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President Urges War Against Racism

President Vladimir Putin ordered the police to crack down on racially motivated attacks Monday after a spate of weekend incidents involving skinheads left one person dead.

Reporters: State Press Biased on Chechnya

In a signed statement printed in a local newspaper, a group of eight Chechen journalists accused Russia's national media of one-sided reporting from Chechnya.

Counting the Cost of NATO Expansion

The arguments of the pro-expansionists are ludicrous against the backdrop of NATO's strategic concept and what has happened in the wake of its thus-far limited expansion.

We're Not Sick, Just Realistic

Recently a regular reader of this column told me: ""You are in opposition against yourself!"" I thought about it and, unable to disagree, decided to seek professional help.

KGB Time Bomb Explodes

Everyone has their own jubilee dates, and I am no exception. Ten years ago, Moskovskiye Novosti published my story called ""The Time Bomb: A Political Portrait of the KGB.""

Pro-Chechen Gunmen Seize Hotel

Pro-Chechen gunmen stormed a luxury hotel in Istanbul and held 120 hostages overnight in a protest against Russian action in Chechnya before surrendering to police Monday.

Incumbents Sweep Vote In Tula and Kemerovo

Incumbent governors in the Tula and Kemerovo regions were overwhelmingly re-elected in runoff weekend elections.

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