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Unity-Fatherland Super Party Is Born

The Unity movement and the Fatherland-All Russia bloc gathered Saturday to found their new party.

Budget Passes Key Reading In Duma

Russia's first budget with a built-in surplus sailed through the State Duma on its key third reading.

Putin Gets Kursk Report, Axes Navy Chiefs

President Vladimir Putin disciplined several high-ranking navy commanders for the Kursk tragedy.

Protect Democracy, Not Dictators

Pandering to a vicious dictator in the name of fighting Islamic terrorism threatens to reach a new low.

U.S. Missiles Still on Alert

De-alerting nuclear weapons means keeping them, but making them harder to use.

A Poor-Sighted Hitler Proved His Patriotism

My father during the first days of the war volunteered to be drafted into the home guard.

Parroting the Russian Press

In addition to Cyprus's Greek and English press, you can find some very curious Russian publications.

Shevardnadze Takes Heat From Putin

President Putin said Georgia's Pankisi Gorge had become a base for insurgents and drug traffickers.

CIS Presidents Look to Forge Closer Ties

President Vladimir Putin welcomed the heads of 11 former Soviet republics to the Kremlin on Friday and called for closer integration among the countries that make up the CIS.

UN Extends Iraq Oil-for-Food Deal

The UN Security Council has approved a compromise deal on Iraq's oil-for-food program.

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