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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Self-Help Sage Returns to Russia

He says he helped Lyndon Johnson, Ronald Reagan and George Bush become U.S. presidents. He claims to be able to conquer cancer, AIDS and the aging process. He lectures on the role of angels.

And when George W. Bush fell to a shock defeat in the New Hampshire primary last week, there was only one person the Texas governor's team was going to turn to: Champion K. Teutsch, Ph.D.

"His office got in contact with me," said Teutsch, a self-improvement guru who also claims to have "made" Hollywood stars like Steven Spielberg and Elizabeth Taylor, at a news conference in Moscow on Monday. "But I was busy."

Busy for the next two weeks with a series of seminars in Moscow on his home-brewed form of self-therapy at $249 per seminar.

"They only called me after he lost the primary," said Teutsch, sounding rather hurt that Bush hadn't thought to get in touch with him before his defeat against John McCain.

Perhaps Russian candidates can take advantage of Bush's bad timing. Although Vladimir Putin and Gennady Zyuganov have yet to contact Teutsch, he said he is available for personal consultations - at just $700 a visit, with phone sessions also an option - during his two-week stay.

"If anyone wants to run for office, call me," Teutsch said.

It is the second Moscow visit for the guru, who first lectured at Moscow State University in 1993 and who was invited to return this year by the Friends of Teutsch Club. A sprinkling of Teutsch devotees were posted around the conference smiling dotingly at their teacher.

Tatyana Snigiryova, the club's vice president, said she turned to Teutsch when she found herself owing $30,000. Once he taught her that her own failing was a natural extension of her parents' history of losing things, she said she was soon able to get rid of her debts.

"I tried Blavatskaya, Ivanov, Roerich," said another fan, Olga Andreanova, smiling rapturously as she reeled off a list of mystical and quasi-mystical spiritual leaders she had studied. "Nothing. But with Teutsch I had big results. ... I got a taste of life."

Teutsch, 79, came up with his method more than 40 years ago after studying psychology and finding himself dissatisfied with the relevant books on offer. Together with his late wife, Joel Marie Teutsch, he devised a new theory called the IDEAL method, which combines psychology, genetics and a somewhat vague spiritual element.

Describing the method in detail is difficult - Teutsch is unwilling to divulge the whole theory without a visit to his seminar or a purchase of the many books he and his wife have written. But the Teutsches have won many supporters - including the Russian Justice Ministry, which in April 1999 officially endorsed their theory of psychogenetics for human improvement.

What he does say is that through him anyone can correct their mistakes by looking at what their parents and grandparents did. Our own situations, he says, are predictable, guided by our ancestors' successes and failures.

"Life is as predictable as the flight of a missile," said Teutsch, adding that his method can tweak the path of the missile's trajectory.

In more than 40 years of tweaking trajectories, Teutsch says he has helped nearly 100,000 people and discovered that through his theory people can overcome almost anything.

"No condition is hopeless once you have the proper understanding," Teutsch said. "We have found that conditions like cancer can be cured."

Teutsch claims that Reagan wouldn't have developed Alzheimer's disease if he had still been under his guidance. Instead, Reagan's wife was at fault for taking up with an astrologer who failed to predict the disease.

"His wife interfered in the flow of things," said Teutsch.