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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press


According to results of the public opinion poll conducted by the Obshchestvennoye Mneniye Fund on July 22, of 1,500 respondents, 74 percent of Russians agree with oligarch Boris Berezovsky who stated recently that earning big money without violating the law is impossible in Russia. The story also offers other results of the poll on state authorities' participation in big business.

In an interview legendary human rights activist Yury Orlov, who in Soviet times spent seven years in prisons for his political views and who 25 years ago founded the Moscow Helsinki Group, speaks about results of the latter's performance over this period and about its new tasks.

State Duma deputy Vladimir Igrunov applies to Kirghizia's President Askar Akayev with a letter asking the president not to allow any persecution by Kirghiz authorities against Akayev's political adversary and rival at the next elections Felix Kulov. The newspaper offers the letter.

The story reports on how a state-owned bakery in Pavlov, thanks to its director Vladimir Plaksin, has turned into a profit-making enterprise. But local authorities want to install their own man to manage the enterprise and ordered that Plaksin quit his post.


Dozens of well-known political and public figures agree with Kemerovo governor Aman Tuleyev who says that homeless children must be saved. Three public figures share their views on this acute problem.

The story describes what the All-Russian Golf Federation is doing to boost the popularity of golf in Russia.

The story highlights Olga Klimova, the only Russian school principal in Chechnya, who says that she will also teach those Chechen children, whose fathers a year ago took her husband prisoner.

Moscow authorities have endorsed a program celebrating the Day of the State Flag of the Russian Federation, on Aug. 22, and the Memory Day of the 9th anniversary of the 1991 August events. The story features the program.

The story reports on how Ryazan 18-year-old bride Oksana stabbed her husband, because she did not like the wedding dress he had bought for her.

According to the weather forecast for this week that completes the hottest spell of the summer, nights will be cooler and occasional rain will continue.

TV star Leonid Yakubovich, a host of the ORT popular program Pole Chudes (Wonder Field) has turned 55 today. Nine of his TV colleagues and friends ask him about his career, likes and dislikes.


The story features the oil pipe of Chechnya, the core of the fuel and energy complex of the republic, which is being ferociously looted today under the cover of war.

The Committee of Soldiers' Mothers has handed over to Novaya Gazeta several letters from soldiers fighting in Chechnya asking to print them so that people should know how their officers are scoffing at them, turning their life into a living hell. Soldiers' mothers demand that Interior Minister Vladimir Rushailo and Chief Military Prosecutor Mikhail Kislitsyn urgently investigate these cases.

In an interview in Paris Alla Dudayeva, widow of the late Chechen President Dzhokhar Dudayev, reminisces about her husband and his attitude toward former Russian President Boris Yeltsin. Dudayeva also speaks about Aslan Maskadov, saying that she knows who killed her husband and where he is buried and that it's her secret.

In an interview General Andrei Nikolayev, head of the State Duma Defense Committee, who after the break-up of the USSR, managed to create the most capable power structure, the Federal Border Service, and who had successfully governed it for five years, examines with a critical eye the state of the Armed Forces today.


What is the Russian Navy today when it is expected to undergo reforming and what will it be tomorrow? In an interview on the occasion of the Navy Day on July 30, Admiral Vladimir Kuroyedov and the navy chief commander answer these and other questions.


The Educational and Consulting Center for future mothers and fathers attached to the Moscow State University offers several interesting classes to train them to be goodparents for their future children. As an example the story features a drawing class conducted by psychologist Marina Lantsburg.

Ekipazh searching group members late last week found a huge cemetery with almost 100 Soviet soldiers buried there in the Baryatinsky District, Kaluga Region, where heavy fightings against Nazi troops took place in the fall of 1941. The story details the find.

According to information from the Moscow regional Interior Department, the number of crimes in the Moscow region in the first six months of this year exceeded 44,479 which is by 1.6 percent more than the figure for the same period last year. The story gives other figures on crimes in the region.

A tragic death of Soviet film star Yevgeny Urbansky in a road accident happened 15 years ago, but his widow Dzidra Ritenbergs, a legendary Latvian film star, has been still devoted to the sacred memory of her beloved husband. In an interview, the first one in years, she talks about their happy life and about the last day spent together.

How are Moscow children spending their summer vacations? According to information from the City Committee on Family and Youth Affairs, more than 400,000 children stay in Moscow in summer and only 50 percent of them attend city rest and recreation centers. The story gives several dangerous places, such as roads and beaches, where children often find themselves victims of danger because of lack of adults' control.

The building of a new home for elephants in the Moscow Zoo has been postponed for an indefinite time. After their old residence was demolished they were moved to a communal apartment shared with horses, which negatively affects the elephants' family life. The story describes their present miserable existence.

In an interview film star Oleg Yankovsky, president of the Kinotavr Film Festival in Sochi and an honorable guest of the 22nd Moscow International Film Festival speaks about his recent work with young British film maker Sally Potter who has already made two successful films, Orlando and The Dance Teacher.

Moscow specialists have designed an electronic device that helps remove children's speech defects in four or five days. The story explains how the device works.

The Law on 4-percent sales tax, in a new wording that was adopted recently by the Moscow City Duma and approved by Mayor Yury Luzhkov, will take effect on Aug. 1. The story reveals the essence of this tax, saying what the Muscovites can expect from it.

The Director-General of the notorious firm Soyuzplodimport has made a sensational confession that oligarch Boris Berezovsky had planned many swindling operations of his firm. The story details his confession.