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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Yandex to Launch Online Scavenger Hunt

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Award-winning Russian search engine Yandex ( has launched a new concept in online competitions, the First Open Internet Search challenge. The competition is open to all with access to the Internet and, of course, the ability to read and write in Russian — with the winner receiving a cup and the title of "the man who found everything."

Yandex general director Arkady Volozh, winner of the 2001 Intel Russian Man of the Year award, knows of no other similar competition having been held — and this scavenger hunt is definitely the first on the Russian Internet.

Consisting of three rounds from Monday to May 28, participants compete online to find the answers to 20 questions that are fed automatically onto users' screens at three-minute intervals.

The questions and answers have been collected from a database of queries made to Yandex by users who were unable to find a particular piece of information.

There is no restriction on the search tools used in the competition. In other words, you are not limited to using Yandex or the Russian Internet.

Along with the answers, participants must also provide the web address of the page that provided the information. Getting the answer right without providing the information's source is not accepted as a correct response.

The competition's homepage,, provides details on participating. Yandex