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Bush Notifies Putin He's Scuttling ABM Pact

Not surprised at the U.S. withdrawal from the ABM Treaty, President Putin called the decision a mistake.

Euro Gets a Cool Reception

A lack of preparation on the part of the Central bank as well as difficulties at the border will likely leave Russian banks empty handed when the euro is launched Jan. 1.

Even Sex Change Can't Stop the Draft

The Russian army apparently believes that even half a man is better than none in its recruitment drive.

How to Squander Presidential Prestige

In Russia, the idle squandering of President Vladimir Putin's prestige is becoming an art form.

Going Unilaterally Ballistic

Clearly Russia needs an alliance with the West more than the West needs an alliance with Russia.

Nikolayev Drops Re-Election Bid

Sahka's president has withdrawn his bid for a third term in office, and is now backing a long-time ally.

NTV Moves to Set Up A Channel In Ukraine

Ukrainian businessman Vadim Rabinovich is teaming up with NTV television to launch NTV-Ukraine. Strikes Back With a Chechnya Site has launched a Chechnya website as an answer to the many sites set up by Chechen separatists.

Are Chechens in Afghanistan?

Doubt has arisen regarding the numbers of Chechen rebels fighting alongside the Taliban in Afghanistan.

News in Brief

Delhi Attack Concern MOSCOW (MT) -- The Foreign Ministry has expressed ""serious concern"" over events in Delhi, where at least five gunmen stormed India's parliament complex Thursday morning, killing seven people before dying themselves. Citing a statement from the Foreign Ministry, Interfax reported that the attack was seen in Moscow as a ""new provocative manifestation of terrorism."" No ministers or legislators were hurt in the attack, Reuters reported, adding that there was no immediate claim of responsibility for the assault. Mideast Peace Push MOSCOW (Reuters) -- Russia pledged Thursday to do all it could to stop an irreversible rupture between Palestinians and Israelis.

45,000 Mob Opening of 2nd IKEA Superstore

A staggering 45,000 people flocked to the opening of the second IKEA furniture superstore Wednesday, the largest opening-day crowd the company has seen in its 50-year history.

Williams Cancels Mazheikiu-Yukos Deal

U.S. Williams International has called off an equity-for-crude it deal signed with Yukos in June.

Kasyanov Pitches Jets During Visit to Brazil

Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov is in Brazil on a mission to increase trade between the two nations.

Ruble Dives 11 Kopeks to 30.19

Russia's foreign reserves fell for the second time in two weeks as concern over lower oil prices grows.

MTS Sets Up Shop In Northern Capital

Having arrived in St. Petersburg, MTS is likely to win a 30 to 35 percent market share within 18 months.

Business in Brief

IMF Upbeat MOSCOW (Reuters) -- The International Monetary Fund says Russia is in a strong position to cope with lower oil prices, and the outlook for structural economic reforms is rosy. ""It is the mission's assessment that the large external current account and fiscal surpluses, together with the relatively comfortable level of foreign reserves, have placed Russia in a strong position to deal with the less favorable environment,"" the IMF said in a statement. S&P: Upgrade Likely MOSCOW (MT) -- Standard & Poor's said Thursday a rating hike for Russia is likely, but kept silent about the possible amount and timing. ""We expect such a decision could be made,"" Cynthia Stone, Standard & Poor's managing director for Russia and the CIS, said at a news conference. ""But we cannot say when it will be."" Experts will come to Russia at the beginning of 2002 to meet with government officials and review the investment climate and progress on structural reforms, said S&P president Leo O'Neill.

Sports TV Set to Hit Russian Airwaves

7 TV is currently in negotiations to bring Russian sports fans the country's own sports channel.

The Soothsayer

The Soothsayer takes time out from his tip selections to reveal a Manchester-United-poor-form conspiracy, before getting back to business and blowing a fat wad of his remaining kitty with bets on two soccer draws in London, the Redskins and the Bears to record NFL wins, and even an inside tip on the horses.

Slap in Face For World Community

President George W. Bush reportedly will announce U.S. withdrawal from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, which limits the testing and deployment of strategic missile defenses. The myriad arguments for and against missile defense aside, such action would be a mistake for one simple reason: It will yield absolutely no benefits in the short term while threatening key diplomatic relations at a time of military crisis. Bush argued Wednesday that the ABM Treaty is restricting U.S. missile-defense testing and that the United States must withdraw because it needs a missile defense system to counter the threats of the 21st century. But testing that is compliant with the treaty can continue for years. Forcing the issue will only cripple our most pressing security initiative: the war on terrorism. Exiting the treaty just as we have asked for international help in rooting out al-Qaida and combating global terrorism would be nothing less than a slap in the face of the world community.

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press
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