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Soros Moves to Save Telecoms Investment

Billionaire George Soros is moving to salvage what he can from his disastrous $1.875 billion purchase of a blocking stake in national telecoms holding Svyazinvest in 1997.

Following in Chapayev's Footsteps

These days, few Russian children care about Russia's Civil War. The great-great-granddaughter of the legendary Red Army commander Vasily Ivanovich Chapayev is an exception.

East and West: Face to Face

The old debate over whether Russia is Western or Eastern is essentially moot because it is neither.

Something a Little Like Pluralism

It would seem that the spring thaw in Russian politics is upon us. Both the Communists and Yabloko have lately announced a ""stiffening"" of their opposition to the government.

Not 'Neoliberal,' But 'Quasi-Administered'

Editor, As an economist who has followed with great interest economic developments in Russia, I find myself troubled by David Kotz's Jan. 30 comment.

Budanov Falls Ill As Indictment Read

At an emotionally charged trial, prosecutors on Thursday read out a 50-page indictment against a tank commander accused of murdering a Chechen girl.

Kiev Police Tear Down Protesters’ Tents

Ukrainian police launched a strike on opponents of President Leonid Kuchma on Thursday, pulling down the tent camp that has become a focus of protests.

Report: Iraq Embassy Expands

Saddam Hussein has ordered a personnel increase at the Iraqi diplomatic missions in Russia and Belarus, a move some fear will help Russia and Iraq negotiate arms deals.

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