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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press

Nezavisimaya Gazeta
Noviye Izvestia
Komomolskaya Pravda
Moskovsky Komsomolets
Krasnaya Zvezda


Commenting on the present-day social, economic and political crisis in Argentina, the author notices similarities between the financial situation in this country and in Russia during the nineties. The difference is that Russia has oil, and Argentina does not.

CIA agent Antonio Mendes, who was the chief of the Division of disguise responsible for masking, changing people's appearances and production of forged documents, describes the Agency's activities in Moscow in 1960-90s.

On Friday President Putin arrived in Great Britain on a visit. He will meet with premier Blair in his suburban residency Checkers to discuss forms of interaction between Russia and NATO.

The newly formed Marine Collegia held its first sitting in St.Peterburg on Friday. The meeting was attended by Premier Kasyanov and other top government officials. The collegia will determine special programs related to maritime activities.

The construction of a new corvette was started Friday in St.Peterburg, which is to become the "invisible corvette of the 21st century" and will serve as a coast guard vessel. The design was conceived by "Almaz" the central marine design bureau, located in St.Petersburg.

On Friday UNESCO's Committee on World Heritage confirmed experts' conclusions that Baikal Lake should be included in the list of endangered world heritage objects. This may eventually bring UNESCO funds to the program of Baikal preservation.

On Friday in Krasnoyarsk an attempted murder took place of a candidate to the local parliament, Vilor Struganov, who has alleged ties with former Krasnoyarsk tycoon Anatoly Bykov. Many observers believe that Struganov, who was unharmed, had staged the crime himself to gain popularity. Meanwhile, the scandal around the charges against Bykov continues.

At his Friday's news conference, the head of the national energy grid UES Anatoly Chubais spoke about future the harmonization of Russian energy systems with those of CIS states and the West. He said that large foreign investors will participate in this work.

The newspaper comments on bad heat supplies in various parts of Russia.

Former world figure skating champion Kira Ivanova was stabbed to death in her Moscow apartment.

Former premier and incumbent president's deputy for the Volga federal district Sergei Kiriyenko gives his interview about the problems of Islam in Russia. He holds that Muslim fundamentalism has no roots in Russia, because in this country, Christians and Moslems have lived as good neighbors for ages. Kiriyenko called for financial support of Muslim organizations in Russia.

The Labor Code was passed in the third reading by the State Duma on Friday.

The daily commented on the federal program for development of Kaliningrad region, saying that the enclave will get more powers than any other part of Russia and will become a testing ground for liberalization of the economy.

In contrast to the rest of the world, the aviation industry in Russia is on the rise. The story comments on prospects of Moscow's Domodedovo international airport.

Yunikon auditors will conduct their annual audit of the Russian Central Bank, Duma deputies decided Friday.

Nuclear power branch is trying to sell its energy directly to consumers, thereby bypassing the federal market FOREM. The first sales company for a nuclear station is to be created in Voronezh very soon. The national energy grid RAO UES is very much opposed to this.

The largest car plant in Russia Avto VAZ is rising prices for most of its models beginning Dec. 26. It will also discontinue manufacturing VAZ 6.

The daily published a large report about the lives of crewmembers who were killed in the Kursk nuclear submarine disaster of 2000.


On Friday the leaders of six Duma factions demanded the dismissal of Duma administration chief Nikolay Troshkin. The author called this an attack against Communists and forecasted that it will likely result in his removal.

The daily interviewed Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, who spoke about economic reforms in his country and about prospects of better relations between Japan and Russia.

The newly-elected Moscow City Duma held a meeting on Friday, where they discussed the outcome of the election. It was proposed to cancel the existing legal provision about minimal voter turnout of 25 percent as unnecessary for the democratic process.

The Audit Chamber in cooperation with Belarussian State Inspection Committee conducted an audit of Russia-Belarus union budget of 2000 and the first half of 2001. 180 million rubles had been spent inappropriately, they found.

On Friday the Moscow Krasnopresnensky Court passed a decision on a suit by the Central Election Committee against Moskovsky Komsomolets journalist Alexander Minkin. He was found guilty of defamation in his stories about the recent Moscow City Duma election.

On Friday the Prosecutor General's office extended the pre-trial detention of Presidential office advisor Vyacheslav Aminov, who is suspected of trying to bribe FSB head Nikolay Patrushev.

On Frirday the Ukrainian Prosecutor General's office filed a criminal lawsuit against Alexander Kravchuk, the son of former Ukrainian President Leonid Kravchuk. He is charged with embezzlement of state funds. Other top Ukrainian officials are mentioned in this connection.

The conflict around the Bratsk Complex Holding, which is a part of the Ilim Pulp Enterprise, resulted in attempt to intercept the management of the largest cellulose plant. IPE has charged the Sibal group in the force actions at the combine.

Nezavisimaya Gazeta

The State Duma will soon consider amendments to the federal law on state secrets. One proposed amendment is subjecting state officials to mandatory lie-detector tests. The daily interviewed Nikolai Kovalev, a former Federal Security Service chief, and Nikolai Kovalev, incumbent head of the Duma anti-corruption commission, both of whom supported the idea.

The Kremlin has prepared a talk show for this Monday with participation of President Vladimir Putin. who will answer questions that ORT and RTR viewers may pose via phone or Internet. The expected number of questions is around 4 million, and the president will answer around 30 of them.

Leading political analysts comment on the new project of political technologists — a question-and-answer session between "the people" and the President.

The Audit Chamber has prepared a report on the situation in the coal-mining industry, which concludes that the industry is in a pre-catastrophic situation. The main reason for this is a tendency toward liquidation of coal enterprises and lack of technical modernization at the rest of the mines.

The daily published a full text of the report on the economic situation in Russia that was made by presidential advisor Andrei Illarionov at the Civil Debates club Dec. 20. The report calls for amending the system of power in the state.

The daily described ongoing and recent court trials against Chechen terrorists that have been conducted in the Stavropol region. The journalists noted arbitrary practices of the Court and the investigation in several cases.

In his interview, Boris Mylnikov, the head of the CIS Anti-Terrorism Center, answered questions about the objectives of the Center, its budget and its plans for 2002.

Regarding on the draft law on the legal status of aliens in the Russian Federation, which the Duma will consider in the second reading early next year, an article comments that "the army of illegal immigrants from CIS states may result in a demographic catastrophe."

Noviye Izvestia

Last week, Memorial Human Rights Center chair Oleg Orlov said that Russian power structures have formed so-called "death squads" in Chechnya. The story quotes witnesses of so-called "cleansing operations" in Chechnya, carried out by Russian military, that resulted in the disappearance of many people.

The Bulgarian Parliament announced last week that all tactical missiles complexes Oka currently in possession of the Bulgarian Army will be destroyed by Oct. 30, 2002. This will be done at the insistence of U.S. powers, who promised to assist in Bulgaria's accession to NATO in exchange for this. An article concludes that the United States will also fight with Russia's attempts to sell its new tactical missiles in the world market.

Komomolskaya Pravda

Fossils of dinosaurs were reportedly found in a quarry near Labinsk in the Krasnodar region. Igor Novikov, director of the Moscow Paleontology Institute, said that it could be possible, although remains of dinosaurs have never been found in European Russia before.

The largest car accident in two years in the Russian capital occurred in the Kashirskoye Shosse on Thursday night. It involved 27 automobiles and numerous victims. Traffic was paralyzed for several hours.

Moskovsky Komsomolets

Famous Moscow lawyer Alexander Kligman, who was the deputy chair of the Moscow Regional College of Attorneys, committed suicide Thursday in a building of the College. An article gives the full text of his suicide note.

Krasnaya Zvezda

Colonel Yury Ozerov, head of the Ministry for Emergencies' operative group in Tajikistan, was interviewed about the current Russian humanitarian operation in Afghanistan, which will provide 10 thousand tons of aid to Afghanistan and Tajikistan. The operation requires experienced drivers and securities, because the 1500-kilometer route lies in a mountainous region.


The daily gives figures and analyzes possible social consequences of the proposed changes in payment for telephone services in Moscow.

The first train passed through the Severomuiskiy tunnel of the Baikal-Amur railway Friday. Construction of the 15-kilometer tunnel lasted for 25 years. It is the fifth-longest tunnel in the world and the largest one in Russia.

The blackout in the largest Russian coastal resort Sochi, in the Krasnodar region, has lasted for five days so far. It resulted from unprecedented snowfalls that destroyed wires. The heating was also turned off for two days.

The State Duma has passed the Administrative Code in the final reading. Unlike its predecessor, it has a clause on "Presumption of Innocence." The greatest changes involved the part that relates to the highway code.