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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Yulia Savelyeva's Naked City

What's good for the gander may not necessarily be good for the goose. In other words, while a juicy sex scandal may mean political suicide for some public figures, for others f among them LDPR State Duma Deputy Vladimir Zhirinovsky f it can do no harm.

Take, for example, a recent report in Express Gazeta that chronicles Zhirinovsky's vacation in Greece. "Six Prostitutes Didn't Satisfy Zhirinovsky" and "Harem for the President [of LDPR]" were counted among the sensational headlines. According to the tabloid, the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia headed off for a holiday in the company of men (including one businessman named Vitaly, who was said to have financed the whole trip).

After returning from the Greek odyssey with Zhirinovsky, one of the politician's "companions" went to the editorial offices of Express Gazeta f bringing with him a picture of Zhirinovsky lying on top of a topless woman f and provided the lurid details of the Greek odyssey.

This anonymous source said Zhirinovsky and his team stayed at a five-star hotel on the Aegean seashore. But the all-male collective, including two of Zhirinovsky's assistants and two bodyguards, were soon joined by six prostitutes who were sent in by the businessman to liven things up a bit. Zhirinovsky, the "companion" told Express Gazeta, got first pick, choosing which woman he got to sleep with each evening. But apparently, sex was not the first thing on his mind. The evening started with drinks and conversation before they retired to the bed, where the political figure never made use of a condom, the newspaper reported.

The prostitutes were also present during Zhirinovsky's cruise to Alexandria, where the political figure allegedly stripped down to his underwear and asked the naked women to smear him with fruit cocktail. Then he asked them to lick it all off. And the women were still there on the eve of Zhirinovsky's departure, when he was skinny-dipping while they performed erotic dances for him poolside.

Zhirinovsky's team maintained that this was just the holiday their leader needed in order for him to return refreshed and ready to work hard.

Whether or not the tabloid report is true, it does prove one thing: That which is forbidden for U.S. President Bill Clinton and former Prosecutor General Yury Skuratov f who lost his job after a scandal involving naked prostitutes f only seems to bolster Zhirinovsky's image. But the real question may be: Why does he seem to encourage this kind of publicity?