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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press


The story reveals the essence of the recent structural changes in the Fuel and Energy Ministry, which has now become the Energy Ministry. The story looks at the winners and losers.

CIS heads of state and government, participants in the CIS Collective Security Treaty, will meet today and tomorrow in Minsk to discuss the results of their activities Vladimir Zemsky, Collective Security Council secretary-general, talks about his agency's results and about the issues to be discussed at the meetings.

Melor Sturua, Professor at Minnesota University, examines the major reasons behind US President Bill Clinton's visit to Moscow scheduled for early June.

The Founding Congress of the all-Russian political and public organization "Union of Right Forces" held on Saturday expressed the Democrats' intent to take an active part in the party building process as an independent structure. The story comments on the congress decisions and party plans.

Mikhail Kasyanov's Cabinet of Ministers, with a list of vice-premiers, heads of ministries and new ministries.

A critical situation has emerged in the "Glinozyom" (Alumina) Production Association in Pikalyovo, Leningrad Region, where 4,800 workers may be left without earnings, because the association has been left without raw materials for its production.

Moldova's President Pyotr Luchinsky tries to explain reasons behind a complicated social situation in his country where protest acts have become daily occurrences.

Professor Ruslan Khasbulatov, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences offers his recommendations saying how to put an end to the Russian-Chechen conflict.

The Communist Party in the new political conditions that emerged after the parliamentary and presidential elections will have to change its strategy and tactics in order to survive. The story examines its serious problems, above all the financial ones.

NG prints several reports made by several world leading economists at the Conference "Russia: the Year 2000. A Look into the Future" held in Moscow on May 15. The topic discussed at the conference was --Is the Russian Economy Ready to Draw Large Foreign Investment?


Another two highly-regarded NTV journalists - Arkady Mamontov and Yelena Masyuk - have quit their jobs in the channel and started work in the Russian Channel RTR. They intend, starting September, to launch their new joint project called "Big News Coverage". Nevertheless, former NTV correspondent Yevgeny Revenko was the first to have quit NTV and in an interview he explains why.

The Liquidation Commission of the National Kredit Bank on May 29 will begin to pay out money to private depositors, who will receive about 30 percent of the sum of their deposits. The ARKO Finans company, which has nothing to do with ARKO, has given 15 million rubles. The story reveals the essence of the forthcoming operation.

Where will children spend their summer vacations this year? And where may those kids who want to work find jobs? The story also states that former Soviet Artek, a young pioneer camp on the Black Sea coast, now called the International Children's Center, will celebrate this summer its 75th birthday.

The new Economic Development and Trade Ministry headed by German Gref is to determine the role the state will play in controlling the economy.

Nikolai Seryogin, first deputy director general of the Russian Road Agency says what he plans to do to improve the state of roads.


Tatarstan's President Mintimer Shaimiyev shares his positive views on the recent presidential legislative initiatives.

The Ulyanovsk Auto Factory has won the tender on the delivery of 455 autos to the Federal Security Service. The story describes the contract and its cost.

The newly-appointed Labour and Social Welfare Minister Alexander Pochinok statedyesterday that his agency has real financial possibilities for funding social programs. The story comments on his statement.


Political analyst Leonid Nikitinsky comments on the appointment of Vladimir Ustinov to the post of Prosecutor General. The author describes what Ustinov has done to get the job.

Editor Viktor Loshak describes Russia these days as the country, which has entered the epoch of mass hypnosis, because over the past two weeks people have begun to behave and make statements, which are in no way dictated by the logic of their political careers, and which sometimes even contradict what they said before. The author gives examples to illustrate the point.

Political analyst Dmitry Oreshkin predicts what the new president, his Kremlin administration and the new Cabinet will be able to do to reform the federation.

Pavel Krasheninnikov, head of the State Duma Legislation Committee, who last week visited Chechnya to conduct consultations with Chechen authorities on the possibility of launching peaceful negotiations, met President Vladimir. He talks about his experiences.

The story examines several reasons explaining why, when selecting between the West and Russia, Uzbekistan and Turkmenia have given their preferences to Russia. Commentary is made regarding the recent visits by President Vladimir Putin to these former Soviet republics.

Nobel Prize writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn shares his views on present-day political developments in Russia, focusing on the moral climate, the national idea and on the role played by the Orthodox Church in the life of society.


How State Duma deputies minimize the effects of stress according to the Freudian system.

The Kolpino Food Complex in St. Petersburg is a profit-making enterprise today. In an interview its Director-General Yana Samodeyenko says how they make quality pelmeni and many other delicious things that have brought them fame and prestige.

May 24 marks the Day of the Slavic Written Language and Culture. In an interview philologist Vladimir Lopatin, deputy chairman of the Orthographic Commission of the Academy of Sciences, talks about the preparation of the new Russian Orthographic Dictionary


Document. The Political Results of the Parliamentary and Presidential Elections and the Current Tasks of the KPRF. Report of Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov at the KPRF plenary session on May 20. Full text.