor-corrective colonies.

In an interview Ukraine's newly-elected Prime Minister Anatoly Kinakh speaks about his plans to form a new Cabinet, about its first steps and about the orientation of its policy.

The Justice Ministry, starting last September , has suspended the process of pardoning, thus leaving more than 2,500 convicts' fates undecided. The story reports on how the situation may change today.

On the eve of Gazprom's Board of Directors session today, "The Financial Times" predicted two candidates for the post of the company's head — Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Khristenko and "Rosneft" head Sergei Bogdanchikov. The story features a fierce struggle for the top post.

The ARKO Board of Directors managing SBS-Agro Bank Tuesday made the decision to allocate 350 million rubles to pay compensations to special categories of depositors (pensioners and war veterans). The story comments on the decision.

The planet Mars in late May-early June will be at the shortest distance to the Earth — 67 million kilometers — in the past several years. In this context, astronomers predict a lot of information about an invasion of so-called "flying objects." The story details the event.

The National Council on Pension Reform under the president has made concrete decisions on the future fate of this significant component of the social sector. In an interview State Duma People's Deputy Group leader Valentina Pivnenko, head of the S.D. Committee on Northern and Far Eastern Affairs, comments on the most important provisions of pension reform in making.

Twenty-three oligarchs from the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs on May 31 is expected to meet with President Vladimir Putin to discuss acute economic and financial issues. The story examines some of them.

Economic Development Minister Gherman Gref at a government session today is to present a medium-short term program of social and economic development in 2002-2004. The discussion is expected to concentrate on the fate of the national currency — the ruble. The story examines two scenarios of its future fate.

The State Duma this fall is expected to approve another chapter of the Tax Code — concerning the state duty. If it happens then the number of taxes may sharply decrease. The story reports on how it may affect the interests of many ministries and departments.

Tax Minister Gennady Bukayev at a news conference Tuesday stated that the enterprises' overall debt before the budget is about 1 trillion rubles. Along with this, the minister said that the government through its recent decree has allowed the enterprises, for the last time, to restructure their debts on taxes. The story comments on his pronouncements.

"NOSTA" (Orsha-Khalilovsky Metal Combine with 25,000 employees) is among the eight domestic leading metal enterprises. Its shareholders on May 24 held an annual meeting to map out a further strategy of the company's development. In an interview its Board of Directors head Andrei Andreyev examines the meeting's main decisions.

Vneshekonombank will cease to exist. On May 29 signed two agreements with the government structures — one with the Finance Minister on forming a specialized state-controlled agency to service the foreign debt and the other with the Commission on Military-Technological Cooperation on expanding cooperation in this sphere. The story comments on the documents.

In an interview Alexei Isaikin , head of the section of the International Association of Air Cargo Transport for Russia and CIS, speaks about the future fate of the Il -76 plane, the flights of which Europe intends to ban next year.

A conflict between Russia and Norway linked up to arrests of Russian fishing vessels due to different approaches to the rules of fishing in the area of the Spitsbergen Archipelago is over. Norway's Fishery Minister Otto Gregussen and State Fishery Committee head Yevgeny Nazdratenko have come to agreement on several disputed issues. The story examines results of their negotiations in Oslo.

The World Health Organization on May 31 for several years already has been conducting an international anti-smoking act. How does Russia intend to mark it? The story examines the situation on the tobacco market.


"Severnaya Neft" Board of Directors head Andrei Vavilov will spend at least 3 weeks in hospital. The story explains why he was hospitalized, noting that before his visit to the Prosecutor General's Office he did not have any health problems.

Chukotka governor Roman Abramovich Tuesday was summoned to the Prosecutor General's Office for questioning on the "Sibneft" case. The story gives details.

Candidate for the gubernatorial post in Primorye Sergei Darkin arrived in Moscow yesterday for consultations in the Kremlin. The story reflects on what may happen to him.

The Interior Ministry's Economic Crime Main Board Tuesday made public the principles of new oil policy in Chechnya , where a special ministry's branch will appear in the republic to control its oil sector. The story comments on the Chechen oil issue.

Interior Minister Boris Gryzlov has made another personnel reshuffle in his agency. The story looks at a new boss.

"Itera" head Igor Makarov Tuesday visited Minsk to meet with President Alexander Lukashenko with the aim of discussing conditions under which Makarov's company this year may invest $200 million to the Belarussian economy The story describes the meeting.

Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov in the near future may sign a decree imposing auctions in distributing rights to export oil. The story examines the document, which on Tuesday was discussed by a government commission.

Incident. Sverdlovsk regional governor Eduard Rossel on Tuesday sent a note to Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov, in which he accused Finance Minister Aleksei Cordon of "an immoral attitude toward the region." The story details the conflict.

Deputy Defense Minister Mikhail Dmitriyev, head of the Committee on Military-Technological Cooperation with Foreign States, on Tuesday announced the instituting of the annual national Prize "Golden Idea" for achievements in the sphere of designing and manufacturing armaments and military technologies. The story describes the prize.

The Moscow government at a session on Tuesday approved a concept of the Law concerning City Treasury, according to which everything in Moscow will be controlled by the city authorities. The story comments on the law.

"Avtoforum-2001," an imposing auto show in Russia, opened in Nizhny Novgorod on May 29. The story describes its participants and some of its hits.

The Central Bank (CB) has eased its demands to the banks ,which, as the story notes, shows that the Central Bank is confident of the stability of the banking system. CVB highly -placed official commented on the CB decision.

Finance Minister Alexei Cordon and his Belarussian counterpart Nikolai Korbut have resolved all technical issues on the receiving by Belarus of the first tranche of the $30 million Russian credit.

The National Currency Association on Tuesday announced the beginning of calculating a new indicative rate of offering ruble credits on the Moscow inter-banking market — MosIBOR. The story examines the decision.

ARKO on Tuesday summed up results of its sales of two banks that were under its management. The story examines some of them.

The government decided to impose, starting June 1, a so-called splitting excise on alcoholic products, with the help of which the government hopes to scrap illegal vodka from the market and increase tax collection in this sector. The story comments on the decision.

American farmers on orders from the "Vector Tobacco" firm began to grow tobacco without nicotine. The story describes a new tobacco brand.

Noviye Izvestia

Tula Internet users have been unable to work normally in the web for the whole week. When "Tulatelecom" providers say that it's a temporary situation, no one believes them, being sure that "Tulatelecom" specialists are mounting special equipment that will allow law-enforcement agencies to control e-mail.

Tamara Rokhlina, who has been accused of killing her husband General Lev Rokhlin and sentenced to 4 years in prison, may soon be released. On May 31 the Supreme Court will consider this issue.

What stands behind the appointment of Viktor Chernomyrdin Russia's Ambassador to Ukraine? The story offers results of a public opinion poll.

The Kremlin service of presidential adviser Sergei Yastrzhembsky Tuesday officially corrected mistakes by Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov, who at his news conference obviously lowered the figures on the federal forces' human casualties in the Chechen war. The story offers the true number of Russian killed servicemen. in Chechnya.

The story reports on how Krasnoyarsk regional governor Alexander Lebed and local journalists, who only recently had good relationships, have now ceased to understand each other.

All Moscow schools, starting September 1, will work according to the program "1-4" of 4-year schooling in primary classes. Lyubov Kezina, head of the City Education Committee, reveals the essence of the program.

Rossiiskaya Gazeta

The State Duma administration a month ago registered a bill concerning the regulation of work of a numerous army of state bureaucrats that was drafted by deputies Vladimir Ryzhkov and Vladimir Yuzhakov. The story examines its major provisions, saying that the bill has become widely-discussed even before its consideration in S.D. committees.

The Federation Council is being actively renewed today when about 65 new members (representatives of the regions rather than their governors) have arrived at the upper house of parliament. The story describes the situation there and new people.

In an interview Kemerovo regional governor Aman Tuleyev shares his view on the work of the new Federation Council.

In a far-ranging interview Krasnoyarsk regional governor Alexander Lebed examines the latest economic and social developments in his region, focusing on its major problems.

The story describes the Novosibirsk Electrode Plant, in which more than 60 percent of stock belongs to the state. The enterprise may easily and soon go bankrupt.

Komomolskaya Pravda

The sowing campaign is coming to an end . Do you believe that the agricultural sector will make progress ? Ten political and public figures share their views on the point.

The story features dachshund Kryasha that was stolen from its master Muscovite Nikolai Ustinov. He urged police and local administrations in several cities to help find his pet, which at last has been found.

What Russian-American and international agreements on global nuclear security will be crossed out by the decision of US President George W. Bush on building the national missile defense system? The story offers them all in a table.

The story features the former state farm called "Put Kommunizma " in Lenin' native Ulyanovsk region that today has given preference to the market economy and has chosen capitalist orientation.

The story examines several significant experiments that will be conducted in many schools in 2002 with the aim of reforming the school education system. Moskva Supplement.

The "Social Initiative" corporation with its 30 affiliates and daughter enterprises in Russia, in the states of the former Soviet Union and in states other than those of the former Soviet Union has been making investments in construction for 8 years already. The story features various trends of the company's activities. Moskva Supplement.

Highly-regarded television host Svetlana Sorokina, who quit her job in NTV in April, will present evening news programs on the TV-6 Channel, starting June 4. The story explains her long silence, focusing on her plans.

Moskovsky Komsomolets

The Moscow government decided to impose new rules of treating stray dogs, which considerably improve their lives. The story examines some of them.

TV journalist Sergei Dorenko's confrontation with the Prosecutor General's Office is likely to have no end. The story explains why.

The Moscow government, starting June 1, decided to raise the prestige of firemen's' jobs and considerably increase their salary. The story reveals the essence of the measure

Is there a need for the Land Code in general? Nikolai Kharitonov, leader of the State Duma Agro-Industrial Deputy Group, and Yury Chernichenko, leader of the Peasants' Party, share their viewpoints on the issue.

Lenkom Theater actress Lyudmila Artemyeva has been selected for work in the NTV Channel. In a short interview she does not conceal her joyous feelings.

The Research Institute of the Rubber Industry in Sergiyev-Posad (Moscow Region) that in Soviet times was a leading enterprise and in the early '90s lost its high reputation, now has again become a profit-making enterprise. The story examines its economic, financial and personnel resources.

The story offers several little-known interesting facts about city lifestyle in Moscow in the early '30s.

The number of cellular telephones users in Russia as a whole is rather small. Thus, the figure for St. Petersburg city and region is only 7 percent. The story focuses on a deal that will help soon improve the situation.

Literaturnaya Gazeta

Renowned writer Viktor Astafyev suffered a stroke recently . The story describes his health problems and his stay in a city hospital in Krasnoyarsk.