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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


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Swedes Snap Up 75% of Darial TV

One of Ted Turner's partners in a consortium of NTV investors said Monday that it has bought 75 percent of Darial TV, a tiny channel with a license for national broadcasting.

Putin Tells Gazprom to Clean Up Its Act

President Vladimir Putin on Monday ordered gas giant Gazprom to take steps to increase its transparency and raise a cap on foreign ownership.

Historian: King Arthur Was From Russia

A new book says that much of the legend of King Arthur may come from a band of nomadic tribes whose descendants now live in southern Russia.

It's a Russian, Regional and Global Issue

According to reports, discussions between German Chancellor Gerhard Schr?der and President Vladimir Putin in St. Petersburg will touch (but not dwell) upon the NTV crisis.

Out of Control

Over the last few years, after a break in the wake of Chernobyl, the Nuclear Power Ministry has begun to expand – and, unfortunately, to expand at the expense of safety.

The Shouting Drowns Out the Debate

During perestroika everyone shouted all the time, but no one seriously discussed anything, and state policy was formulated on a crisis-reaction basis.

What to Say to a Bride Who Trips on the Aisle

Have you ever noticed when you, or someone around you, is about to slip and fall down that a concerned babushka witnessing the imminent fall helpfully yells out ""Tikho""?

The Kremlin's Big Mistake

The Kremlin has stepped on its own rake. It has suffocated the non-state media and left itself without any means of assessing the real state of affairs across the country.

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