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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press

Nezavisimaya Gazeta
Noviye Izvestia
Rossiiskaya Gazeta
Literaturnaya Gazeta
Komomolskaya Pravda


President Vladimir Putin at the Moscow session of the World Economic Forum on Tuesday announced the creation of the Financial Intelligence Service, and said that all appropriate documents will be signed in a couple of days. Its major task is to exclude funding for terrorists through the domestic banking system. The story comments on the documents, focusing on how complicated the task of the new agency will be. Also covered in Noviye Izvestia, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, Vremya Novostei, Gazeta, Trud, Moskovsky Komsomolets

The Railways Ministry has imposed a ban on metal deliveries to the ports of Novorossiisk and Tuapse. The story comments on the measure, saying who will suffer from it. Also covered in Kommersant Daily, Noviye Izvestia, Vremya MN

Georgy Kutovoi, head of the Federal Energy Commission on Tuesday stated that the draft government decree on the duties of the Unified Tariff Agency would be submitted to Prime Minister Kasyanov for signing on Nov. 5. The story examines the document.

The State Duma on Tuesday held parliamentary hearings on the problem of social defense and welfare benefits for the military, which were initiated by the Duma Defense Committee. The latter disagrees with the government decision to cancel such benefits to servicemen and military pensioners.

The Prosecutor General's Office lately has been very active. It became known yesterday that criminal proceedings were instituted not only against the leadership of the Railways and Emergency Situations ministries but also against highly-placed officials in the State Customs and Fishery committees. The story gives details. Also covered in Kommersant Daily, Vremya Novostei, Komsomolskaya Pravda

The Moscow Prosecutor's Office on Tuesday received an appeal with a demand to file a criminal case against Sergei Goryunov, chief of the city technical department of the Anti-Fire Service of the Moscow Interior Department. Goryunov is accused of abuse of power. The story examines his case.

The Prosecutor General's Office on Tuesday submitted to the State Duma a petition on depriving Vladimir Golovlyov, deputy head of the Duma Budget Committee, of his immunity. The criminal proceedings against him were instituted in 1996 when he headed the Chelyabinsk State Property Committee. The story discusses his case. Also covered in Kommersant Daily, Noviye Izvestia, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, Vremya Novostei, Gazeta, Trud

The traditional competition for the best train conductor sponsored by the Moscow Railway began Tuesday. The story describes the event and its participants.

The Central Election Commission on Tuesday made a decision according to which the complaint by the Yakutian State Assembly deputies connected with an illegal registration of Mikhail Nikolayev as a candidate for the next presidential elections will be considered in the republic's Supreme Court. After that the CEC will be able to decide the fate of Nikolayev. Also covered in Kommersant Daily, Noviye Izvestia, Vremya Novostei, Vremya MN

The State Duma today is expected to discuss presidential amendments to the law concerning major guarantees of citizens' election rights and their right to take part in referendums. Former State Duma deputy Professor Viktor Sheinis, who specializes in the sphere of the election legislation, analyses major amendments.

The defense industry is designed to become a profit-making market participant ? such is a major conclusion of yesterday's joint session of the Security Council and the State Council Presidium. The story focuses on President Vladimir Putin's speech concerning this sector's new tasks. Also covered in Kommersant Daily, Vremya Novostei, Vremya MN, Nezavisimaya Gazeta

Nafta-Moskva Corp., Siberian Aluminum Group and Sibneft shareholders on a parity basis this week have bought the Avtobank-Ingosstrakh financial-industrial group and the Nost" metal company for $90 million. The story examines it in detail.

A Kremlin source on Tuesday confirmed that the Kremlin is seeking a candidate to replace Gazprom head Alexei Miller. The story examines possible personnel reshuffles in other companies.

The first part of the Tengiz-Novorossiisk oil pipeline became operational Oct. 14 when the first Italian tanker with Tengiz oil left the terminal in Yuzhnaya Ozereika outside Novorossisk. The story describes this event that has been ignored by world mass media.

The Tyumen Oil Company (TNK) and the Itera companies group on Tuesday announced their joint work on the Rospan gas-extracting enterprise that for a year already has been under a bankruptcy procedure. TNK has agreed not to claim 93 percent of stock of this enterprise and to have only 44 percent. Also covered in Kommersant Daily

In an interview State Duma Banking Committee deputy head Martin Shakuum, Chairman of the Commission on Restructuring, Insolvency and Liquidation of Credit Organizations, talks about the state's participation in the capital of commercial banks and about the current situation in the domestic banking system.

The story describes the state's behind-the-scenes intrigues surrounding two profit-making enterprises in the Perm region ? Uralkaly in Berezniki and Silvinit in Solikamsk ? the only ones in Russia producing potash fertilizers. The aim is to cancel their privatization.


Presidential representative in the Ural Federal District Pyotr Latyshev has handed over to Vladimir Putin his statement on the dissolution of the Sverdlovsk Regional Duma that has failed to put into effect the Supreme Court's verdict to make the region's charter correspond to federal legislation before Oct. 12. The story comments on Latyshev's statement.

The story reports on how Ukraine on Tuesday destroyed nuclear installations inherited from Soviet times, thus becoming a non-nuclear state.

The Krasnodar Regional Court on Tuesday sentenced Chechen field commander Abdel Aziz from the Arbi Barayev group to a 12 and a half year sentence for keeping a harem and being in a gang. The story gives details.

St. Petersburg Vice-Governor Valery Malyshev on Tuesday was fired on charges of taking bribes. The Prosecutor's Office of the North-Western District instituted criminal proceedings against him in July. The story details the case. Also covered in Vremya Novostei, Gazeta

Deputy Railways Minister Anna Belova on Tuesday presented to journalists plans drafted by the railway reform. The story examines them in detail.

In an interview head of the Reforming Committee under the UES Board of Directors David Hern, manager of the Brunswick Capital Management Fund, says what his committee has done over the first two months of its existence.

AvtoVAZ has received a license to use the Chevrolet brand for the auto VAZ-2123. This was stated by AvtoVAZ board of directors Chairman Vladimir Kadannikov. Brief.

Mosenergo intends in the fourth quarter of this year to give up the delivery of electrical energy to the federal wholesale electrical energy and capacity market. This was stated by the company's chief engineer Igor Goryunov. Brief.

Iosif Ordzhonikidze, head of the moscow foreign economic relations department, stated Tuesday that the Intourist Hotel will be torn down in April 2002. A five-star Hilton Moscow hotel will be built in its place by 2005. Brief.

Surgutneftegaz head Vladimir Bogdanov in Minsk on Tuesday met with President Alexander Lukashenko to confirm that his company next year will deliver to Belarus 10 million tons of oil, which is enough to meet the republic's oil needs. The story comments on the decision, focusing on its meaning.

According to the State Statistics Committee, the Russian cash incomes for buying foreign currency in January-September this year amounted to 6.1 percent of the total sum of their incomes, whereas the figure for the same period last year was 6.7 percent. Brief.

The Moscow government in a couple of days is expected to make the decision to place another eurobond loan (400 million euros). This was stated by the head of the Moscow Foreign Economic Relations Department, Iosif Ordzhonikidze. Brief.

Sergei Grigoryev has quit the post of Financial Director at the Moscow Inter-Bank Currency Exchange. Brief.

According to the State Statistics Committee, the total debt of the domestic enterprises and organizations by their obligations by Sept.1 amounted to 5 trillion, 860.5 billion rubles. Brief.

The population's ruble and hard currency deposits in the domestic banks in January-August this year upgraded by 30.2 percent and amounted to 602. 2 billion rubles by Sept. 1. As compared with the figure for the same period last year, they increased by 43.4 percent. Brief.

According to the Central Bank, the amount of cash reserves in the first 9 months of this year went up 23.6 percent. Brief.

The story describes how Moscow night clubs are marking Halloween, which formally begins Wednesday evening.

U.S. President George W. Bush has signed a directive toughening up emigration policy, which, above all, will affect students.


The story reports on President Vladimir Putin's speech at the Moscow session of the World Economic Forum and what segments of it impressed forum participants most of all.

Sibneft on Tuesday announced the beginning of additional payments of intermediary dividends exceeding $300 million. The shareholder will divide almost all net profits that the company plans to receive this year.

Prague-based Falkon Corp., which is owned by six businessmen will earn $770 million on restructuring Russian debts. This is evidenced by the analysis of agreements that will be signed in November by Falkon, UES and the Russian Finance Ministry. The story examines the deal.

According to the State Statistics Committee, 33.5 percent of the overall volume of the population's cash incomes in January-September this year went to 10 percent of the wealthiest people, and only 2.4 percent of incomes went to 10 percent of the poorest sections of the population. Brief.

Political analyst Vitaly Portnikov comments on Gazprom head Alexei Miller's imminent resignation, focusing on the political forces behind it.

Though all official policymakers have denied the information about Gazprom head Alexei Miller's possible resignation, there are many indirect facts that confirm it. What is awaiting him? Six experts share their views on the issue.

The debt of the domestic railways industry, before the budget of different levels and funds, amounts to 29 billion rubles. This was stated Tuesday by Railways Deputy Minister Anna Belova. Brief.

Russia's gross domestic product in the first half of 2001 amounted to 4.0025 trillion rubles and its real volume increased by 5.1 percent as compared with the figures for the same period last year. Brief.

Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Khristenko stated Tuesday that the Federal Energy Commission will not regulate tariffs on liquefied gas, which is favorable both to Sibur and the oil companies. The tariffs will remain in the hands of the Economic Development Ministry, which before Dec. 15 should draft a concept on the liberalization of the market.

The government already this year can submit to the State Duma a renewed version of the law concerning communications imposing new rules of games on the telecommunications market. The Communications Ministry and the Anti-Monopoly Ministry (MAP), however, are unable to agree on several controversial points of the document. In a far-ranging interview Anti-Monopoly Deputy Minister Anatoly Golomolzin reveals the MAP's point of view.

Vedomosti. Companies and Markets

LUKoil head Vagit Alekperov on Tuesday signed an agreement on cooperation with SG-Trans Vyacheslav Tyurin, whose company is a monopolistic railway carrier of liquefied gas. Brief.

The national power grid Unified Energy Systems intends to hand over its functions of electrical energy exporter to its little-known daughter company, Inter RAO UES. In the future the holding intends to give part of stock of this firm to outside investors.

Japanese auto giant Nissan Motors and French auto giant Renault on Tuesday announced purchases of each other's packages of stock. The story examines the deal.

Itera Group is experiencing some difficulties in the Russian gas business but is doing well in gold extraction in Mongolia. Itera's daughter company Zolotoi Vostok (Golden Orient), a Mongolian company has doubled its gold extraction to 2.2 tons and has become one of the leading gold-producing company in Mongolia.

Rosoboronexport intends to interfere in the process of Inkombank's bankruptcy which is now being controlled by Rosbank . The story describes how it is going to do it.

The Euronext Exchange has come closer to its aim of becoming a large European market of securities through winning a tender to purchase the London International Exchange of Financial Futures and Options. The story reports on how it has managed to do it.

The Promstroibank Creditors Committee on Oct. 30 made the decision to again submit a petition to the Moscow Arbitration Court on releasing Vladimir Bovkun from the post of external manager. Brief.

The RTS index Tuesday increased by almost 2 percent to 204.71 points. This growth, the story notes, looks somewhat strange against the background of the falling markets throughout the world.

Pakistan is working for an unprecedented refinancing of its state debt to Paris Club member states on terms usually provided to poor countries.

Boston Consulting Group on Tuesday made public a very optimistic forecast of the development of the Russian telecommunications sector. The story offers figures from its prognosis.

Nezavisimaya Gazeta

The state of affairs in the sphere of using the mineral wealth causes a serious concern among scientists, companies and authorities. In an interview, Mineral Resources Minister Vitaly Artyukhov examines several vital issues, above all, issuing licenses. He also mentions a conflict over the Val Gamburtseva oil deposit.

After finding anthrax in mail in the United States, the U.S. side appealed to Russian scientists in the Academy of Sciences with a request to carry out experiments in using compact accelerators for the sterilization of mail in post offices. Academy Vice-President Gennady Mesyats, Director of the Electrophysics Institute, commented on the issue.

Federation Council deputy Konstantin Markelov, deputy head of the CIS Affairs Committee, describes an alarming situation with illegal immigrants, who have invaded the Astrakhan region.

After Federation Council Speaker Yegor Stroyev won the gubernatorial elections in the Orel region, the question has arisen ? who will replace him in the upper house of parliament. The story examines six candidates.

In an interview, Avtandil Ioseliani, head of Georgia's Intelligence Department, examines in detail the origin and the present state of the Georgia-Abkhazia conflict, saying that it will be resolved.

In an interview, presidential representative in the Far Eastern Federal District Konstantin Pulikovsky talks about the project of the century ? the bridge to connect the Sakhalin Island with the mainland, which as he noted, has a special significance.

Dmitry Orlov, Deputy Director-General of the Center for Political Technologies, reflects on the need to revise Russia's oil policy both on the internal and external markets and also the system of its relationships with OPEC. The author doubts that Energy Minister Igor Yusufov can cope with these issues.

Forty years ago Stalin's body was removed from the Lenin-Stalin Mausoleum and buried at the Kremlin Wall. The story describes how it happened.

Noviye Izvestia

It took the Muscovites several years to perceive that the city authorities have deprived them of their basic constitutional rights ? and, above all, to elect and to be elected to the local power bodies. "The democracy and the observance of the Constitution are non-existent in Moscow," noted Vladimir Stepanov, coordinator of the All-Russian Movement For Human Rights. "The mayor as a matter of fact appoints the heads of district administrations, or upravas, and thus, Yury Luzhkov concentrates huge power in his hands," Stepanov added. The story comments on the complicated situation, saying that it may end in court.

According to results of a VTSIOM public opinion poll, the overwhelming majority of Muscovites ? 97 percent ? have telephones at home, while the figure for the whole of Russia is 43 percent. The brief also gives figures on cellular telephones in Moscow and Russia.

When speaking on Monday at the 15th session of the Consultative Foreign Investment Council, Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov stated that Russia is becoming ever less dependent on external economic factors. The government is likely to get a chance soon to check whether or not it's really so. The world oil price contained in the budget-2002 is $23.5 per barrel, but the present situation on the world oil market shows that it will definitely fall.

Another story examines with a critical eye how private embankments emerge in Moscow along with the construction of elite apartment blocks and posh cottages.

Rossiiskaya Gazeta

A story examines an acute issue connected with the utilization of old nuclear submarines, which, in the opinion of Nikolai Kalistratov, director-general of the "Zvyozdochka" defense enterprise in Severodvinsk, should be among state top priority policies.

Unidentified vandals in Samara have destroyed a monument to Samara fighters (about 500 people), who have been killed in different so-called "hot spots" ? North Korea, Vietnam, Angola, Afghanistan, Chechnya and others. The 10-million ruble monument was unveiled a week ago.

In a far-ranging interview, Chuvashia's President Nikolai Fyodorov answers such questions as: What will the Russian courts and the power vertical look like after judiciary reform? Does Russia need the death penalty? Will the schoolteachers live a decent life at last? Will the tenants pay 100 percent for their housing and utilities ?

Pavel Krasheninnikov, head of the State Duma Legislation Committee, answers the following question: Will the Criminal Code be changed in the context of a new wave of terrorism?

The government decree concerning the guarding of the "Baikonur" complexes by the Russian Interior Troops is explained in full.

Literaturnaya Gazeta

A story describes how reforms, starting from Tsar Peter the Great, will remain in the people's memory .

In a far-ranging interview, Deputy Moscow Mayor Lyudmila Shvetsova talks about the city government youth policy, about a poor fate of several kindergartens, about social contrasts, about national schools and about the excess of the TV beer advertisements.

Komomolskaya Pravda

A statement by the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Russian Labor Union of Railwaymen and Transport Builders that expresses its concern over the situation around the Railways Ministry is published in full.

The Economic Development and Trade Ministry has introduced new provisions in the draft banking reform.

In an interview, Nikolai Kharitonov, leader of the State Duma Agro-Industrial Group, talks about major agrarian problems today.