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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Regional Economic Digest




The third motor-boat for Chukotka autonomous area was made at ship-building factory "Volga" (Nizhniy Novgorod).

The motor-boat has a "Governor's Program" inscription on board, as a reminder of the visit of Chukotka delegation to Nizhniy Novgorod in February this year. The delegation brought a massive order for the ship-building factory and Zavolzhskiy creeper tractor factory. The total cost of the contract is $8 million. The contract should be executed by 2003.
Apart from the motor-boats Chukotka has received 10 creeper tractors at $220 thousand (1/4 of the total scope of the contract) and 6.5 thousand meters of fishing nets, produced in Reshetikhin.

"Nizhegorodskoiye Novosti" (Nizhniy Novgorod), 08.08.2000

Nizhniy Novgorod administration to enter the protocol on intent for 2000-2001 with Kostroma region at the "Povetluzhiye" festival.

This document will extend the agreement on trade, economic and cultural cooperation, entered last year and show an example of mutually beneficial relations to the other festival participants.
The new agreement stipulates trade turnover increase by 50%, continuation of the mutual road and gas pipeline construction and extended deliveries of passenger transport from Nizhniy Novgorod region at the total amount of RUR 5 million.

"Nizhegorodskoiye Novosti" (Nizhniy Novgorod), 08.08.2000


Ten factories, members of "KamAZ" group, located on the territory of Tatarstan, fully executed the market orders in July 2000.

During seven months of 2000 each of the above ten factories increased diversified products by 11-275% compared with the similar period of 1999. This fact attributed to "KamAZ's" achieving consumer output at RUR 1.1 billion. The group sold 1,784 cargo and 2,790 midget "Oka" automobiles, 2,521 motors and power-generating sets and spare parts at the total amount of RUR 225 million, highest in the several recent years.
From the year's beginning "KamAZ" produced and delivered pursuant the customers contracts 1.61 times more consumer products, than in the similar period of 1999.
Production of cargo automobiles rose 1.69 times (to 6,837 items), midget "Oka" cars - 1.24 times (to 15,301 items), motors and power-generating sets - 1.63 times (to 10,524 items), spare parts - 1.86 times (to RUR 659.35 million) other products - 1.25 times (to RUR 399 million).

It is particularly notable, that the KamAZ factories passed over to the "ordered delivery" production system from "the assembly for the warehouse": as a result the factory assembles the automobiles, ordered by consumers. Two thirds of the automobiles, produced by the factory are new and modern trucks.

"Vriemia i dengi" (Kazan), 08.08.00


Volzhskiy piping factory management announced production restructuring plans.

Within several years the factory has been leading in piping production among the major metallurgical factories of Russia. It produces the wide assortment of pipes and comprises 7 companies. Recently three of the seven companies are in the bankruptcy stage, and the other one has no relation to the factory's main production, as stated by the factory management. Thus, there are only three companies: joint venture "VTZ", "VTZ Electric metallurgical complex" and "Volzhskiy piping factory."
The restructuring plan has two stages. During the first stage the owners of the property complex - joint venture "VTZ", "VTZ Electric metallurgical complex" - will be merged into one limited corporation "Volzhskiy piping factory", which has already been registered. It is that company that will rent the production area for "VTZ". Further plans stipulate merger of the old and the new Volzhskiy piping factories.

"Volgogradskaya pravda" (Volgograd), 08.08.2000

A new company "Bishofit-Avanguard" launched at "Volgobiosynthez."

The new company will specialize in developing of the local bischofite deposit and processing bischofite. The company will make final product at the existing equipment of "Volgobiosynthez". The final products of "Bishofit-Avanguard" will satisfy the domestic needs in bischofites and will be exported.

"Gorodskiye vesti" (Volgograd), 08.08.2000


Novosibirsk regional enterprises reported increased debts against the municipal budget.

By July 1, 2000 the total debt of the regional enterprises to the local budget amounted to RUR 275.2 million, showing a RUR 18 million increase from the year's beginning.

"Sovetskaya Sibir" (Novosibirsk), 08.08.00

Novosibirsk region reports economic performance in the first half of 2000.

Novosibirsk region reports steady economic growth dynamics. According to the data submitted by the regional statistics department, the total output of products, works and services at the regional industrial enterprises, including joint ventures and small business, increased by 7.4% in January to June 2000 compared with the similar period of 1999, if calculated in current prices. The large-scale and middle enterprises reported industrial growth still higher - at 8.1%.
In January-June 2000 production of consumer goods increased by 6.2% compared with the similar period of 1999. Food product output rose by 6.6%. Production of non-food products grew by 25.5%. Alcohol production showed a major decrease - 80.2% from last year's level.
Practically all industries showed increased output, at the exception of flour and cereal industry and non-ferrous metallurgy. The major growth was reported by ferrous metallurgy - 91%, medical industry - 35.7%, printing industry - 31.6%. Forestry, timber processing and pulp-and-paper industries, showing a 15-20% production decrease in 1999, reported a 31.2% rise in the first six months of 2000. One of the leading regional industries - mechanical engineering and metal processing - showed a considerable hike at 16.9%.

"Vecherniy Novosibirsk" (Novosibirsk), 08.08.00


"Gasprom" to launch the major investment project in Kuzbass.

It became known that the management of "Vostokgazprom", subsidiary of "Gazprom", started design elaboration, which will be followed by construction of a liquefied gas factory. The factory is estimated for annual production of 700 thousand tons of liquefied gas (600 thousand tons according to other data sources) and will be constructed in Yurga and the neighboring area.
The main construction site will be located in Chakhlovo village near the gas pipeline. The estimated total cost of construction is $75-80 million.
Construction will be elaborated from 2000 to 2003. Kuzbass company "Sibmetallurgmontage" is selected contractor of the project. Yurga engineering factory is most likely to receive the order for equipment and metal constructions production. The municipal administration of Yurga hopes that the project will provide for additional 300 working places and RUR 50-70 million of additional tax payments per year.

"Kuznetskiy krai" (Kemerovo), 08.08.00


Official representation of Tatarstan to be established in Surgut (Khanti-Mansi autonomous area).

In present Surgut and the republic of Tatarstan report a large scope of cooperation. Surgutgazprom, if taken alone, purchases RUR 2.5 billion per year from the republic. Besides, during the recent visit of Tatarstan representatives to Surgut a preliminary agreement was made with the Surgutgazprom director on launching a joint venture for oil wastes processing.
State-owned "Avtodor" is negotiating possible deliveries of dump-trucks and tires to Sugrut. Besides, the delegation stated desire of the republic to participate in the tender for oil developing, announced by "Obneftegasgeologia."

"Tyumenskiye izvestiya" (Tyumen), 08.08.00


The board of directors of "Norilsk nickel" approved the long-term production development plan for "Pechenganickel", the company's affiliate in Murmansk region, up to year 2015.

This document, extending the development plan for "Norilsk nickel" up to year 2010, stipulates ore production increase at "Pechenganickel", as well as the technical refurbishment of production. The plan also provides for extension of "Severniy" underground mining.
Construction of the new underground mine was begun by an explosion at "Central" open pit mine. The total scope of investment into the development program for "Pechenganickel" amounts to $250-300 million.

"Krasnoyarskiy rabochiy" (Krasnoyarsk), 08.08.2000


220 thousand tons of coal and 38 thousand tons of oil products to be delivered to three Northern locations in Irkutsk region in 2000.

The above statement was made by Sergey Brilka, deputy head of the local administration. In present 175 thousand tons of coal and 18 thousand tons of oil products have been delivered pursuant the above plan.

"Vostochno-Sibirskaya pravda" (Irkutsk), 08.08.00


The meeting of the board at "Dalevergo" to elect the company's general director to take place today.

Vladimir Peshkun, the former general director of "Dalenergo", was invited to manage "Mosenergo". According to the available information, he will be replace by Yuriy Likhoida, vice-governor of Primorskiy krai, who has worked in "Dalenergo" subsidiaries for ten years, five years - as a chief engineer.
The general director replacement will lead to changes in the company's top-management.
According to the information submitted by the company's PR center, in the first half of 2000 "Dalenergo" reported net loss at RUR 390,520 thousand. In the similar period of 1999 the net loss of "Dalenergo" amounted to RUR 189,440 thousand.
Sales profit amounted to RUR 1,989.09 million (compared to RUR 1,881.3 million in the similar period of 1999). The cost of electricity and heat amounted to RUR 2,241.04 million for six months of the year (compared to RUR 2,013.59 million in the similar period of 1999).

"Zolotoy Rog" (Vladivostok), 08-13.08.00 (weekly)

"Novosti" (Vladivostok), 08.08.00

The technical meeting of communication companies of Primorskiy krai and Tzilin province (China) for organizing the frontier communications took place in Vladivostok.

The sides decided, that the communication from China to Primorie will use the auto-dial method, and from Primorie to China - the semi-autodial method. Equipment deliveries will be made by the Chinese communications company of the Tzilin province, the member of the Chinese communication corporation.

"Zolotoy Rog" (Vladivostok), 08-13.08.00 (weekly)

The difficult energy situation in Usuriysk: Dalenergo undertook punitive actions against defaulters.

In present energy supply was switched off for 197 enterprises. Other 220 defaulters are in the list for switch off.
The total debt of Ussuriysk against Dalenergo amounts to RUR 46 million, including the debt of municipal enterprises at RUR 6.5 million (compared with the total debt of Nakhodka at RUR 102 million, of Artem - RUR 220 million).

"Utro Rossii" (Vladivostok), 08.08.00

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