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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


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Father Couldn't Rescue Son on Kursk

Captain Vladimir Geletin helped coordinate the Kursk rescue efforts while his son was dying on board.

Taxes Set to Boost Cost of Living

Russians' cost of living would inch up thanks to new tax legislation recently signed by Vladimir Putin.

Ins and Outs of Missile Defense Systems

The Russian proposal for a single antimissile defense in Europe has elicited conflicting reactions.

Prize Jewish Engineer Put Out to Pasture Early

His name was never mentioned in the open press, and he was shielded from any sort of exposure.

Discriminatory Foreigner's Tax Hurts All

Price discrimination against foreigners is one of the most disgusting business practices in this country.

'Heroes' of Kursk Coverage

The only good news from the Kursk submarine tragedy has been the work of the Russian press.

Letters on the Kursk

I would like to state my opinion over this Kursk tragedy. Well, as we've observed, everybody keeps blaming and condemning Vladimir Putin. Just stop it.

Cruise Moscow in Stalinist Style

Looking at the veteran riverboat Maxim Gorky, docked the abandoned old tubs in the most remote corner of Moscow's northern port, one can hardly imagine it ever setting sail.

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