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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


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Putin Touts Limited Shield to NATO

President Vladimir Putin met with NATO Secretary-General George Robertson in the Kremlin to try to sell him on Russia's answer to the U.S. national missile defense system.

FBI Agent Accused of Spying for Moscow

A veteran FBI agent was accused Tuesday of spying for Moscow for more than 15 years and aiding the KGB.

Antichrist Fears Put Church in Crisis

The Russian Orthodox Church is moving into the new millenium in its efforts to solve the refusal by many church members to accept new tax identification numbers.

Mayor Rides Out for the Lone Prairie

The Marlboro man may be on the verge of being vanquished from Moscow’s streets. But who cares? We have our own hero-cowboy now and we don’t need any Western imports.

The Talent Search

Much depends on what Putin finds out from his trip to the east of the country where people are suffering from sloppy and slipshod management.

Today, Let's Go Inside the Other Russia

There are two Russias. There is the official Russia, a land in which decrees are issued and international negotiations are conducted. And there is another Russia...

Communists Call for No-Confidence Motion

In a show of opposition toward President Putin, the Communists in the State Duma announced they would seek a no-confidence vote in his government over its economic course.

Yeltsin Still in Hospital After 3 Weeks of Flu

Former President Boris Yeltsin is taking longer than expected to recover from a bad case of the flu.

Grab the Butter, It's Time to Eat Bliny

Maslenitsa, or Butter Week, is upon us. And each day has its own holiday custom, from a girls' night out to supper with your mother-in-law.

Protesters Rally to Keep Mir Aloft

On the 15th anniversary of the Mir space station, a group of scientists and hard-line politicians protested Tuesday against the spacecraft's planned dumping next month.

Iraq Reminds Russia of Its 'Responsibility'

The Iraqi foreign minister has appealed to Russia to take action to stop U.S.- British attacks.

Chief WTO Negotiator Relishes His Assignment

Russia's chief WTO negotiator Maxim Medvedkov is passionately optimistic that the country's decade-long wait for entry into the World Trade Organization is drawing to a close.

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