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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


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EBRD To Boost Lending To $1Bln

The EBRD is ready to accept many more dogs and refrigerators as collateral over the next three years as it moves to expand its lending.

Customs Backlog Hits Prices In Shops

Prices on hundreds of imported goods have jumped up to 35 percent as new shipments remain backed up at customs terminals amid a seven-week crackdown on illegal imports.

Billboards That Are the Cat's Meow

Walking down Novy Arbat recently, two women could be seen to turn on hearing the plaintive cry of a cat. As they searched, they heard the meow again. And again. And again.

If Only Putin Were to Lose His Passport

President Vladimir Putin’s weekend trip to the Siberian cities of Tomsk and Omsk gave a fleeting and pleasant glimpse of the president Russia thought it was getting a year ago.

A Decaying Nation

A Russian government report says that the country's declining population now poses a serious threat to national security. But the remedy Moscow has proposed is unlikely to make the contribution to solving the problem that some expect.

The Kremlin Could Learn From MOST

Maybe the Kremlin should decry the Paris Club with the same words the Media-MOST used about Gazprom.

Do French People Know What French Toast Is?

The other day, in honor of the arrival of an old friend from Germany, I bought some Berlinskoye pirozhnoye. I thought his native Berlin cakes would make him feel at home.

The Oligarchs' Love Letter

Last week's open letter from the ""trade union of oligarchs"" made me wonder if there isn't a contemporary Griboyedov capable of writing a modern farce called ""Woe From Money.""

Protesters Slam Nuclear Waste Bill

Environmental activists from across Russia gathered outside the State Duma on Monday to protest a bill that would allow the government to import nuclear waste for profit.

Passports May Get A Modern Facelift

Under the proposed bill, passports would retain basic personal data like name and date of birth, but might eliminate categories that have traditionally caused headaches.

Aid Groups Return to Chechnya

International aid agencies have resumed supplies to Chechnya after more than a month's break caused by the kidnapping of a U.S. relief worker, aid officials said Monday.

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