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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press


One story reports on how the structure of the Interior Ministry may change soon according to one of the two draft resolutions that have been submitted to acting President Vladimir Putin for consideration.

Eighty Czech law enforcers were involved in a special operation in Prague to release a Russian businessman' s 13-year-old daughter and to arrest 10 kidnappers, who had asked for a $100,000 ransom.

The lower house State Duma intends to tackle its most "insoluble" issue - ratification of the START II Treaty. Deputies' differences on the matter have been even more aggravated since the U.S. Congress gave the go-ahead for a national missile defense shield. If the deputies fail to ratify the START II Treaty, Russia will face an open nuclear confrontation with the U.S. and a ruinous arms race. Duma Deputy Alexander Piskunov comments on the issue.

The government may have serious problems receiving a second tranche from the World Bank to restructure the coal sector.

Moscow city authorities have decided to build a race track for Formula-1 near Sheremetyevo Airport. The city government discussed the question at a session Tuesday. (3)

As it turned out Tuesday, prostitution has been legally permitted in Vladivostok. The story describes efforts by the regional clinical center in this direction.

What can be expected from NATO Secretary-General Lord George Robertson's current visit to Moscow? The story stresses that the outcome of his negotiations will largely depend on acting President Vladimir Putin's personal stand on Russia-NATO relations. Also covered by Kommersant Daily.

The international Standard and Poor's rating agency has decided to raise the rating of Russian Eurobonds from "CCC" up to "CCC+." Also covered by Kommersant Daily.

The Center for Strategic Planning, designed as a "generator of economic ideas" for acting President Vladimir Putin, held a seminar Tuesday to select social scenarios that may be used for compiling a program for the new president. The head of the center's council, Gherman Gref, first deputy state property minister, presented his viewpoint on the issue.


One story comments on Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Khristenko's visit to Gazprom Tuesday and his negotiations with Rem Vyakhirev, Gazprom chief. The latter stated three ideas of his company's new policy.

First Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov stated Tuesday that, from February, the government will resume the issue of GKOs.

The Primorsky region prosecutor's office has launched an investigation into the activities of the local special rapid-response detachment, an elite militia subunit, which is suspected of involvement in the murder of its commander, Major Konstantin Ilyushenko, and several other violent crimes.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled that the Samara regional court had no right to ban General Albert Makashov from the parliamentary election race last December. In view of this, the Samara region results may be canceled.

The Constitutional Court on Tuesday launched hearings that may be decisive for the whole Russian judiciary system. The court must decide whether or not courts of general jurisdiction have the right to check - and declare illegal - normative acts of provinces. Two experts speak out on the issue. Also covered by Segodnya and Vremya MN.

Radio Liberty correspondent Andrei Babitsky's wife Lyudmila has officially applied to the Moscow's interior department demanding urgent measures to list her husband as missing.

The Russian Information Center, or Rosinformtsent, has amended the accreditation rules for journalists working in Chechnya.

Lawyers from the National Reserve Bank on Tuesday received an official document in the Presnya Inter-Municipal Court postponing the final verdict on the liquidation of the bank for a month.

U.S. tobacco company Phillip Morris on Tuesday announced an opening of a factory in the Leningrad region. The Americans have invested about $330 million in the project.

The TNC oil company and the East Line Group on Tuesday signed a general agreement on cooperation.

The German Ehrmann and Wydra company on Tuesday opened a dairy factory in Ramenskoye, Moscow region.

The Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg on Tuesday banned the transfer of 35 percent of Astoria stock belonging to the city to the "Aroma Investments" company, which last November won a tender on the right to buy it.

The Tax Ministry on Tuesday revoked licenses from three Moscow banks that were on the ministry's January blacklist of debtors.



The election headquarters of presidential candidate Vladimir Putin, headed by deputy chief of the Kremlin administration Dmitry Medvedev, launched its presidential campaign Tuesday. In an interview, Medvedev talks about its major tasks.

Editor in chief Vitaly Tretyakov offers several biographical facts about Vladimir Putin, answering the question: What will he do after March 26?

Russia-U.S. agreements on delivering to Russia a "small" package of U.S. food aid are expected to be signed before the end of this week. This was stated by First Deputy Agriculture Minister Anatoly Mikhalyov.

Michel Camdessus, former executive director of the International Monetary Fund, says what he has managed to achieve at this post over the 13 years of his leadership.

In an interview, Chief Military Prosecutor Yury Dyomin speaks about his agency's contacts with foreign military-judiciary organizations. Dyomin tells of his recent business trip to the United States.


Patriarch Alexy II has applied to the government with a request to provide the Orthodox Church with economic benefits in the jubilee year 2000. The story describes the requested benefits.


In a short interview, General Gennady Troshev, first deputy commander of the federal troops in Chechnya, talks about the current situation in Grozny, focusing on differences between the current operation and the previous one.

One hundred and fifty gifted senior school pupils in Nizhny Novgorod, central Russia, have received scholarships granted to them by State Duma Deputy Boris Nemtsov.

In an interview, newly appointed VGTRK director Oleg Dobrodeyev explains his resignation after working at NTV television for seven years.


A unique training center, the Moscow Lyceum of Garden, Park and Landscape Art, the only of its kind in Russia and the world, has opened in Moscow. The story describes its teachers, subjects, students, equipment and the specialties it teaches.


In an interview highly regarded filmmaker Andrei Konchalovsky says in part that "democracy is not obligatory to make the country and its people happy".

The story gives four convincing arguments why Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov should not be underestimated as a candidate vying for the presidential seat.

Fatherland-All Russia leader Yevgeny Primakov on Friday stated that he will not contest the presidential post. What circumstances have forced him to make this decision?

The government on Thursday is expected to discuss the budget to see how much money should be spent on Putin's recent promises.

In an interview Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev's daughter Irina talks with pride about her father and with love about her late mother.

In an interview businessman Boris Khait, head of the Spasskiye Vorota insurance holding, talks about how he started his business, which is flourishing today.

The story presents 11 rulers of Russia in the 20th century, starting with Tsar Nicholas II and ending with Boris Yeltsin.


In an interview General Vladislav Putilin, chief of the Main Organization and Mobilization Department of the General Staff, talks about new demands set forth to army draftees and about benefits enjoyed by the servicemen from the federal troops in the North Caucasus.

The Strait of Kerch separates Ukraine from Russia and the sand stretch Kosa Tuzla lies in the middle of this strait. The story reports on how, thanks to efforts by Soviet functionaries, Russia has lost Kosa Tuzla, the strait and 70 percent of the territory of the Sea of Azov.


The Labor Ministry has signed a 2-year agreement with a road-building agency, according to which it will provide work to jobless people.

The story features the fate of free food restaurants in Russia - Russkoye Bistro and McDonald's cafes - after the crisis.


The Finance Ministry intends to release three-month GKOs worth 2.5 billion rubles in February. First Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov stated that the appropriate order was signed Tuesday.

The Moscow city government at its session Tuesday decided to build a course for Formula-1 competition near Sheremetyevo Airport. According to preliminary calculations, the cost of the project will be between $300 million and $350 million.

Gazprom head Rem Vyakhirev stated Tuesday that NTV's stand on the Chechen issue does not suit the company, which has invested in the channel. With 30 percent of NTV's shares, Gazprom may paralyze the work of the company.

How will the emergence of Sibneft shareholders affect the situation on the aluminum market? Three experts share their opinion on the issue.

Russia and Kazakhstan have resolved all disputes linked with the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

The Central Election Commission on Tuesday registered Vladimir Putin as an official candidate for the presidency. Putin's goal is to win outright in the first round.

The government hopes to increase budget revenues through indirect taxes. The story comments on a statement by First Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development announced the enlargement of its telecommunications department and plans to invest 150 million euros ($147.7 million) into projects linked to boosting mass media.

A statement by the Turkey's Central Bank on the possible sale of eight Central Bank-controlled local banks has caused a stir among several international banks that are interested in developing retail banking services in the Turkish market.

The European Union has revised its sanctions against Serbia: A ban on aerial communications with Serbia will be lifted for six months, while financial and other sanctions against Slobodan Milosevic's regime will be toughened.

The Anti-Financial Crime Operation Service is compiling a list of countries and territories that are not taking part in an international crackdown on financial crimes.

Vedomosti on Tuesday conducted its first roundtable discussion of several topical economic issues, which are listed. Six State Duma deputies took part.


Krasnoyarsk Governor Alexander Lebed has lost the battle for Krasugol, as he will not be able to get a controlling stake in the coal company.

NTV viewers between Feb. 17 and April 2 will be able to see 300 five-second clips advertising Russia's leading Internet resources.

The re-division of the aluminum market has given rise to numerous rumors, which so far have left many questions unanswered. The fate of the Novokuznetsk metal works (NkAZ) is more or less clear, but the deals involving shares of two other metal giants - KrAZ and BrAZ - are veiled in deep secrecy.

Over the past two years the Ryazan oil refinery, part of the Tyumen Oil Company, has increased its output by more than 2.5 times. Company vice president Vitaly Tkachov talks about the company's plans.

The ARKO board of directors in the near future will undergo serious personnel changes. A Finance Ministry spokesman stated that a government decree recommends First Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov to the post of ARKO council head.

Surgutneftegaz, when summing up the results of a shareholders' meeting, failed to take into account the number of votes of the American Depositary Receipt holders, who make up about 20 percent of all shareholders of the company. The story says why this happened.

Phillip Morris has opened a tobacco factory to make cigarettes. The story highlights its production plans.

The Association of Avia Companies of the Moscow aviation junction, which was founded Feb. 11, will hold its first session today. The story looks at its agenda and at the goals of the association.

One story features a new company, AgroKhimAlyans, which has already made firm steps on the chemical market.