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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


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Teaching Russians to Be Patriots

Forget promoting an investor-friendly climate and a stable ruble. The cheaper way to improve the economy is to make Russians more patriotic.

World Bank to Help Liquidate Villages

The World Bank is in final negotiations with the government to fund the ""liquidation"" of northern industrial settlements whose economies are considered unsalvageable.

Doctor Restores a Man's 'Dignity'

The coffinmaker was hard at work when the accident happened. Luckily, he was taken to hospital No. 50 and the specialized department, Emergency Care for Men.

Who Really Destroyed the Statues?

Easy as it is to blame the Taliban for all Afghanistan's woes, the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas should make the world think about what it has wrought upon this nation.

Stunt Shows Ethics Glass Is Half Full

We can judge our media's progress toward professionalism using stunts like Promaco's public confrontation of leading newspapers with their practice of made-to-order journalism.

Chasing After Russian's Most Fashionable Words

Language is just as flexible as the swish of a hemline — especially among the young.

The No-Confidence Gambit

When I joined my first newspaper, the most important principle of Soviet journalism was to to read and write between the lines. This technique is once again becoming valuable.

Segodnya Newspaper Dropped by Publisher

The publisher of Segodnya — the first venture in Vladimir Gusinsky's rise to media mogul status — plans to drop the paper from its list of titles, Segodnya's editor has said.

Kokh Takes NTV Case to Washington

The battle for Russia's sole independent national television station that has pitted Vladimir Guzinsky against Gazprom-Media moved to Washington's corridors of power this week.

Headhunt for Lucky Lyonka Ends

In the days before television, a face that everyone could imagine but no one could describe held St. Petersburg in the grip of terror.

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