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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press


The Spetsinvestproekt company, one of Gazprom's shareholders, has won a court case annulling a point in the Gazprom Charter which made Rem Vyakhirev, head of Gazprom, its lifelong leader. Now it is not a problem to fire him.

Presidential economic adviser Andrei Illarionov stated on Tuesday that economic growth rates in Russia will slow down in the second quarter of this year. He did not exclude the possibility of a new economic slump. The story comments on his statement.

The fate of the U.S. John Deere corporation's $1 billion investment project will be decided late this week. It is probable that John Deere's Russian partner will be Roskhleboprodukt, where former Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Shcherbak will work.

Political analyst Vitaly Portnikov concludes that by declaring the possibility of initiating a preemptive strike against Taliban camps in Afghanistan, Russia assumes the role of gendarme in Central Asia, a role which it does not need in any case, since Russia today has neither the military nor economic possibilities to considerably change the alignment of forces in Central Asia.

How realistic will the basic parameters underlying the draft 2001 budget turn out to be? Four financiers share their views on the issue.

Mikhail Kasyanov in negotiations with the London Club also reached an agreement to equate the debts of former Soviet foreign trade associations to Russia's sovereign debt. The story looks at the fate of these debts.

The draft of the federal 2001 budget, two versions of which were submitted yesterday to the Cabinet, will cause harsh debates. The story reveals the essence of the budget proposals, explaining why they will not be approved by regional governors.

In his letter to President Vladimir Putin, State Duma Deputy Boris Berezovsky stated his negative view of Putin's reforming draft bills, saying that such significant issues should be first discussed nationwide.

The story features the large-scale military operations that have resumed in Chechnya. Federal forces have spent almost two months preparing for new attacks against rebels.

In an interview, Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Kolotukhin, who is responsible for technical preparation of negotiations with Western creditors, talks in part about the fate of Soviet-era debts to the Paris Club.


Directors of leading domestic non-alcohol enterprises stated their willingness to join the union of producers of beer, non-alcoholic drinks and wines. The union has initiated court trials against those governors who have introduced marks on non-alcoholic products. Losses from this practice by local authorities are so huge that even Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola may unite to resist the threat.

ABN AMRO, a leading bank in Holland, announced Tuesday its reorganization project, which envisages the creation of three subunits. The story examines the principle underlying the division.

The SIBUR holding, which may become Gazprom's daughter company this year, has decided to produce raw material for plastic bottles, which are not produced anywhere in Russia today.

The Russian fund for boosting the pipe industry and uniting leading enterprises in the sector stated its intention to launch trade in pipes with the help of the Internet. The story features the fund's plans.

The British-Dutch Royal/Dutch Shell concern plans to increase the volume of petrol trade in the Russian market by 20 to 25 percent. The story cites more figures in illustration.

The DeBeers company intends to radically change its relationships with buyers of raw diamonds by formalizing the conditions of their deliveries.

The Agency for Restructuring Credit Organizations should give money for guaranteeing private deposits in commercial banks - such is a proposal from the Ministry of Economic Development, which, on government orders, has created the concept of guaranteeing deposits.

The ConSors company, a leading Internet broker in Europe, announced on Monday its desire to collaborate with the Berlin Stock Exchange with the aim of meeting the demands of the growing number of retail investors.

This second post-crisis summer will be decisive for the domestic tourist market, in which many tourist firms working since the early 1990s may their traditional approaches. The story looks at several such companies.

An apartment block has been built in Southern Butovo, a Moscow suburb, in which a very small one-room apartment costs $7,000.

With Icelandic capital, the St. Petersburg company Bravo International will produce Oblomov, a new brand of beer.


The State Duma is only today beginning to consider the presidential draft bills concerning reform of the state power bodies, but presidential representatives in the seven federal districts are already preparing to take up their jobs. The story tells what each of them personally is doing in his district.

State Duma Deputy Boris Berezovsky in his letter to President Vladimir Putin - full text printed in <b>Kommersant</b> - stated that he disagrees with Putin's plan to reform the federal power bodies, saying that such significant issues should be discussed nationwide, or their consequences may be dangerous both for federalism and for Russia's territorial integrity. The story comments on his message. Also covered in <b>Kommersant</b>, <b>Argumenty i Fakty</b>, <b>Vremya MN</b>, <b>Izvestia</b> and <b>Komsomolskaya Pravda</b>.

On Tuesday, Nikolai Koshman, acting presidential representative in Chechnya, fired his deputy Beslan Gantamirov, head of the Chechen militia, for alleged "systematic absence from work and not fulfilling his duties properly." The story comments on Koshman's act. Also covered in <b>Kommersant</b>, <b>Izvestia</b>, <b>Noviye Izvestia</b>, <b>Vremya MN</b>, <b>Vremya Novostei</b> and <b>Komsomolskaya Pravda</b>.

The Moscow Prosecutor's Office on Tuesday accused Russian mobster Vyacheslav Ivankov, also known as Yaponchik, of killing three Turkish citizens in Moscow in 1992. Ivankov is now serving a sentence in an American prison. The story says what awaits him in Moscow. Also covered in <b>Kommersant</b>, <b>Vremya Novostei</b> and <b>Izvestia</b>.

Presidential economic adviser Andrei Illarionov, responsible for negotiations with G-7 industrialized states, stated yesterday that he does not exclude the possibility of a new economic slump in Russia. The story gives his arguments justifying his viewpoint. Also covered in <b>Kommersant</b>.

FSB officers have completed a police operation to return to the state a unique museum exhibit - Franz Rubo's painting "The Capture of Shamil" (1886), which was stolen from the Grozny Museum in January 1995. The story details the operation. Also covered in <b>Kommersant</b> and <b>Vremya Novostei</b>..

Alexei Ulyukayev, deputy director of the Institute of Economic Problems in the Transition Period and coauthor of "The Strategy of Russia's Economic Development," has been appointed First Deputy Finance Minister. The story comments on the appointment, saying that specialists from the Gref Center receive good government posts. Also covered in <b>Vremya Novostei</b> and <b>Kommersant</b>.

In their message to President Vladimir Putin, three State Duma deputies complained that governors are exerting pressure on them on the eve of voting on the presidential draft bills on reforming the state power bodies. The story reveals the essence of the message.

The story examines the results of International Monetary Fund experts, who have completed their work in Moscow.

Two German businessmen were indicted Tuesday on charges of spying for Russia. The story details their cases.

OPEC oil exporters announced Tuesday that they do not plan to increase oil extraction in the next several months. The story examines their official statement.

Ruhrgas President Friedrich Spaet commented on an invitation for a representative of his company to join the Gazprom board of directors, viewing it as a step to turn Gazprom into an international gas consortium.

The provision concerning a new procedure for levying alcohol excises has hurriedly disappeared from government amendments to the second part of the Tax Code. The story comments on the government's decision, viewing it as a concession to the governors.

The story reports on how teenage hooligans, inventing ever-new computer viruses, threaten trade through the Internet.

Andrei Kozlov, former deputy head of the Central Bank, has real chance to become head of Konversbank, a branch bank of the Atomic Ministry. The story features his plans.

The story highlights the Chinese special security services, which are the best in the world today. Their Russian counterparts will take several training sessions from them.


Today the State Duma will begin to discuss the three presidential draft laws on reforming the state power system. This time, the head of state, President Vladimir Putin, will be far away from Moscow in Yaroslavl. The story notes that his departure is demonstative: The president wants to show that he is absolutely sure of his success and that he will be able to reshape the country according to his own will.

The Finance Ministry has submitted to the Cabinet a draft 2001 budget. The story examines its basic parameters. Also covered in <b>Vremya MN</b>.

Representatives from the nine factions and deputy groups of the State Duma tell what they dislike in the presidential draft bills, which the State Duma will consider today in the first reading.

The service of bailiffs of the Justice Ministry intends to become a special service with not only arms but also with special operative and investigative staff. The Justice Ministry has already submitted the appropriate draft bills to the government and to the State Duma. The story comments on the documents.

The Microsoft company began selling the Russian language version of the Windows 2000 operating system. The story examines the fate of the company. Also covered in <b>Vremya Novostei</b>.

The Alyuminy Severo-Zapada company is urgently seeking new alumina suppliers. The output of raw materials for aluminum plants has been practically suspended now. The story describes an alarming situation.

The Moscow city government made an unprecedented decision Tuesday to transfer the accounts of all Moscow enterprises to the Bank of Moscow. The story comments on the decision.

Two Tu-214 planes being assembled at the Kazan aviation enterprise will be leased by the Khabarovsk Dalavia company. The story examines the project, which demanded a five-sided agreement. The story looks at its participants.

The Novosibirsk Arbitration Court today is expected to consider a suit on the legality of registering Aeroport-Service, a joint venture of Sibneft and the Tolmachovo Airport. The story looks at a possible outcome.

Today the overseeing council of Vneshtogbank is to finally decide the fate of MOST Bank. Its board yesterday recommended to the council to approve the plan for absorbing MOST. In exchange for approval, the Central Bank has promised to write off MOST Bank's debts. The story comments on the issue.

The leadership of the European Central Bank decided to restore the position of the single European currency. The story says how the Bank plans to do it.

Europay has officially announced that the Maestro plastic card will replace the eurocheque, which is a result of the general fall of demand for paper road cheques.

The first apartment block has been built in Southern Butovo, a Moscow suburb, in which a one-room apartment costs $7,000 and the price of a two-room apartment is $10,000. However, all apartments are very small. The story features the house.