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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press

Nezavisimaya Gazeta
Noviye Izvestia
Komomolskaya Pravda
Rossiiskaya Gazeta
Moskovsky Komsomolets


President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday March 6 will give an Internet news conference initiated by the Kremlin administration. The story features the forthcoming event, focusing on several vital questions from Russians and foreigners Putin will have to answer.

When asked in an "Ekho Moskvy" telephone opinion poll on Friday — Do you regard former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev positively or negatively? — 3,901 (69 percent) out of the 4,480 respondents answered positively.

The State Duma Anti-Corruption Commission declassified results of its investigation into the financial and economic activities of Nuclear Energy Minister Yevgeny Adamov in the past 15 years. The Commission has found criminal actions, let alone several minor violations of the legislation in his activities. The story comments on the commission's report.

The Taliban ruling movement on Friday used tanks, rocket installations and grenade launchers in their wild attempts to destroy a gigantic statue of the Buddha in the Baniyan province. The Taliban Supreme Council of Theologions ruled to smash all statues of the Buddha in different parts of Afghanistan. The world public is indignant at the Taliban's barbaric actions.

A big scandal may be caused by an investigation linked up to an uncovered massive burial site in the "Zdorovye" (Health) settlement near Grozny. Chechnya's Prosecutor Vsevolod Chernov commented on the case.

Vladimir Shevchenko, head of the Protocol Department of the first Russian President, has rejected Western mass media information about Boris Yeltsin's worsened state of health.

What has really happened at the Rostovskaya nuclear power plant this week when rumors about several blasts with radioactive emission have spread in Volgodonsk and Rostov making local residents panic-stricken? The story describes the situation and a source of rumors.

The Prosecutor General's Office opposes a proposed concept of judiciary reform. Vladimir Kolesnikov, adviser to the prosecutor general, commented on the document.

The government has abolished the balance assignments for the oil companies. Economic Development Minister Gherman Gref said on Friday that the prime minister will sign the corresponding government decree in a couple of days. The story examines the document.

A special commission of prosecutors, human rights activists and top police officials on Thursday tried to check the sensational news reported by NG journalist Anna Politkovskaya about the detention center in Khatuni. The story looks at the commission's preliminary remarks.

Emergency Situations Minister Sergei Shoigu on Friday met with his agency's regional executives to discuss urgent measures aimed at preventing possible destruction that may be done by spring floods in many regions. The story comments on Shoigu's statement.

Gubernatorial elections will take place soon in several regions (Kemerovo, Amur, Tula and Rostov) and candidates have already launched their election campaigns there. The story gives details.

The magazine "Admiralteistvo" (The Admiralty) was brought out last week in St. Petersburg. It's a periodical of the regions in the NorthWestern Federal District. An editorial article by Oleg Karatayev, member of the "Russkoye Delo" nationalistic movement, is devoted to nationalities policy that, in the author's opinion, should be focused on the struggle against those he perceives as Russia's enemies — the Poles, Germans, Tatars, Chechens, Cherkess and the Jews, living on the territory of Russia.

The Economic Development Minister Gherman Gref at a government session on Friday presented the first part of his package of draft bills on the de-regulation of the economy. The story focuses on several bills that caused heated debate.

The Central Bank Board of Directors on Monday March 5 is expected to discuss proposals on the liberalization of hard currency regulation. In an interview Central Bank deputy head Georgy Luntovsky examines the CB's stand on the issue and also the situation around the Central Bank's status.

The International Monetary Fund intends to create a department that will oversee the situation on the market of bonds and on the stock and hard currency markets. This was stated by the IMF press service on Friday.

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The "Kursk" Foundation has appealed to heads of government of the EU member-states, Japan, Canada, Norway and the USA calling on them to allocate $1.9 million each on raising the Russian sunken Kursk submarine. The story reveals the essence of the appeal.

US President George W. Bush warned Ukraine's President Leonid Kuchma on Friday that granting financial aid to Ukraine will depend on the extent Kiev observes the Constitution and ensures the dominance of the rule of law. The story comments on the statement by George W. Bush and by American philanthropist George Soros.

The Tverskoi Municipal Court has made a judgement, according to which Alexei Fadeyechev should be restored in the post of artistic ballet stage director of the Bolshoi Theater. The story describes his case.

The Prosecutor General's Office has issued an international arrest warrant for entrepreneur Philip Tourover, a main witness to the Mabetex case, who is accused of fraud and incitement. If he is arrested and extradited to Russia, he may be sentenced to ten years in prison. The story details his case. In an interview Philip Tourover rejects all accusations against him, saying that, despite pressure, he will not give up his testimony on the case of the Kremlin corruption.

UES deputy head Mikhail Abysov on Friday came up with a sensational initiative — the government should impose coal export quotas in the Far East in order to maintain the fuel balance in the region. The story reveals the essence of the proposal.

East Line, a leading domestic cargo air carrier, on Friday suspended its flights abroad due to an alleged several million dollar contraband confiscated by FSB officers. The story gives details.

Supporters of Viktor Lutovinov, new Director-General of the Moscow "Ice-Fili" factory, a leading domestic ice-cream-maker, seized its territory on Friday. Lutovinov was elected to this post by the shareholders' extraordinary meeting that took place on Feb. 28. Former director Anatoly Shamanov believes that the meeting was illegal. He intends to take the new director to court. The story describes the situation at the factory.

Central Bank head Viktor Gerashchenko in the evening on Thursday for the first time officially confirmed the information saying that Sberbank has made a decision to conduct an additional issuance of its stock. In his opinion, the Central Bank's share will not decrease and the issuance itself may be carried out any moment.

The British-American BP oil company in March will begin to deliver oil to the Moscow refinery, which is part of the Central Fuel Company, a daughter structure of the Moscow Oil Company. This was stated by Jeff Frankes, Director-General of the "Petrol Complex" company, a joint venture of BP and the ST Group firm.

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Nezavisimaya Gazeta

Russia's Foreign Ministry has allowed itself to use a tough tone in its criticism of the US Department of State, which on Monday published a report on observing the human rights in 195 countries. Its chapter on Russia contains strong criticism of the situation with human rights in Russia. The story comments on the Foreign Ministry's response.

Russia has cleared off 90 percent of the Soviet-era debt to Hungary. This was stated at the 6th session of the Russian-Hungarian inter-governmental commission on commercial and economic cooperation that passed in Moscow on Friday.

The Press Ministry in its letter (given in the article) to the NG editorial board on Friday reprimanded the newspaper for its interview with Aslan Maskhadov. The story rejects all accusations by the Press Ministry.

Aeroflot and the domestic systematic integrator "Sterling Group" have announced the installing of a comprehensive system for managing the resources of the "Sap R/3" in the airlines. The comprehensive plan to install the new system in Aeroflot is designed for three years.

The Chukotka Duma at its 3rd session has approved a new structure of district power that has been recommended by newly-elected governor Roman Abramovich. The story examines the structure focusing on its new features.

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Noviye Izvestia

FBI special agent Robert Philip Hanssen, who had been spying for Russia for 15 years was betrayed by Russian special services. The story gives facts making it possible to make such statements.

The State Duma at its next session will consider five draft variants of the lyrics of the state anthem by composer Alexandrov's music. The story examines several variants and their authors.

The New York District Court on March 9 will have to determine whether it's possible to release Pavel Borodin from prison on bail. His lawyers hope for a positive outcome. In an interview Eleonora Sergeyeva, managing partner of the "Padva and Partners" bureau of lawyers, who has just come back to Moscow from the USA, explains the line of defense that Pavel Borodin's lawyers are to take.

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Komomolskaya Pravda

The Central Exhibition Hall "Manege" (1, Manezhnaya Ploshchad) has put up an exhibition "Russian Drinking Tradition.500 Years of Russian Vodka." The story features the event, focusing on the origin and history of this alcoholic drink.

The newspaper gives several good recommendations saying how to chose presents for March 8 Women's Day. Moskva Supplement.

Is there a risk that Russian cows may get infected with mad cow disease? And what measures do veterinary services take to prevent European mad cow's meat from emerging on the domestic market?

Vladimir Voronin, leader of the Moldovan Communist Party, that won the recent parliamentary elections has announced his country's willingness to join the Belarus-Russia Union. What will Russia gain if the Moldovan Communists' dream comes true? The story features the potential of the possible three-party alliance.

The newspaper prints two excerpts highlighting oligarchs Vladimir Gusinsky and Boris Berezovsky from the recently published book titled "The Sale of the Century" by Christie Freeland, chief of the Moscow bureau of the newspaper "The Financial Times". Besides, commentary is made regarding the fate of these oligarchs and their TV channels.

Avtobank has considerably expanded its card business in regions. The story gives figures on results of such activities last year.

The government on Friday submitted to the State Duma two draft bills aimed at removing red tape from the economy. The brief reveals their essence.

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Rossiiskaya Gazeta

Political analyst Vsevolod Ovchinnikov, member of the Russian-Chinese Friendship, Peace and Development Committee, comments on conclusions made at a round-table discussion that took place in the Moscow Friendship House on Friday. The participants listened to several reports devoted to Russian-Chinese people's (shuttle) trade, to the living conditions of Chinese traders in Russia and to the activities and security of Chinese businessmen in Russia.

Document. According to the Federal Law concerning the names of geographical facilities, the government has decreed to approve proposals by regional authorities on giving new names to various geographical places in their republics and areas. The story lists several concrete proposals.

In an interview Union of Right Forces co-leader Boris Nemtsov speaks about vital issues that worry him and which he discusses with President Vladimir Putin when they meet.

The story gives new facts saying that American graduate student John Edward Tobbin, who was detained in Voronezh last month on charges of illegally keeping drugs, has been also accused of selling drugs and of organizing a drug-den.

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Moskovsky Komsomolets

In an interview Moscow government minister Vladimir Malyshkov, head of the City Consumer Market Department, reports sensational news saying that no treaty on purchasing German beef has been signed in Bavaria, where he accompanied Mayor Yury Luzhkov during his official trip. What they signed there was a protocol on intentions.

Vladimir Putin ,when his family returned from Germany, took his daughters Masha and Katya to a German school located on the territory of the German Embassy. When Putin became president, his daughters continued to go to that school. The story features the school, its specific program, its pupils and school life.

A map featuring all bishoprics of the Russian Orthodox Church as of 2000 will appear soon in the Church of Christ the Saviour. It will be done in the style of 16th-17th century European maps.

A 50-year-old Muscovite has become the only victim of the flue this winter. (Last year the flu epidemic between Jan. 17 and Feb. 13 left 10 people dead) He was hospitalized in an infectious hospital with a diagnosis of laryngitis and the flu and 45 minutes later her died. The story describes the case.

A sports and entertainment center of world standard will appear in the next several years in the Dmitrovsky District (Moscow region). Its construction has already been started. The story describers the project.

The story highlights six outstanding women, whose revolutionary struggle was closely linked up to the revolutionary career of Lenin, whose wife, Nadezhda Krupskaya, could hardly tolerate their presence near her husband.

The story uncovers the mystery of diamonds that were the passion of Galina Brezhneva, daughter of CPSU General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev.

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