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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

ISS Crew Planning to Talk To Each Other in Runglish

The crew headed for the International Space Station later this month said they will communicate in "Runglish," a mixture of Russian and English, and share a Russian-American cuisine.

The crew — U.S. astronaut Bill Shepherd and Russian cosmonauts Sergei Krikalyov and Yury Gidzenko — have completed rehearsing various emergencies at the Star City cosmonauts training center outside Moscow in preparation for the long-awaited blastoff.

The crew said at a news conference they were glad the drills and tests were over.

" I’m hopeful that in 21 days we’ll be talking to you from orbit," Shepherd told reporters in Star City.

The crew said they will rely on a mixture of languages and on a mixed cuisine when they are aboard the international station.

"We say jokingly that we communicate in 'Runglish,' a mixture of Russian and English languages, so that when we are short of words in one language we can use the other, because all the crew members speak both languages well," Krikalyov said.

"The menu will be 'Runglish' too: partly American food and partly Russian," Shepherd added.

The crews have been training for nearly four years, as financial delays on the Russian side repeatedly pushed back their launch date. But with the successful launch of Russia's Zvezda service module this summer, the station was ready at last.