. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Fyodorov To Profile Chubais

Boris Fyodorov, the outspoken former Finance Minister who now heads the United Financial Group brokerage, is gearing up to take a book-length slap at one of the nation’s most controversial figures: Anatoly Chubais.

Fyodorov ran the Finance Ministry in 1993, just as Chubais was spearheading the nation’s mass privatization program as head of the state privatization agency. Fyodorov has over the years since been a vocal free market critic of Chubais’ works.

Today, Chubais is the CEO of the national power grid, Unified Energy Systems, and is pushing a program to restructure UES that has irked some of the UES shareholders — including Fyodorov’s UFG, which has loudly complained about the plan.

In London this week, Fyodorov told the Financial Times he is working on a biography of Chubais — no doubt an unauthorized one — and hoped to publish it in about two months’ time.

He promised a manuscript of 50,000 words, "all of them scathing."

If that promised bile comes out on schedule, the book would hit store shelves about one month before a final decision is expected on the UES restructuring plan.