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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Regional Economic Digest



On September 14 ship building factory "Volga" commissioned the last 5 boats for Chukotka.

Two passenger, two small-size and one refrigerator boat were dispatched to Vladivostok recently.
This year the factory delivered 8 small-size boats at $2 thousand each, 3 refrigerator boats at $25 thousand each and 4 passenger boats at $30 thousand each. Besides, Zavolzhskiy factory of creeper tractors delivered 10 cross-country vehicles at the total amount of $220 thousand to Chukotskiy autonomous area. Besides, Chukotka received 6.5 tons of fishing nets from the factory located in Reshetikhin.
These deliveries marked the first stage of the program, estimated for 3-4 years.

"Nizhegorodskiye Novosti" (Nizhniy Novgorod), 19.09.2000

By September 1 the regional budget gained RUR 3,174.4 million.

From the sum allocated for salary payment in the regional budget, stipulated by the plan for the third quarter of 2000, RUR 283 million was used for salary payments to the budget workers. The local budgets allocated RUR 441.4 million for these purposes.
Thirteen districts of the region allocated to salary payment below 50% of the planned sum.
By September 14 the total salary debt of the budget amounted to RUR 209 million (the average overdue period is 0.9 months).

"Nizhegorodskiye Novosti" (Nizhniy Novgorod), 19.09.2000


A delegation from Bavaria (Germany) visited Volgograd.

According to Hans-Peter Muller, head of the Bavarian managers' training center West-East, the German businessmen are not interested in the technical equipment of the local companies. Before making investments, they wanted to make sure that they deal with professional and reliable partners.
According to the representatives of the delegation, the German businessmen are actively searching potential projects and locations for investments, while the German market is too saturated. Russia, and the Volgograd region in particular, are viewed as one of the potential partners.

"Gorodskiye vesti" (Volgograd), 19.09.2000

"Volgogradskiy gubernskiy conservniy holding"


Perm region acquired a new international partner.

On September 15 a delegation from Perm region headed by the Governor held talks with the representatives of the local authorities of the Friuli-Venice-Julia locality of Italy. The meeting took place in Triest. As a result of the meting the sides signed a protocol on cooperation between Perm region and Friuli-Venice-Julia.
The agreement stipulates cooperation of small and medium scale business, trade, tourism, as well as light, food and electric industries. This stage will be followed by larger trade and economic projects.

"Noviy companion" (Perm), 19.09.00

"Permenergo" posted business results for the first half of 2000.

The financial and economic results of the major regional energy supplier were drawn at the meeting of the board of "Permenergo", which took place on September 14. Besides, the attendants of the meeting discussed results of the measures for improving the company's financial state. The results were found satisfactory.
The participants of the meeting decided to proceed with the measures for financial rehabilitation of the company: "Permenergo" will transfer its clients to the "real money payment system by January 1, 2001, eliminating the popular barter schemes of payment.
In the first half of 2000 the sales of energy and heat amounted to RUR 4.4 billion, compared with RUR 3.234 billion in the first half of 1999. The company received 93% of payment due for electricity supply, with the portion of "real money" making 60% of the sum. The company delivered 7.992 billion kW/hour of electric energy (105.9% to the first half of 1999) and 9,596.6 thousand Gcal of heat energy (88.3%).
RUR 261.1 million have been allocated into the technical refurbishment in the first half of 2000 (compared with RUR 203.4 million invested in the first half of 1999), which makes 70% from the necessary requirements.
The authorized capital of "Permenergo" amounts to RUR 2,616,045,300. The main stockholder of the company is RAO "UES" (49% shares).

"Noviy companion" (Perm), 19.09.00


Currently the agricultural enterprises of Novosibirsk region harvested 2,001,487 tons of grain.

Last year the regional agricultural enterprises harvested only 1.8 million tons of grain. The heads of the regional agricultural department are sure that this year's stock of grain will make it possible to achieve profitability.
Currently 323,971 tons of cereal crops seeds, which makes over 83% of the estimated plan, have been stored: last year the regional enterprises stored 312,156 tons.

"Vecherniy Novosibirsk" (Novosibirsk), 19.09.00

In 2000 investment activities in Novosibirsk region showed a considerable rise.

According to the data collected by the committee of investment policy and business at the regional administration, the scope of investment into the main capital of factories and plant (mainly allocated into equipment and buildings), made by large and medium-scale industrial enterprises of Novosibirsk region, amounted to RUR 1,056,413,000 in the first half of 2000. This figure is 2.3 times above the scope of investment reported for the first half of 1999.
In the first half of 2000 the scope of foreign investments placed in currency reached $33,865,700, making 117.8% from the year 1999 level; the scope of investments made in rubles amounted to RUR 15,492,900, which is 17.6 times above the year 1999 level.

"Sovetskaya Sibir" (Novosibirsk), 19.09.00

In the 8 months of 2000 Air Company "Sibir" rose income by 70% over the similar period of 1999.

As stated by the company's press service, from the year's beginning to August 2000 the company gained RUR 1.97 billion. The income from air carriage amounted to RUR 1.88 billion, 1.9 times exceeding the figures reported for the similar period of 1999.
In 8 months of 2000 Air Company "Sibir" carried 531 thousand passengers, exceeding the number of passengers carried in the similar period of 1999 by 4.1%. The scope of cargo delivered by the company rose by 3.3% to have made 5,257 tons. In January to August "Siberia" made 5,606 flights, 9.4% above the figure reported in the eight months of 1999. Place occupancy made 68.3%, commercial load made 66%.
In January to August 2000 the company's passenger turnover rose by 3.1% over the similar period of 1999. In the eight months of 2000 the passenger turnover reached 1.7 million passenger/km, compared to 1.6 million passenger/km in the similar period of 1999. The cargo turnover, measured in tons/km, increased by 3% to 169.6 million tons/km compared with the similar period of 1999. The total flight time did not change over the eight months of 1999 and amounted to 21.2 thousand hours.

"Epigraph" (Novosibirsk), 19.09.00


On the harvesting process in Kemerovo region.

According to the department of agriculture, by September 18 grain and leguminous plants were thrashed at 65.2% of the sown land; 690.8 thousand tons of grain have been stored.
By September 18 the crop yield amounted to 16,500 kg per hectare, making additionally 5.4% within the recent three days.
The agricultural enterprises are preparing the seeds for the new sowing season. The current stock of seeds is 55.2% to the estimated level. Harvesting works started for potato - it was harvested at 40% of territories. Vegetables have been harvested at 12.5% of the territories.

"Kuzbass" (Kemerovo), 19.09.00


The 6th conference "Gas Pipelines in North-Eastern Asia: perspectives of cooperation" started operation yesterday.

The conference is held within the frameworks of the Baikal Economic Forum. The conference will host gas suppliers, pipeline constructors and geological researchers from Russia and foreign countries.
China, Korea, Japan and Mongolia showed the greater interest in the "Gas forum". Besides, the experts from the USA, UK, France, Austria and Canada will also participate in the forum. The forum will host such well-known companies as "Gazprom", "RUSIA Petroleum", "Sakhalinneftegaz", "Sakhaneftegaz", as well as "Tokiogas", The National Chinese Oil-and-Gas Company, the Korean Oil-and-Gas Company, "Toshiba" and "Mitsubishi."

"Vostochno-Sibirskaya pravda" (Irkutsk), 19.09.00


The conflict between "Krasnoyarskenergo" and Krasnoyarsk railway halted.

"Krasnoyarskenergo", the major regional energy supplier, has lifted all restrictions for energy deliveries to the Krasnoyarsk railway. The decision was made after the meting of the top-management of the railway and "Krasnoyarskenergo". The railway management promised to fully repay the RUR 6 million debt against "Krasnoyarskenergo" by September 22 (by the time the conflict stated the total debt amounted to RUR 28 million). The energy supplier retained the right to switch off energy supply for the railway objects in case the above sum is not effected by the above fixed date.

"Segodniashniaya gazeta" (Krasnoyarsk), 16.09.2000

Krasnoyarsk aluminum factory posted economic performance in 2000.

In eight months of 2000 Krasnoyarsk aluminum factory, member of the "Russian Aluminum" group, increased production of raw aluminum by 4,896 tons, compared with the similar period of 1999. The sum of tax payments effected to the budgets and to the non-budget funds rose 1.4 times over 8 months of 1999.
In 563,595 tons of raw aluminum. Produced by the factory, the portion of high-grade aluminum makes 88.6% (compared to 86.4% in the similar period of 1999).
The total amount of taxes effected to the regional and local budgets and to the non-budget funds reached RUR 1,299,312 thousand. The factory paid RUR 467,512 thousand to the Krasnoyarsk municipal budget. The factory boasts duly payments by "real money", without using the barter schemes of payment.

"Comok-Companion" (Krasnoyarsk), 19.09.2000


The current fuel stock at "Dalenergo" is 63 thousand tons.

Nevertheless, pursuant the regulations issued by RAO "UES", by the beginning of the winter heating season the fuel stock should amount to 400 thousand tons.
From the beginning of this week the regional energy suppliers started actively dispatching coal from Khanaronskiy, Neriungri and Cheremkhovskiy open mines.
Nevertheless, some experts forecast that this delay will not allow to fully meet the requirements of RAO "UES".

"Utro Rossii" (Vladivostok), 19.09.00

Artemovskiy municipal department of electric networks notified "Dalenergo" on the unilateral cancellation of the agreement.

It should be noted, that Artemovskiy municipal departmetn is the only organization in Artem specialized for electricity payment collection from the local inhabitants. Recently the management of "Dalenergo" intends to send explanations of the possible effect of the above action to the municipal administrations of Artem and Primorskiy krai, and to the regional prose-cutors office.
The current debt of the department against "Dalenergo" is RUR 25 million.

"Utro Rossii" (Vladivostok), 19.09.00

In the several recent months the departments of "Dalenergo" increased payment collection for energy consumption.

According to the data announced by the press center of "Dalenergo", in August 2000 the company collected RUR 318.9 million, amounting to 119.7% to the dispatched energy. The portion of payments in "real money' two times ex-ceeded the same portion, registered in July. Such companies as "Coca-Cola", "Primorskiy sakhar", "Artiemfarfor", trade ports Posieta and Nakhodka effected 100% of due sums for electricity.
Nevertheless, the total debt of the regional companies amounts to RUR 1.6 billion for energy supply and about RUR 2 billion for heat supply.

"Vladivostok" (Vladivostok), 19.09.

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