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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


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Mir to Be Deorbited Into the Pacific

The Mir space station will return to Earth in February, spreading debris across the Pacific Ocean and bringing an end to the world’s longest-serving manned space station.

For 'Spy' Moiseyev, Jail Seems Inevitable

Accused spy Edmond Pope may have little hope for a fair trial, but at least he has his president on his side. Accused spy Valentin Moiseyev had no such luck.

Moldovan Welder Sells Kidney for $3K

Nicolae Bardan, a 26-year-old welder, bought a bicycle, a house, firewood and bread with the $3,000 he received for one of his kidneys from an Istanbul clinic last year.

A Monster That Will Be Hard to Kill

The Russian Security Council's adoption on Nov. 9 of an ambitious reform plan for the military-industrial complex was welcome news indeed.

Pipeline to Nowhere

The continued deadlock over the route of the pipeline to export Caspian oil will likely have negative consequences for the stability of the Caspian region.

Just Ivanovize When There Is Nothing to Say

The act of passing off meaningless sentences at length is difficult to label in English. Of course, all schools have students who do it, but KGB schools actually teach it.

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