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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press


Relations have been established between President Vladimir Putin and World Bank head James Wulfenson, who has backed the government's plan for structural reform.

The Central Bank for the first time after the August 1998 crisis has conducted a large-scale audit of its territorial agencies. The results have turned out to be disquieting: The Central Bank believes that it received inadequate information about the performance of 60 percent of credit organizations.

Representatives from domestic investment and telecommunications companies decided to jointly resist PR-pressure by those who have already invested considerable money in Runet. On a day when shares fell on the American market by 19 percent, influential Russian businessmen stated that the premature creation in Russia of the hi-tech stock market may allow for the defrauding of investors in MMM and pre-crisis GKOs.

Political analyst Vitaly Portnikov comments on the passing (in the second and third readings) by the State Duma of the presidential amendments on the procedure of forming the Federation Council. The author states in part that what surprised him was the hastiness with which it was done: Only several minutes passed between the second and third readings.

Will the Prosecutor General's Office be able to work successfully for changes in the amnesty resolution that was passed by the State Duma? Five experts share their views on the issue.

The Aeroflot shareholders meeting on Saturday has preserved for Valery Okulov the post of the company's director-general, whereas Boris Berezovsky's proteges have failed to return to the board of directors.

The Federation Council on Wednesday will discuss its own fate through considering the draft bill on forming the Federation Council that the State Duma passed Friday in the first and third readings.

State Duma deputies approved in their own wording Friday another chapter of the second part of the Tax Code concerning value-added tax. The article examines the new wording of the draft.

At its session today the Interior Ministry collegium is expected to consider the preliminary results of GAI reforming.


The AvtoVAZ leadership has announced a program for reforming the structure of the company. The story examines its major provisions.

Norilsk Nickel shareholders introduced changes to the company's charter Friday that allow the board of directors to initiate an additional printing of shares. The story provides an overview of the measure.

Ukraine's State Property Fund is expected Tuesday to name two companies for the next round of the struggle for thew controlling stake of Lisichansknefteorgsintez. The article looks at winners of the first round.

A fierce struggle is raging for Varyeganneft, SIDANKO's former oil-extracting branch that has been bought by Nafta-Moskva, which is doing everything in its power to oust the Alyans group from the enterprise.

A joint project by LUKoil, YUKOS and Gazprom to develop oil deposits in the Russian sector of the Caspian Sea is to acquire concrete form. YUKOS head Mikhail Khodorkovsky stated Friday that work will start this year.

Konstantin Korishchenko, director of the Central Bank's Open Market Operations department, will most probably become the new president of the Russian Trading System. Its present-day head Dmitry Ponomaryov stated Thursday that he would like to resign.

The Guta-Invest company placed more than 80 percent of the additional printing of its bonds Friday. A similar success awaits the bonds of the Tyumen Oil Company on Tuesday.

Without releasing a new series of OGSZs, the Finance Ministry is already working on a program of placing these securities in the exchange. Market participants, the article notes, doubt that this should be done.

Moscow city and region meat processing combines this summer have considerably increased the volume of their sausage output. Alexander Pochtarenko, vice president of the Cherkizovsky group of companies, reveals its plans.

Greek and Swedish consulates in Moscow have also been hit by the visa crisis, which is raging in the city now. The article features its origin, reasons and victims.

Russia is experiencing a real packaging boom today with about 2,000 companies selling packaging materials. The story gives other figures to illustrate the point.


Russian special services, as a result of a successful operation, have managed to receive authentic information saying the terrorist acts (blasts in apartment blocks) in Moscow and Buinaksk last year were organized and funded by Chechen field-commanders. The story reports on what arrested terrorists passed on about those terrible crimes.

According to contracts signed by Rosvooruzheniye with foreign firms, it will launch several foreign satellites. The story details the contracts naming foreign firms, which signed the documents.

President Vladimir Putin's meetings with Gazprom leaders late last week showed authorities' increased interest in this state monopoly. The story examines their plans.

At the government session on Friday, Economic Development and Trade Minister Gherman Gref stated that his program has markedly shrunk and that another document (10-15 pages) - The Guidelines of Government Policy of Social and Economic Development in 2000-2001 - is being mapped out on its basis. The story details the new shortened variant.

During a recent meeting between Uzbekistan's Defense Minister General Yury Akzamov and his Russian counterpart Igor Sergeyev, the two state officials signed an agreement on extending bilateral military cooperation. The story comments on the document.

In an interview on the eve of the Greek President's visit to Moscow, Greek ambassador Dimitrios Kiprios speaks about the current state of Greek-Russian relations, focusing on cooperation in the military sphere.

Playwright and stage artistic director Nikolai Kolyada, editor-in-chief of the Yekaterinburg literary journal "Ural," describes his numerous problems linked to its publication.


The 22nd Moscow International Film Festival will open in Moscow next month. In an interview its Director Kirill Razlogov, speaks about this outstanding cultural event.

President and chief coach of the Moscow Spartak football team, Oleg Romantsev, who is also chief coach of the Russian national football team, answers questions from the paper's readers about Spartak, about its summer schedule and about his views on the current European Soccer Championship.

The Lithuanian Prosecutor General's Office has applied to Russia, Belarus and Ukraine with a request to extradite those persons who are linked to the "organization of the anti-state coup" in Lithuania in January 1991. The point in view is a list of 42 names. As was stated in the prosecutor's statement, those people tried to usurp state power in Lithuania. The story comments on the issue.

President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree on releasing more than 70 generals and admirals from their high posts in the Defense Ministry. The story examines the official and unofficial aspects of the document.

Vologda butter makers have gained a victory in a conflict with the Moscow "Gavana" firm, which has been deprived of the right to call its butter "Vologodskoye". The story reveals the essence of their conflict.

Nikolai Kharitonov, leader of the Agro-Industrial Deputy Group in the State Duma late last week stated the need to restore to Lubyanka Square the Statue of Felix Dzerzhinsky, the founder of the Russian Extraordinary Commission, and head of the CHEKA, the precursor of the KGB. Previously secret intelligence officers appealed to President Vladimir Putin with a similar request. The story comments on the issue.

In an interview Alexei Venediktov, Editor-in-Chief of Ekho Moskvy Radio Station, shares his views on the Gusinsky case.


Communist Oleg Shenin and Belarussian Communist leader Viktor Chikin have applied to all Communists in the former Soviet republics with a call not only to support the creation of the United Communist Party of the Russia-Belarus Union but also to join this union and build the Union of Communist Parties. The story comments on the initiative.


The Swiss Court decided to provide to the Russian side materials that a year ago were confiscated by Swiss prosecutors during the searches in the offices of the Andava and Forus local firms. Lawyers of these companies are suspected of embezzling $400 million-$600 million from the Aeroflot's hard currency accounts. The story gives details. (24,2 )

In an interview Yevgeny Gontmakher, chief of the gvt department of social welfare, answers the following questions-- Why has the gvt failed to change the minimal wages for the past three years? What obstacles are holding back the tax reform? What fate is awaiting the single social tax? (24,5)

The story features the Samara gubernatorial election race in Samara and its participants. The elections there are scheduled for July 2. (24,10)

In an interview Norilsk Nickel Director-General Yury Kotlyar speaks about his company's joint projects with Western companies. (24,18)

The story reports on how crowds of powerful female witches have invaded the city and with the help of hypnosis they are deceiving Muscovites, wheedling large sums of money out of them . City policemen are unable to do anything to stop their murky business. The court is in no position to punish them. The story describes how those witches do it. (26,3)


According to the International Monetary Fund's evaluations, Russia's gold currency reserves by the end of the year will amount to $25 billion. This was stated late last week by Central Bank head Viktor Gerashchenko, who features his agency's policy in the second half of 2000.

The government on Thursday approved the concept of its navigation policy in 2000-2005. The story comments on its major aims.

In an interview Georgy Tal, head of the Federal Service on Financial Rehabilitation and Bankruptcy, answers the following questions - How to turn bankruptcy into an effective mechanism of the financial rehabilitation of enterprises under present conditions ? Is there a single example in Russia today of a civilized bankruptcy?


A source from the Swiss Prosecutor General's Office stated that on June 27 it will bring charges against Viktor Stolpovskikh, president of the "Merkata Trading" company, and citizen of Swiss national Behgjet Pacolli , president of the Mabetex company, who are accused of participating in a criminal group and of laundering money on the territory of Switzerland. The story gives several other names linked to their cases. In an interview several heads of the Swiss Police and Prosecutor General's Office speak about corrupt bureaucrats in Russia's upper echelons of power.

After the Kremlin appointed mufi Kadyrov head of the Chechen administration, federal authorities have effectively created a situation whereby Chechens are killing Chechens. The story says why most Chechens hate Kadyrov.

In an interview First Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Shatalov examines strong and weak points of economic reforms (Tax Code, social benefits, etc).


The City Municipal Housing Department has developed a new draft of the mortgage system, the authors of which assure that this time it will work effectively. The story examines its major provisions.

Fire fighters in St. Petersburg on Thursday managed to put out a fire that broke out in the Museum apartment of the Alliluyev family (Stalin's relatives on his wife's side). The story describes how it happened.

A computer engineer from the "Sterling R Group" company, Repin, age 27, was killed on Friday in his apartment on Leningradsky Prospekt. The story gives details.

The story highlights babushka Klara, who is keeping 13 she-goats in her small Moscow apartment in Petrovsko-Rasumovsky Prospekt. Her neighboughs' lives have become a living hell in the unsanitary conditions. Where does Klara sell her milk?

Rosvooruzheniye director general Alexei Ogaryov stated that the company's contracts in the next two years will increase to $12 billion as compared with the present figure of $9 billion. The story names several countries which buy Russian arms.

People with poor eyesight will soon be able to go out without a guide - Moscow specialists at the Research Center "Rehabilitation" have developed a unique device that helps the blind to walk independently in any place. The story describes the device.

Federal authorities decided to establish total control over the movement of all armaments in Russia. With this aim in view a single federal automated system of registration of civic, office and combat hand weapons possessed by individuals or organizations will be created in the country. The story describes the system.