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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


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Ukraine to Plug Into UES Power Grid

Putin gave support to embattled Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma on Monday with energy deals, stoking some Ukrainians' fears that they are slipping back into Russia's fold.

ZiL Team Sees the World By Truck

The squat figure of Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov peeped out of the Zil truck as he drove the last 500 meters of a journey that lasted four months and covered 24,075 kilometers.

Set Rivalries Aside for Peter's Sake

In 2003, St. Petersburg has to get it right, and Moscow must help. Rivalries have to be set aside, or we'll be waiting for the next golden opportunity in 2103.

Objectively, Russia Needs A Cold War

Is the Russian public supposed to take up their familiar posts at the barricades or are they supposed to break out the olive branches? Or maybe they should do both.

'Small Child' Is the Key To Unlock Every Heart

In all of my years of bickering with hotel clerks, train station officials, shop attendants and nosy babushkas,I have never mastered one phrase: U menya malenky rebyonok.

The Vices of Bureaucracy

I noticed a fantastic quotation from a ""source in a major oil company"" in a recent issue of Vedomosti.

Gusinsky Calls NTV Meeting in Gibraltar

In an attempt to block Gazprom's efforts to take control of NTV television, Vladimir Gusinsky has called an emergency shareholders meeting for March 12 — in Gibraltar.

Fischer Says Russia Will Accept NMD

German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer predicted Monday that Russia will eventually reconcile itself to U.S. intentions to build a national missile defense system.

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