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IKEA Ready to Pay Soviet-Era Debt

Swedish furniture giant IKEA prides itself for its inventiveness, but Russia's proposal to Germany to swap assets for $30 billion in debt took it by surprise.

Tougher Customs Hit City's Imports

The volume of imported goods arriving in Moscow dropped 75 percent in January and 15 inspection warehouses were closed as a result of a new crackdown on illegal imports.

Hollywood Spat Threatens to Sink K-19 Film

For 30 years, the crew of the K-19 Soviet submarine was forbidden to speak about a tragic accident that threatened to kill them all.

Corruption Fight Takes Another Hit

Word that intrepid corruption-fighter Yury Boldyrev is leaving his post as deputy head of the State Duma’s Audit Chamber is distressing indeed.

We Did Too Little

Western policy toward Russia attracts more speculation than scrutiny of facts. This has been especially true of Western assistance to Russia’s market economic transformation.

Prague Holds No Romance For the Hack

Still deep in the romance-seeking mode, I thought, ""What a good idea to go up and pet these swans, and feed them some oyster crackers I got when I ordered the clam chowder!""

Feeling Nazdratenko's Pain

Governor Yevgeny Nazdratenko was rushed to the hospital this week after suffering a heart attack, and we all felt guilty to learn that that we were at fault.

U.S. Aid Worker Freed in Chechnya

U.S. aid worker Kenneth Gluck was free Sunday after three weeks in captivity in Chechnya, saying he had been treated well but was eager to see his family.

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