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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press



Rossiiskaya Gazeta

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Moscow is intolerant of immigrants of non-Slavic looks or origin ? this acute issue was a major point of a round-table discussion Wednesday at the Central Journalists Club. Polat Dzhamalov, Executive Secretary of the Moscow Inter-Nation Conference, commented on the issue.

Results of the sociological opinion polls taken by the Romir independent research center in September in reference to Russians' attitude toward the 1991 October events in Moscow show that public opinion was against President Boris Yeltsin's decision to storm the State Duma. An article examines the polls. Also covered in Kommersant Daily.

In an interview, Giovanni Bagioli, head of Italian IntesaBCI banking group, which has an office in Moscow, talks about foreign banks' role in Russia; European integration; the renovation of Russian icons ? a long-standing business of his group ? and the recent concert in Moscow's Bolshoi Theater by the La Scala opera, of which IntesaBSI owns a 35 percent share.

Professor Alexander Tsaregorodtsev, newly-appointed chief pediatrician of the Health Ministry and director of the Moscow Pediatrics and Children's Surgery Research Institute, answers questions from readers about the most common children's diseases and measures to prevent them.

The French Counterintelligence Service has managed to prevent two terrorist blasts in Paris that were designed to kill hundreds of city residents and cause terrible destruction. The blasts are suspected to have been ordered by Osama bin Laden. An article gives details.

Yevgeny Ikhlov and Lev Ponomaryov, representatives of the For Human Rights movement, stated Wednesday that they intend to apply to the Supreme Court with a request to reconsider their suit against the Federal Security Service, or FSB, and the Justice Ministry. The latter agency early this year registered Directive No.613, one of the provisions of which notes that the FSB should register all anonymous letters. An article comments on the issue. Also covered in Noviye Izvestia, Nezavisimaya Gazeta and Rossiiskaya Gazeta.

Police and Internal Ministry troops tried for the first time Wednesday to carry out an "underground technical roundup" in Grozny with the aim of clearing underground communications lines of mines. An article describes results of the undertaken operation.

In an interview, Franz van Seumeren, head of the Dutch Mammoet company, which has arrived in Murmansk for the concluding stage of the operation to lift the sunken Kursk submarine, talks about specific details of the operation. Also covered in Kommersant Daily.

U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on Wednesday traveled to four Middle Eastern and Central Asian states ? Saudi Arabia, Oman, Egypt and Uzbekistan. Rumsfeld stated that he will pursue different interests in these countries but he let it be known that his visit is linked to the deployment of U.S. troops there. An article comments on the visit, explaining why its results are very significant for Russia. Also covered in Vremya MN, Vremya Novostei and Nezavisimaya Gazeta.

The Moscow City Court on Wednesday gave former Justice Minister Valentin Kovalyov and his deputy Andrei Maximov nine- and six-year suspended sentences. They were found guilty of bribery and embezzlement of 1.3 billion rubles ($44 million). Also covered in Kommersant Daily, Vremya MN, Vremya Novostei and Moskovsky Komsomolets.

The 24th Conference of Justice Ministers and General Prosecutors from 43 countries, members of the Council of Europe, is to open in Moscow today. An article examines the conference's agenda and participants. Also covered in Vremya MN and Rossiiskaya Gazeta.

Foreign Deputy Minister Vyacheslav Trubnikov stated Wednesday that Russia plans to open a diplomatic mission in Trans-Dniestr. This step proves Moscow's desire to see the unrecognized republic as part of Moldova. An article comments on the decision.

The Izvestia Press Center on Wednesday announced the creation of the CIS non-commercial partnership United Insurance Group Accord. An article examines the partnership's goals and participants.

It became known Wednesday that the European Union is scheduled in November to draft a statement on Russia's accession to the World Trade Organization. An article comments on the issue.

Oil company Yukos is launching the second stage of consolidating its daughter enterprises.

The struggle for world domination is going on among companies making mobile communications equipment. It has become known that U.S. Motorola and German Siemens intend to combine their efforts in this sphere.

U.S. Procter & Gamble is continuing to sell its trademark, planning to keep in its portfolio only the strategically promising ones. An article examines in detail the company's efforts to improve its financial position.

Highly regarded British photographer Lord Tony Snowdon has a photo exhibit at the Kuskovo Museum. An article describes his work.


The Central Bank on Wednesday submitted to the State Duma a draft of The Guidelines of the Single State Monetary-Credit Policy in 2002. An article examines the document, saying that inflation is expected to reach 12-14 percent.

The government was expected Thursday to discuss a plan to build a $4.5 billion bridge over the Nevelsky Strait to connect Sakhalin Island to the Russian mainland. An article comments on the project.

An article examines results of President Vladimir Putin's negotiations on the last day of his visit to Belgium.

Unity party and Fatherland movement activists stated Wednesday that both organizations will cease to exist in the near future and that a new united party will be created Nov. 27. An article comments on the decision.

The United States is in no hurry with its retaliation campaign, but at the same time, a diplomatic war has invigorated around Afghanistan, with the Taliban being defeated. An article gives details.

According to information from Kyrgyzstan, the United States intends to buy many Soviet-type arms in Central Asian countries. An article examines this U.S. plan.

Pentagon Press Secretary Victoria Clark reported to Washington Post journalists that the Pentagon has started to move an enlarged battalion of the U.S. 10th mountain division to Uzbekistan. An article comments on the Pentagon's information.

Liechtenstein's Foreign Ministry head Ernst Walch signed the UN Convention on the struggle against financing terrorism on Wednesday in New York. Liechtenstein has become the sixth state to have ratified this document. An article focuses on its special significance for Liechtenstein.

An article describes several personnel changes in the leadership of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry that were made by its management on Wednesday.

The State Duma Natural Resources Committee has submitted amendments to the law concerning mineral resources. Deputies intend to ban foreign investors from participating in developing deposits, the reserves of which amount to 20 percent of all of Russia's developed reserves. An article comments on the amendments, saying who will lose from the new legislation.

Starting this month, the Nuclear Energy Ministry has begun to draft founding documents for creating a single generating company. In an interview, Deputy Minister Bulat Nigmatulin, responsible for this project, reveals its essence.

Novoye Sodruzhestvo Holding representatives stated Wednesday that they intend to give up their activities at the Ulyanovsk aviation plant Aviastar-JV. An article explains reasons behind their decision.

Sibneft leadership confirmed Wednesday that it intends to take part in auctions to sell a state package of stock of the Nizhny Novgorod Norsi-Oil company. Experts say that Sibneft has great chances.

The Samara Volgotanker Steamship Line and the Burren Energy Shipping & Transportation company have signed an amicable agreement in the London Arbitration Court. An article examines the case.

World oil prices fell again Wednesday. In preparation for potential military operations, the United States has radically expanded its own fuel reserves in order to avoid losses due to sharp oil price fluctuations.

An article analyzes the situation in the Moscow real estate market, noting that there is a shortage of office space in the city. In this context, office rent prices could skyrocket by 2002.

Rossiiskaya Gazeta

British Prime Minister Tony Blair will arrive in Moscow on Thursday for a one-day visit. What is the purpose of his visit? The story tries to answer this question, noting that his urgent visit is probably linked to preparations for Western anti-terrorist operations with support from Russia.

Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov will travel to Kishinev on Friday. In an interview Moldovia's head of government Vasile Tarlev examines major issues of their negotiations and assesses the state of Moldovan-Russian relations. Soyuz Belarussia-Russia Supplement.

The Grodno Plant of Medical Preparations in Belorussia in September made the first experimental-industrial batch of a high-quality amino acid, L-leitsin. By the end of this year, the plant is to make another 300 kilograms. The story describes the project as one of the best examples of joint Belarussian-Russian research, industrial and economic collaboration. Soyuz Belarus-Russia Supplement.

The Railways Ministry has created a special headquarters for reforming the railways sector. Deputies of the Railways Minister Alexander Misharin and Anna Belova have been appointed leaders of this new agency. Anna Belova talks about railways reform and its stages.

The story gives new facts of the continuing scandal around results of the competition to develop the Val Gamburtseva oil deposit.

The system of voluntary medical insurance emerged in Russia in the early '90s. Meanwhile, Chapter 25 of the Tax Code that will take effect on Jan. 1, 2002 will negatively affect the development of this system.

In an interview famous masseur Boris Prazdnikov talks about some of his techniques and his many clients from among ballet celebrities, including Galina Ulanova and Maya Plisetskaya.

Obshchaya Gazeta

In an interview Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov talks about the State Council, a new body of power created one year ago, that so far is not considered a constitutional body and is not included into the power structure, but at the same time strongly influences federal and local authorities, focusing on the most vital and strategic problems of the country's life.

Russia's economy is experiencing difficulty. Some analysts say that since a crisis comparable only with the Great Depression of the '30s has hit the American markets, others say that the U.S. economy has begun to overcome this depression. What is really happening and how can American problems affect Russia's economy? Former Finance Minister Oleg Vyugin, now vice president of Troika-Dialog Corp., answers these questions.

Iran's Defense Minister Ali Shamhani has arrived in Moscow on an official visit. Moscow is expected to sign a military agreement with Teheran, being well aware that Washington does not approve. But Moscow wants to stress its independence from overseas pressure. Military observer Viktor Litovkin comments on Moscow-Teheran military cooperation.

The first group of Russian judges has visited the Human Rights European Court in Strasbourg recently. In an interview Judge Pyotr Serkov, Chairman of the Ulyanovsk Regional Court, talks about the Strasbourg Court, about is duties and abilities and about how Russian citizens may use its services.

King Karl XVI Gustav of Sweden and his wife Queen Silvia are expected to arrive in Moscow on Oct. 8. The story highlights this royal couple and the program of its visit.

Novaya Gazeta

The All-Tatar Public Center that for over 10 years had fought for the republic's independence, late in September called on the republic's parliament to apply to international organizations, asking them to register the status of Tatarstan as a colonial territory. In the past two years Tatarstan has been receiving an unprecedented amount of pressure from Russia's central authorities. The story comments on the appeal.

Apart from preparations for a retaliatory strike against Afghanistan, the United States is trying to pin down and freeze any assets connected with Osama bin Laden and his terrorist organization, al Qaida. The story examines bin Laden's family finances and other possible sources he controls.

Vneshtorgbank, or VTB, the second largest domestic bank in terms of the amount of its assets, has surprised public opinion twice this year, first by its very high pace of asset growth,16.9 percent in the first six months; and by record high profits for the bank in the first half of this year, 2.9 billion rubles. On the basis of these results, the VTB leadership reported to the government about its achievements, focusing on ways to improve efficiency and raise profits. The story describes how VTB has achieved such results.

The deadline of the legislation on state support of the mass media and book-publishers expires on Jan. 1. 2002. What does Press Minister Mikhail Lesin think of this?

Komomolskaya Pravda

The feature story describes Persian Cat Dragotsennaya, who was found alive by American rescuers in a the rubble of a building 18 days after the terrorist attacks on the towers of the World Trade Center In New York.

Oct. 5 marks International Teacher's Day. Thirteen policy-makers, public figures and workers in culture reminisce about their beloved school teachers.

In an interview former Finance Minister Alexander Livshits says why the government cannot confess honestly how much money there is in the public coffers, whether a new default is awaiting the Russian population and whether it's dangerous to make forecasts about the future.

The newspaper publishes information for those who have suffered from anti-Semitic persecution and who could have bank accounts in France during World War II, and also for their heirs.

Krasnaya Zvezda

Oct. 4 marks the day the space area began. On that day in 1957 the first artificial satellite was launched into space. In an interview Space Troops headquarters chief Major-General Vladimir Popovkin talks about the Space Troops, that began to function independently four months ago. Also covered in Noviye Izvestia


The plenary session of the Supreme Court on Wednesday is expected to adopt a resolution that will render use of individuals' suits in corporate conflicts practically useless.

Moscow advertising agencies lost about 150 ads over the past three weeks when unidentified city vandals destroyed them. The city advertising market has never seen such massive vandalism.

The Siberian Aluminum, or Sibal, Group company plans to purchase a controlling stake of a large domestic insurance company, Ingosstrakh, and Avtobank, which is affiliated with the company. The story examines Sibal's plans.

Will restructuring debts on social payments acquire a mass character? Seven experts share their viewpoints on the issue.

The government of the Czech Republic this week has approved a deal to sell Russia's $2.5 billion debt to the Czech firm Falkon at an 80 percent discount. Now Russia has all chances to owe debts to three persons.

The government on Thursday was expected to approve an investment of $4.5 billion in the construction of a railway to connect the Russian mainland with Sakhalin Island. Railways Minister Nikolai Aksyonenko is pushing for the project, anticipated to be built over eight years and repaid after 2040.

The story analyzes results of the Russia -European Union summit in Brussels and President Vladimir Putin's talks there.

The ring auto road around St. Petersburg, the construction of which began in the spring of this year has come up against a new obstacle: as it has turned out, the administration lacks money for the construction of the eastern semi-ring, which was to be completed by 2003.

Statistics from the first nine months of this year show that growth rates in the domestic economy are on the rise. In January-September, the industrial output in basic industries was up 6 percent.

In an interview, Nikolai Repin, general director of the MTU-Intel company, outlines his vision of the Internet in the future.

Vedomosti. Companies and Markets

Siberian Aluminum Group officially admitted Wednesday that it has been in talks with the Ust-Illimsk Pulp Combine leadership on participation in its management. The story looks at the procedure of the talks.

Estonian LUKoil Eesti firm, a daughter of LUKoil, has bought 12 OilStop gas stations. In the future, the company plans to expand the network of gas stations in Estonia through purchasing existing ones and building new stations. Previously, Lukoil Eesti bought 12 OilStop gas stations.

Aeroflot intends to use large places for flights to Switzerland after Swissair suspended its flights due to bankruptcy. Starting Oct. 25, Aeroflot plans to use Airbus planes with 183 seats instead of Boeing 737 planes with 131 seats on the Moscow-Geneva-Moscow route.

The State and Municipal Property Department of Moscow intends to buy a package of stock of Mosenergo on the secondary securities market. This was stated Wednesday by Department First Deputy Head.

Moscow city cellular companies in the third quarter of this year managed to draw more new clients than usual. More than 50 percent of them went to Vimpelcom.

Tekhsnabexport, the only company in Russia with a license to export uranium, has become fully state-controlled. The company's general director Valery Bogdan stated Wednesday that the company bought out from private owners 49 percent of stock and is preparing to hand it over to the Property Ministry.

Nafta-Moskva is losing its big partner ? Surgutneftegaz has already ceased to be a shareholder of Nafta-Moskva, and eventually will suspend work with it. The loss of the greatest share of its export contracts may prompt Nafta-Moskva to seek luck in other businesses.

The Zavolzhsky Motor Plant, or ZMP, is preparing for another fight with a big supplier and consumer of its products ? the Gorky Auto Plant, or GAZ. On Monday, ZMP lodged a complaint against GAZ in the Anti-Monopoly Ministry and wants to conduct an additional issuance with the aim of washing away a disputable package of stock of ZMP being claimed by GAZ.

The board of directors of the Agency for Restructuring Credit Organizations has approved the agency's decision to sell a package of stock of Eurasia Bank. This was stated by Alexei Kudrin, board head and Deputy Prime Minister.