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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Barmalei. Performance by the Ultra pop band. Champagne. $100.

Project O.G.I. Live music. Three-course meal and champagne. Price TBA.

Boogie Woogie. This mediocre new club that moved into the former quarters of the A-Club offers a return to the 1970s on New Years Eve, complete with bell bottoms and disco music. Two-course meal and champagne. $100.

Bridge. Sure that its regulars will attend regardless of what Bridge has on tap, the club with a reputation for being the citys highest priced and most exclusive is still refusing to divulge its New Years Eve program. A little bird told us that DJ Dimitry From Paris will perform and that entrance will cost between $500 and $1,000, depending on the menu. If you choose Bridge, beware of drunken revelry ? la the nouveau riches.

Central Station. Widely known as a fashionable gay club, Central Station opens its doors to all on the last night of the year. Christmas version of the clubs well-loved Hey Broadway! show. Food and drinks. $150.

Champion. If you love bowling so much you want to spend the last night of the millennium doing it, this games palace is the place for you. Free.

Chinese Pilot Dzhao Da. This very popular club invites revelers to travel to a Caribbean party on the fictional Island of Music, where theyll be serenaded by St. Petersburg reggae band Markscheider Kunst. Costumes suggested but not mandatory. Three-course meal and drinks. $80-$120.

Club XIII. Just as on Halloween night, Club XIII invites guests to meet at an old opera house in the citys center, from whence theyll be whisked off to one of five parties, each representing a different century in a different city. Hors douevres and drinks. $150.

Embassy Club. Lovers of Brit pop will appreciate what the Embassy Club has on tap: an all-night performance by local band Blast. Four-course meal and drinks. $199.

Garage. Due to its reputation for being the club with the strictest face control in town, its not surprising that Garage is holding a closed party. If youd like to try to wrangle a ticket, call the club and ask for Marina Odjo.

Justo. Lovers of sushi and electronic music will want to attend Justos party, which features a performance by world-famous electronic musician Amado. Sushi and champagne. $240. After 1 a.m., $100 includes light hors douevres.

Little Red Riding Hood. If you dont have a date for New Years Eve, perhaps a lap dance would be a nice substitute? No? We didnt think so. Masquerade and strip show. $80.

Mix. Private party featuring dance music, a three-course meal and champagne and wine. Those interested in attempting to purchase tickets are encouraged to call Mixs art director, Lev Nesterov.

Museum. Spend a clean, quiet New Years Eve at the citys only lounge. Formal dress required. Seafood hors douevres, dessert and champagne. $100.

Propaganda. The owners of this popular dance club say they consider New Years Eve a family holiday and have given their staff the day off. The club doesnt even open until 1 a.m. on the first of the year. DJs. $10.

Territoria. DJ Sanches. Hors douevres and open bar. $70.

Sixteen Tons. The clubs Old-Fashioned New Year features a working fireplace and plenty of fir tree branches and other traditional decorations, all with a 1940s theme. Guests are expected to dress appropriately. Revelers without costumes will be provided with masks. Roving magicians and jugglers. Live music by Zdob si Zdub. Four-course meal and drinks. $100.

Virus. When owners decided to replace well-known promoter Anatoly Lyapedevsky, they effectively signed the clubs death warrant. Lyapedevsky, after all, would have realized that no one in town is going to pay Virus entrance fee of $100 for an open bar and a program that consists only of the unknown DJ Shestov.

Zeppelin. Early assurances that this clubs New Years Eve program would include a performance by the countrys current hottest band, Leningrad, proved to be without foundation. Nevertheless, the popular Zeppelin is sure to draw a crowd on the last night of the year, especially with performances by Moldovan alternative rockers Zdob si Zdub, as well as top Russian DJs Fish and List. Four-course dinner, wine and champagne. $300.

... and Restaurants

Aerostar Hotel. At the Cafe Taiga: belly dancing and Middle Eastern food. $199. At the Borodino Restaurant: live music, venison and drinks. $250.

Baltschug Kempinski Hotel. Performances by pop stars Irina Saltykova and HiFi. Entertainment by magicians and clowns for children. Buffet dinner and drinks. $550.

Marriott Grand Hotel. Three parties, one in each of the hotels three restaurants: Samobranka ($251), The Grand Alexander ($401), The Grand Ballroom ($501). Prices include food and drinks. 937-0828.

Oblomov. Masquerade ball. Performances by pop singer Dmitry Malikov and the Samosveti band. Food and drinks. No admittance without costume. $300.

Pushkin. Masquerade ball. Fireworks, sleighrides. Traditional Russian Christmas carols by the Ivan Kupala folk band. Performance by pop star Valery Sutkin. Six-course dinner and drinks, plus hot mulled wine. $350-$500.

Renaissance Moscow Hotel. Theme party with live music and dancing. Raffle. Buffet, drinks.. $249.

Starlite Diner. Door prizes, lottery and dancing. Nominal door charge.

Tibet Kitchen. Live music and a free check-up by a Tibetan doctor. Four-course menu and drinks. $70.

Ulyei. Music by a Georgian choir and pop stars Zhanna Aguzarova and Bi-2. Seven courses of fusion cuisine and drinks. $250.