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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Regional Economic Digest



"Poliet" is in the process of technical refurbishment.

The new equipment is launched to raise the preciseness class of the communication facilities, manufactured at the factory. This year the enterprise obtained the funds necessary for modernization, and the company management approved the plan for capacity increasing.
Recently the company has no problems with sales of final products, but lacks circulating assets and has rather outdated equipment.

"Course-N" (Nizhniy Novgorod), 1 32 (Weekly), August 2000

Last year Nizhniy Novgorod acquired RUR 4.6 billion of internal investments and $20 million of foreign investments.

At the same time period Samara received 5 times more investments than Nizhniy Novgorod. Gennadiy Balandin, deputy head of the administration on economics, industry and business attributes this ratio to the fact, that Samara surpassed Nizhniy Novgorod in some issues of economy.

"Birzha" (Nizhniy Novgorod), 131 (weekly), 10.08.2000

Small Enterprise Equity Fund (SEEF) announced the investment project contest for EBRD financing.

Following the contest results the scope of direct investments into the Nizhniy Novgorod economy will amount to $1.5 million.
Small Enterprise Equity Fund (SEEF) is one of the Russia's first venture funds, trying to apply the new method of direct investments in the Russian conditions. The fund was established at the initiative of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and operates in two cities - St.Petersburg and Nizhniy Novgorod. Financing of perspective business projects is accomplished by investments into the authorized capital by means of stock acquisition.
Besides, SEEF grants support to the partners in acquisition of loans and consulting services.
The company's aim is to raise the company's capitalization during mutual cooperation. When the project is terminated, the fund withdraws itself from the company's capital by sales of stock to the former company's owners or outside investor. The exit strategy is determined by an agreement, signed prior at the initial stage of cooperation.
The fund received $5 million for investing into the Nizhniy Novgorod economy. For four years of operation the fund participated in capital of 16 enterprises, with the total scope of financing amounting to $3.6 million. By the end of 2000 the fund will invest the remaining $1.5 million, provided that is will find attractive projects. Business projects for financing will be selected by means of tender. Scientific intensive enterprises, know-how project and business expansion will be in the focus of main attention.

"Birzha" (Nizhniy Novgorod), 131 (weekly), 10.08.2000


Construction of oil industry wastes processing factory terminated in Svetloyarskiy area at "Volgobiosynthez" ahead of the schedule.

It took about a year to erect the factory. Official commissioning of the first stage of the factory took place several days ago.
Initial material to be processed by the new factory is oil sludge, which is developed into mazut and furnace fuel. The new processing device has no world analogues, and Volgograd is recently the only Russian city possessing this technology.
The estimated daily capacity of the factory is 300 tons. The daily profit will amount to RUR 1 million. The new production will reduce fuel deficit in the region. New fuel will be mainly directed to agricultural needs.

"Volgogradskaya pravda" (Volgograd), 11.08.2000


"Pervomaiskiy" animal breeding farm implemented European technology of fodder preparation.

The new know-how provides for rolling of the newly splayed grass into plastic packaging (unlike the old technology, when the hay was first dried to thatch).
The new technology allows to prepare fodder independently from the weather conditions, so the benefits from its implementation are clear.
The new technology came to life when the farm purchased the new splaying facilities, made in Germany (rotor mowing machine, roll press and the packing equipment) for RUR 750 thousand. The local specialists think that the future of fodder preparation will be connected with this new technology.

"Vecherniy Novosibirsk" (Novosibirsk), 11.08.00


Changes in "Dalenergo" and LuTEK management were the main subjects for the recent press-conference.

The press conference was attended by the deputy chairman of the "UES" board, and the chairman of the "Dalenergo." board.
An agreement for changes in the management was entered with RAO "UES" during the recent meeting in Blagoveshensk. Besides, the issue was approved by the regional administration. This agreement is expected to end personal conflicts between the management of the energy supplying company and the regional manager, so typical for the current situation.

"Utro Rossii" (Vladivostok), 11.08.00

"Vladivostok" (Vladivostok), 11.08.00

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