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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press


From all indications, the arrest of Media-MOST head Vladimir Gusinsky was a political order to the Prosecutor General's Office from the Kremlin, which hates the way the holding's mass media outlets cover home developments. The story harshly criticizes authorities' act of disgrace. All central newspapers continue to look into developments around the arrest. Also covered in Kommersant Daily, 1,3, Izvestia, Noviye Izvestia, Vremya MN, Vremya Novostei, Komsomolskaya Pravda, and MK.

President Vladimir Putin's first official foreign visit (to Spain) has been actually frustrated: Instead of discussing urgent issues on the agenda, the head of state had to incessantly answer questions and comment on the events happening at home during his absence. The story gives facts illustrating the point.

Crime. Unidentified gangsters on Wednesday tried to kill Viktor Zinovyev, 46, deputy prefect of Moscow's Eastern Administrative District. A brief story gives details.

Political analyst Leonid Radzikhovsky reflects on response by President Vladimir Putin to Media-MOST head Vladimir Gusinsky's arrest, concluding that Putin does not behave as a real state ruler. The author asks the question f Who then is the true ruler?

Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov is evading contacts with journalists. The story says why. Also covered in Vremya Novostei.

Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev believes that the arrest of Media-MOST head Vladimir Gusinsky has a political background. In an interview Gorbachev says how he envisions the president's first steps when he comes back home, noting that now Putin will have a good chance to get rid of such people as his chief of staff, Alexander Voloshin, and several others.

What is behind Vladimir Gusinsky's arrest and doesn't the return to the Soviet epoch of reprisals and lawlessness threaten Russia today? Twenty-two writers, human rights activists, parliament members, filmmakers, governors, businessmen and athletes provide their answers.

The Moscow City Duma on Wednesday considered two draft bills, which will considerably lower the local tax rates. The story discusses the documents. Also covered in Kommersant Daily.

Crime. Businessman Yan Gusersky, 33, was killed in the morning yesterday in the center of St. Petersburg. The story describes how it happened.

The story reflects on what Russia may count on during President Vladimir Putin's negotiations in Berlin on the problem of Russia's debts.

The Federal Property Fund has summed up results of the investment competition on the sale of the state-owned Mezhdurechenskugol company, which has been won by Omega-99 registered in Elista's offshore zone. Brief.

Sensational news. Power structures have secretly developed a new draft of the federal law concerning the alternative (instead of army) civil service. The draft may be submitted to the State Duma before its summer recess. The story discusses this acute issue, focusing on the document.

The environmentalists have expressed their serious concern over the abolition of the State Ecology Committee and Rosleskhoz and over a mounting de-ecologization of the country. The story features the recent All-Russia Extraordinary Conference on Nature Protection, focusing on its urgent decisions.

In an interview Bill Hertz, national security expert for The Washington Times, shares his opinion about how Russian special services should build their relations with the press.


The story reports on how the domestic and foreign financial markets have reacted to the arrest of Media-MOST head Vladimir Gusinsky.

Dmitry Rozhdestvensky, director general of the Russkoye Video company, has more than once (since 1998) been pressed by the Prosecutor General's Office to betray Vladimir Gusinsky. This was stated yesterday by his lawyer Sergei Afanasyev, who said that Rozhdestvensky had refused to collaborate with prosecutors. The story features the origin of the "Gusinsky case."

Shamil Tarpishchev, President of the All-Russian Tennis Association, yesterday met with journalists to tell them about a reforming project of the Kremlin Cup. The story details the project.

The lower house of Kazakhstan's Parliament on Wednesday rejected the draft bills on ratification of agreements on using and leasing by Russia the military ranges located on the territory of the republic. The story reveals the essence of these documents, noting their significance for Russia.

The story reports on how State Duma deputies regarded the arrest on Media-MOST head Vladimir Gusinsky.

KD offers extracts from foreign newspapers to show how the foreign press has responded to Vladimir Gusinsky's arrest.

Chechen administration head Akhmad Kadyrov yesterday addressed the Chechen people with a call to support all his beginnings. In an interview he reveals his first steps as the head of the republic's administration.

Despite Shariah laws banning alcohol, the first vodka shop has been opened in Gudermes. The story describes the event as a victory of "democracy" in Chechnya.

The "Interros" has found a powerful ally f Gazprom f in its struggle for the Novolipetsk Metal Combine. Vladimir Potanin and RemVyakhirev yesterday signed a cooperation agreement. The story discusses the document.

The Tatneft oil company may get control over Nizhnekamskshina, a leading producer of auto tires in Russia. Tataria's leadership is willing to hand over to oilmen 34.5 percent of state-owned shares of the enterprise. The story examines what Tatneft will have to do in reply.

Gazprom over the next month should make a decision on participation in the privatization of Slovenski Plinarenski Priemysel, a leading Slovak gas-processing enterprise, and in construction of a new gas pipeline bypassing Ukraine via Poland and Slovakia. The story examines the project focusing on what Gazprom may gain from it.

Vneshekonombank head Andrei Kostin yesterday stated that 30 to 35 federal (state-owned) banks should be created in Russia with the aim of crediting industry. The story notes that the idea has all chances to become a government program. The story comments on Kostin's initiative.

Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin, First Deputy Prime Minister, on Wednesday stated that the government does not plan to restructure OVVZs of the 4th and 5th tranches. The story reveals the meaning of his statement.

ARKO on Wednesday made public its official report on its relationships with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The story reveals their essence.

The National Association of Auto Components Producers (NAPAK), uniting 200 enterprises in the auto sector, was created in early March. In an interview NAPAK director general Timur Khubayev speaks about priority tasks of the new association.


The concept of raising the efficacy of state expenditure, which the Finance Ministry intends to submit to the government by July 1 will qualitatively differ from the previous program of economic state spending. This was stated yesterday by Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin, first deputy prime minister. The story reveals the essence of the new concept.

The Gazprom concern and the holding "Interros" company, leaving aside their serious differences over the fate of Permskiye Motory, signed a general cooperation agreement yesterday. The story discusses the deal.

Political analyst Dmitry Volchek explains why North Korea's willingness to quit self-isolation suits the Kremlin, which is forced today to urgently seek an adequate answer to the American new missile defense initiative.

What consequences for the political and business climate in Russia may Vladimir Gusinsky's arrest lead to? Seven politicians and economists share their views on the issue.

Andrei Tsimailo, first deputy head of the Media-MOST holding, revealed the company's plans to expand its presence on the foreign markets.

Gazprom head Rem Vyakhirev has developed an unusual method of reducing Gazprom's gas deliveries (loss-making) to the national power grid Unified Energy Systems. Vyakhirev proposed to impose a special tax on using gas at electro-power stations.

The government should give guarantees that the tax load on the labor pay fund will remain unchanged for at least several years. This was stated yesterday by Andrei Makarov, head of the State Duma Experts' Council on Improving Tax Legislation.

Political analyst Alexander Bekker reflects on those who, through arresting Vladimir Gusinsky, guided the action by the Prosecutor General's Office against President Vladimir Putin.

In order to combat laundering money, Austria has agreed to annul anonymous savings banking accounts, which were used for legalizing illegal profits. The story reveals the essence of the decision.

The World Trading Organization (WTO), which was created on Jan. 1, 1995 has considered about 200 complaints over the years of its existence. The story focuses on their content.

In an interview Tax Minister Gennady Bukayev talks about his own methods of dealing with taxpayers.


The Svyazinvest company is willing to spend $100 million on purchasing equipment for minute-to minute calculating the cost of local telephone calls for all its daughter telephone companies.

Imperial Bank's Western creditors do not believe the realistic character of bank president Vladimir Forosenko's plan's to restructure the bank's debts. They believe that Imperial is invalid for restoring its liquidity.

American ExImbank Thursday will make a decision on guaranteeing the credit for the Lipchanka Garment Factory. For the $7 million, which the Bank of New York is willing to release, the American Capital Systems company will build a new sewing factory on the basis of Lipchanka.

LUKoil is actively seeking its place in the gas-processing sector. The company in Russia intends to build a large complex ( $1.5 billion) to produce and process ethylene. And in Ukraine LUKoil, with the participation of the Sintez corporation, will build a plant and a terminal for making liquefied gas.

Domestic oil companies intend to launch a production of hydro-dynamic vibrators, which make raw material transportation easy. The Energy Ministry supports their initiative.

In an interview Vladimir Kolbayev, First Deputy Chief of the Central Bank Main Board, reveals his agency's plans to reform the system of monitoring banking .

The Russian Trading System (RTS) stock exchange has signed a treaty with Ingosstrakh, according to which the company will take the responsibility of compensating RTS clients' losses.

The preparation for joining the New York stock exchange has made the Mobile Telesystems company for the first time print its financial indexes.

The Svyazinvest holding has entered the concluding stage of signing a framework agreement on cooperation with the "Cisco Systems" company. The story discusses the deal.

Sound-recording industry dealers are continuing their struggle with the Napster Internet company, which offers in its site music on the MPs format.