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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


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Turner Offering $300M For NTV

A consortium of foreign investors led by Ted Turner is ready to pay at least $300 million for stakes in NTV television — provided Turner gets assurances from the Kremlin.

Moscow Ponders What Snared Borodin

With Pavel Borodin sitting in a New York jail, the question being asked in Moscow is was the former Kremlin property chief foolhardy or was he fooled.

Did Putin Cave In Over Criminal Code?

Vladimir Putin recently asked parliament to pass a law that would bring criminal procedure in line with the Constitution by requiring court warrants for arrests and searches.

Putin Should Give Turner His Blessings

The president can either hide, or he can step forward and give Ted Turner confirmation that the Kremlin will mostly leave NTV alone once it is debt-free.

Incomplete Solutions

The Putin administration ought to be careful about how it carries out its latest initiative to help the media — the new tax deduction initiative is an incomplete solution.

Blowin' Up Ain't That Hard to Do

Some things are just predetermined to blow up. Spinal Tap's drummer. The penguin on the television set in the Monty Python skit -- and my friend Islam's hot water heater.

Kleptocrats Stole My Heat

It is time for the Kremlin to face up: Corrupt regional leaders are the real threat to the nation's future.

Kuchma Fires Reformist Minister

Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma has sacked Deputy Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, a key member of the pro-reform government who had been indicted on criminal charges.

Schroder Gets Assurances on Gongadze Probe

Gerhard Schroeder said visiting Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma had promised to investigate the disappearance of a journalist who ran an web site critical of the president.

Human Rights Emergency Declared

Prominent politicians and former dissidents joined more than 1,000 activists in Moscow this weekend to urge a consolidated fight to protect the Constitution.

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