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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


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President Broadens Voloshin's Authority

Vladimir Putin on Tuesday handed control over his representatives in the seven federal districts to Kremlin Chief of Staff Alexander Voloshin.

Steel Firms Keen for Spot at WTO Table

Russia's largest steel maker Severstal has a bone to pick with its potentially most lucrative customers, Europe and the United States.

Latest Twist In NTV Tale Is Troubling

Each twist in the unfolding Media-MOST saga is more disturbing than the last it seems. The latest episode is certainly no exception.

All Politics Are Local

Russia's political picture is looking increasingly like typical feudalism.

The Victors Get to Eat the Vanquished

Last week, Gazprom-Media director Alfred Kokh once again announced that he had taken complete control over NTV. And once again it seems that he spoke prematurely.

A War Reporter Fighting the Enemy Within

Sometime during the early months of the second Chechen war, the Federal Security Service summoned me to their Moscow headquarters for ""an informal chat."" I must admit I was terrified.

NTV Told to Retract Ustinov Report

A court ruled Tuesday that NTV television must retract a report about the prosecutor general's alleged wrongdoing in obtaining a luxury apartment from the government.

Yelstin Hospitalized With Viral Infection

Former President Boris Yeltsin was rushed to the hospital Tuesday with what doctors think is an ""acute viral infection"" and likely will spend his 70th birthday Thursday in bed.

Putin Asks Council for Hand With Land Code

President Vladimir Putin told a meeting of regional leaders Tuesday that the country urgently needs clear land legislation and asked for their help in drafting the Land Code.

Second Claim Staked To Tomlinson Memoirs

A second publisher for the memoirs of former British spy Richard Tomlinson said Tuesday that previous announcements of the book being published in Russia may be ""an English joke.""

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