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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


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Ostankino Fire Knocks Out TV, Kills 4

Firefighters have finally managed to extinguish the flames in Moscow's Ostaninko television tower.

Channels’ Fortunes Flip-Flop

The devastating fire at the Ostankino television tower has changed the fortunes of television companies.

Catastrophes Shroud Pain In Ingushetia

With so many dramatic tragedies of late, the Chechen situation has been pushed from the headlines.

20 Augusts Later

August has great significance for both Poles and Russians with many historic events having occured.

Three Reasons To Dread This Eighth Month

Getting Moscow registration is worse than having all your teeth pulled one by one. Without anaesthetic.

Bard’s Pearls Still Shine In Russian Equivalents

It appears the some national songs are not so national after all as was illustrated by a child's song.

Hurdles for Koreas, Russia

The changing politics of the Korean peninsula could mean business for the Russian Far East.

Letters on the Kursk

I wish to apologize to Mr. Putin and his government for my earlier skepticism and my contention that nothing would be done for the families of those who died on the Kursk.

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