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NTV and Gazprom Agree to Negotiate

Embattled NTV management agreed Thursday to sit down with Gazprom-Media representatives and hammer out a compromise.

Farmers Banking on Homegrown Beef

Mention foot-and-mouth disease and cattle farmer Viktor Legezin squirms. Although no cases of the disease have been reported in Russia, Legezin is taking no chances.

Yeltsin Insiders Author 'Epoch' Book

Despite the title, ""The Yeltsin Epoch"" is not a biography of the former president, but a history of Russia during his rise and fall from power.

Love It or Hate It, the Trans-Siberian Is a Trip

Editor,I loved your article about the Trans-Siberian trip. My wife and I will be doing some of the trip between Novosibirsk and Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude this summer.

A Week Full of Drama at NTV

A look at the images of the past week's events surrounding NTV.

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