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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press


Communist Party headquarters has started Gennady Zyuganov's election campaign with the massive sacking of employees in provinces directly dealing with the campaign. It seems absurd, since the fate of the presidential elections will be decided precisely in the regions. The story gives reasons for such a sad beginning.

First Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov hopes to sign an agreement in Frankfurt, Germany, with the London Club of creditors on writing off a portion of its debt and on new terms of restructuring the remaining part. The story calls this agreement a "verdict on Russia." Also covered in Kommersant Daily.

Acting President Vladimir Putin on Thursday signed a decree providing higher salaries and social benefits to Constitutional Court employees. According to the document, the head of the court and members of his family will enjoy the same status and benefits as the head of the Cabinet. The story comments on the document.

At a government session Thursday, Cabinet ministers discussed a program for the economic, social and political development of the North Caucasus region for the period up to 2005. The story looks at acting President Vladimir Putin's proposals and at several points that caused heated debate.

The U.S. government has joined the campaign to free Radio Liberty journalist Andrei Babitsky. Thus, the State Department has demanded that Russian authorities provide an official explanation for Babitsky's fate. Twenty-one Congressmen have sent a letter to acting President Vladimir Putin demanding the immediate release of the reporter.

Vodka will go up in price in the next several weeks. The story gives new prices, examining several factors that have caused such a measure. Also covered in Kommersant Daily and Vremya MN.

Acting President Vladimir Putin on Thursday approved a draft resolution on financing and building the Baltic Pipeline System. The story examines how the project will be financed.

The State Duma Council on Thursday approved the distribution of duties among Duma committees in the sphere of relationships with the Central Bank, monetary-credit policy and hard-currency regulation. The story details the duties.

Acting Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov on Thursday appointed Mikhail Avdyukov, former prosecutor of the Moscow region, to the post of Moscow city prosecutor. The story says he is a worthy candidate. Also covered in Kommersant Daily.

Moscow police officers have arrested a swindler who has managed to deceive hundreds of people in large Russian cities. The story describes how she did it.

Lev Ponomaryov, head of the Hot Line Human Rights Organization, on Thursday accused Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov of violating the federal registration law. Ponomaryov said he has evidence of the illegal detention of 1,500 Moscow Chechens, who in the future may be allegedly exchanged for Russian POWs.

Spring is expected to bring in another toughening of hard-currency legislation. Thus, before the end of March, the State Duma is to consider amendments to two laws, one on hard-currency regulation and currency control and another on state regulation of foreign-trade activities. The story says what the banks will be able to do if the amendments take effect.

World Bank experts Thursday submitted their program of reforming the educational system in Russia. The program is designed to raise the efficacy of state spending while preserving its easy access. The story examines the major provisions of the document.

An unusual draft law defending the Russian population from psychological influence may be passed in the State Duma soon. The story explains why it's expedient.


Krasnodar, southern Russia, hosted a meeting of leaders from North Caucasus regions, and Friday an all-Russian conference to discuss problems of the agro-industrial complex was to open with the participation of acting President Vladimir Putin, Cabinet ministers and 60 regional governors.

Moscow law enforcercement officers discovered huge embezzlements during the construction of the Moscow Ring Road. The case emerged a year ago, but Interior Ministry officials decided to tell about it only Thursday. The story details the case.

In an interview, Interior Minister Vladimir Rushailo in a plane on his way home from Grozny speaks about the further fate of the Chechen capital.

An unidentified person who called himself a resident of Gudermes phoned the Radio Liberty Moscow bureau Thursday to say that correspondent Andrei Babitsky is staying in a Gudermes Interior Ministry office.

The MICOM-Sibirsky Aluminy battle for the Novolipetsk Aluminum Factory could have ended several days ago when their heads for the first time conducted negotiations, but the talks were not successful. The story says why.

Slavneft head Mikhail Gutseriyev on Thursday met with Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko, whom he asked to speed up the reconstruction of the Mozyrsky Oil Refinery, the company's only asset on Belarussian territory.

Aeroflot on Wednesday endorsed a list of its board of directors and immediately made it secret. The story looks at several possible reasons.

Unified Energy Sytems head Anatoly Chubais on Thursday admitted in public his defeat in the Primorye region. Even the Fuel and Energy Ministry was unable to resolve the conflict between the region's governor, Yevgeny Nazdratenko, and Chubais. The story notes that UES's interests often contradict the interests of the governor. The story reveals the essence of this statement.

Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov and acting President Vladimir Putin during their meeting Thursday failed to come to agreement on a transfer of the controlling stake of Moskvich from federal ownership to Moscow. The story says how this factor threatens the obligations of the Moscow city government.

VISA on Thursday officially announced the creation of a acquiring company that will receive exclusive rights to work with Russian trading points accepting Visa cards. The Russian banks which are members of the Visa association insisted on this condition.

Reuters has announced a plan for the company's development in the next four years, with the major target being to put a global information project in effect on the Internet. The story features the project.

ALROSA has announced the launching of a joint venture with Australian Ashton Mining. The story comments on the deal.

The Swedish government has opened the funding ($1.7 million) of a program to boosting tourism in Baltic region. The story highlights the program.

An auction to sell Boris Yeltsin's puppet from the NTV television program "Kukly" took place on the Internet on Thursday. The starting price went up to $26,760.

Russia's leading cardiologist, who operated on Boris Yeltsin's heart, spoke Thursday about the miserable situation in domestic medicine, saying the good health of acting President Vladimir Putin is partly responsible for this.



General Leonid Ivashov, chief of the International Military Cooperation Board of the Defense Ministry, looks at several serious obstacles, linked to the non-fulfillment of old defense treaties, to the improvement Russian-U.S. relations.

Defense Minister Igor Sergeyev in his talk with acting President Vladimir Putin on Thursday stated that during the period of the ant-terrorist operation, federal troops have killed about 10,000 Chechen rebels.

Historian Alexei Malashenko analyses four major errors acting President Vladimir Putin has made since the autumn.

The story reveals major social programs carried out by Kemerovo Governor Aman Tuleyev, a contender to the post of president.


Japanese reporters say the Russian branch of the sinister Aum Shinri Kyo sect, which was banned five years ago through court, is flourishing - it has opened a center outside Moscow and earns money on realty operations. The sect is restoring its infrastructure in the former Soviet republics.

Ukraine intends to conduct a general 'de-Russification' campaign aimed at ousting the Russian language from practically all spheres of life. The story examines several official steps in this direction.

The Tomsk petrochemical combine, for the first time in the past five years, has ceased to be among Russia'sloss-making enterprises .

In an interview, Valery Nikitin, head of the Avtobank ATM card department, comments on major indicators of the bank's card business in 1999.


The State Academic Symphony Orchestra has gone on strike against its leader. The story looks at several reasons behind the conflict.

tility prices began skyrocketing in Moscow after the end of the parliamentary elections. The story offers a list of new prices.

The military phase of the Chechen operation will sooner or later end, but its judiciary phase will be no less acute - every Chechen has the legal right to lodge a lawsuit against the state. Lawyer Sergei Bobrovsky explains the procedure.

The story reports on how the flu epidemic is raging in Russia, thousands of people have fallen ill. Also covered in Izvestia.


Acting President Vladimir Putin answers questions from Komsomolskaya Pravda readers.

Answers from the General Staff to six questions about two-month military training for reservists.


What social policy will the government conduct this year? Deputy Prime Minister Valentina Matviyenko and Labor Minister Sergei Kalashnikov answer this and other questions about the welfare program.

The story features a family house with 11 adopted children (a new feature of Russian family life) in the Belgorod region, where they are all happy with their new mother.

Babushka Kadria Sattarova, 72, living in Perm, was accused of telephone sex with an American partner. A large sum of money is being demanded from her. Finding no help from anyone, she has written a letter to Rossiiskaya Gazeta. The story details the case.


Non-resident State Duma and Federation Council deputies live in the center of Moscow, where prostitutes provide them with all possible services. The story reflects on several thoughts provoked by numerous ads "about this."

In an interview, Fuel and Energy Minister Viktor Kalyuzhny speaks about several serious problems facing his sector.


According to information from the Moscow Federal Labor Union, the subsistence level in January rose to 2,728 rubles ($95). The story gives other figures on the poor quality of life of the Russian people.

The story states new facts of the investigation conducted by several Moskovsky Komsomolets journalists to find out where the gold of the old Communist Party has gone.


What does Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov promise his electorate in his presidential program?