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Putin Upbeat on the Year That Was

President Putin declared that 2001 had treated Russia well during a television broadcast in which he took questions about poverty, drugs, U.S.-Russian relations and Chechnya.

Revisiting The 1991 Christmas Surprise

Ten years ago, as the Western world was opening Santa's presents, Mikhail Gorbachev closed the final chapter in the history of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

High Hopes, Low Temperatures, Lost Chances

Pushkin square in the heart of Moscow was chosen as one of 10 sites across the country where television crews would offer the public a video linkup with the president.

Group Sex Video Puts Media in Bind

A video tape reputedly featuring Yevgeny Kiselyov having sex has been a popular topic of conversation.

The Power of Turkey At Passport Control

Rules might be rules, but even in Azerbaijan they understand you have to be at home for Christmas.

Euro Sure to Sow Discord

In Russia few trust banks or the ruble and as a result people tend to keep their funds in cash form.

How They Pulled Off the Show

President Vladimir Putin's televised dialogue with the nation Monday proved that the technical feats the country can deliver remain as amazing as in Soviet times.

Jailed Russians Await Riga Judicial Reform

Sixty percent of Latvia's juvenile inmates are in pre-trial detention awaiting their day in court.

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